Dose any one else get muscle jerks?

The last 2 months I have been getting muscle jerks or spasms (whatever you call them) in my arms, legs and through my back which makes me jult forward it happens at any point of the day. I used to have them before I was put on thyroxine for low thyroid. I remember one day whilst peeling potatoes my arm julted outwards and the knife went across the kitchen. I have had my thyroid tested again but it's normal. I'm just wondering if it's to do with the gabapentin or is it just one of the symptoms of fibromyalgia . And dose anyone else get them or is it just me.?

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  • yeah it used to happen to me quite a lot in the early stages of my m.e/fybromyalgia but its more when im stressed or treally tired now x

  • yes i get them a lot. they are helped for me by taking a calcium/magnesium supplement. but they are extremly annoying! have made friends jump when limps have jerked!

  • when I get them they seem to happen about 6 or 7 times in a hour. My legs are the worst but when it happens i get a ball of pain then a electric pulse down my leg or through my back. then my muscle twitches on a different part of my body like my solder. its quite strange actually.

  • Hello Sassyada, thank you for your question. As you can see from the replies, many of us can relate to the symptoms you describe, I certainly can! I get sudden "jerky twinges" of pain through my feet, legs and arms. I have become used to it now and just accept it, but initially I wondered what was happening to me. It really is an odd sensation, that seems very common with Fibromyalgia. Have you mentioned what you are feeling to your GP, it might be worth a mention to see if it can be helped and to verify that it is in fact your Fibro causing this. Take care. :) :)

  • Thanks for your replies. it was worrying me quite at bit, I kept thinking maybe I have MS. I didn't have any tests to rule out any neurological problems when i was diagnosed with Fibro, just a test for arthritis, and they didn't do any of the pressure point tests either, which I thought they should of done.They told me i had fibromyalgia and that was it. I haven't been to the doctors yet about my muscle jerks. I really need to get myself sorted out there is a few problems I need to tell the doctors. I just hope they do something for me.

  • It's neither the gabapentin or FM it is almost always stress. I get it sometimes and know others who suffer this too from time to time.

  • I get this a lot and I would say it is the fibro in my case as it has come on as my fibro has got worse. I seem to find that some days are worse than others but it usually depends on how much I have tried to walk or do and then I have a job to get my muscles to let go or relax and that is when it seems that they are kicking out all over the place and it is mainly my legs with me. I do get them with my arms and that has been the cause of many a missed mouth with food and drink which is not only annoying as it means I have managed to stain many tops despite normally having a napkin in place, but it so embarrassing. When I go to lay on my bed I feel like the muscle spasms are all part of the muscles in my legs starting to try to let go of the lactic acid and as it does it sends a sudden jerk which makes my legs kick out - but that is just my interpretation of what I think is happening to my legs. I am on diazepam for it and that has lessened the severity of it to a much more manageable degree, I also get cramp (charley horse) in my feet and calves and even at the back of the top of my leg if I try to turn over but that has been made much better by taking quinine each day because at one stage I was frightened to even move my feet because it would grab me so hard and my toes would be spread wide apart. I can't say I subscribe to the stress theory in my case but other people may find they do.

  • Hi yes i do lol it is strange you jus suddenly jump lol i got used to them now some times it is worse than others like i done it few times couple days ago then i domnt do it for few days it is weird love diddle xxx

  • Yes, mainly in bed or lying on sofa. I was also concerned it was MS, and I have never seen a neurologist either. That fear has gone now that I know it's also a common fibro symptom, it's scary at first, but used to it now. Take care. X

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