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Does anyone else get lumps during a flare up?

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Hi all, I asked my Doctor about the large lumps/ swellings I get during a flare up and he said that you only get them if you have severe fibromyalgia.

I get them everywhere, but not usually more than 3 places as once. I had a very large one at the base of my spine last year and couldn't walk for 6 weeks, the pain was very bad.

Under my feet are terrible too and in my neck and arms. The cramping pains are agony.

Still waiting to get to pain assessment centre.


33 Replies
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I tend to get lumps behind my ears when I'm run down - have had a couple of persistent ones behind my left ear for months now. The last routine blood test I had done showed a high white blood cell count which usually means there's an infection.

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Hi Barbie,

In all my reading about fibromyalgia - and there has been a lot, believe me - I have never heard of any association with swellings or lumps.

As Lima says, lumps can be a symptom of infection, and are often associated with arthritic conditions, which though painful are rather more treatable than fibro.

Have you seen a rheumatologist? If not, it might be a good idea to put some pressure on your GP to get you an early appointment for some investigations.

Best wishes

Moffy x

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Barbie67 in reply to ladymoth

Hi yes I will get a referral to see someone x thanks for the advice

Sarah x

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Please get further checks. My husband has been diagnosed with Fibro for 4 years. He has painful lumps all over his body...because of the intense pain, and some unrelated neurology issues he was sent to a neurologist...this consultant had seen a particular illness before - it is called Adiposis Dolorosa, or Dercums Disease...A by-product of Dercums is Severe Fibro!! Dercums is not a well known illness - in fact the consultant had only seen it once in 30 years!! It is regularly put down as severe fibro because so little is known about hubby now has a diagnosis of ercums, as well severe fibro caused by the dercums....Our GP, who is wonderful, knew nothing about this illness until the consultant came back to him with the diagnosis...I do wonder how many other people suffering with severe fibro have this illness also...

Best Wishes

Mel xx

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Barbie67 in reply to Melba

Hi Mel I have read some about Dercums and I don't think I have this x thank goodness. Your poor husband :( I feel for him and you, it's such a battle xx

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Melba in reply to Barbie67

Thankyou <3 Its always worth mentioning as its such an unknown illness. I am glad you don't have it, as it is horrific...I hope you begin to feel better soon, well, as better as you can feel with Fibro ((gentle Hugs)) xx

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i have a lump on the back of my neck that comes and goes, my GP said it was nothing !

hello. i suffer from painful lumps too. I mainly get them under my arms and the sides of my groin area ive also have them on my section scar and on my left buttock. Sometimes they get infected and i need a course of anti biotics. My doctoer has had the goo that comes out occasionally tested. he said the lumps were due to fibro. and they are mainly where sweat glands are. i hope that you dont suffer too much with these nasty lumps. kind regards. nicola

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Glenys in reply to nikki40fibrosufferer

Did he mention hydradenitis? I photograph that a lot at work (medical photographer) and it is caused by infected sweat glands. Sometimes it gets so bad, that the damaged skin and follicles have to be surgically removed, and a skin graft applied. owever, I wouldn't have said it was caused by fibro, only that once aquired, fibro would affect healind and tolerence of the pain.

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Glenys in reply to Glenys

Sorry about the spelling - funny keyboard!

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I have got lumps on inner elbow tender points also upper arm tender points. They are there all the time. The tender points across my back become slightly lumpy when I have a lot of pain around there. I've seen rheumy, not interested as said nothing to do with rheumatoid arthritis, which at the time I thought I had.

Pain consultant said they're associated with fibro. So that's what I assume they are. They're very tender to the touch, mors so than the other tender points and I have all18.

Have you seen anyone about the lumps. This is just what I have experienced, doesn't mean it would be the same for anyone else. Let us know how you get on.

Becky. Xx

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Yes I also get dwellings, underarms,neck,legs ,feet and base of spine. There your pressure points inflamed from muscle tissue and nerve pain. You must still go to doctors and get regular bloods done just incase it gets mistaken for lymph glands.x

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Barbie67 in reply to shellf

Sounds like mine x they radiate cramp like pains? But are not painful to touch? X

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Thank you for all your comments. I too have not seen the connection with fibromyalgia in writing. Starting to worry now! Lol my lumps aren't painful :/ they radiate pain and the pain is like cramping pains and I could cry with it. My GP told me that it is the worst form of fibromyalgia, when the lumps are visible on the muscle (fibrous tissue)

Interesting what you had to say Mel, need to look into that :/ xx

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I have had a lump behind my ear come and go for quite a while now had it checked by my dr and he said it was nothing to worry about. It does seem bigger when i am having a flare up or am particularly stressed. It doesn't give me any pain though.

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I get lumps in neck area through to shoulder joints....lipms alao in muscle area of says fibro is cause...a hot water bottle tends to hel ease the pain off

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I have lumps allover my tummy-sore and painful to dr 's comment was "I cant feel any".i found out about dercums but he hadn't and said it wasn't.

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I get swellings (lumps) with a severe attack. Last night I had really bad pain throughout my gums and teeth, also the left side of my face. I felt a lump in my cheek. Took extra pain relief. I've never had face pain before, this was a first.

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Hi i have these lumps all the time inside elbows behind knees i have had these for ages 20 + yrs xxgonna see doc

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sue32 in reply to mummyshell

I have the same as you mummyshell! Seem to be more inside elbows and behind knees! I thought they were sebaceous cysts!!! Didn't think any more of them, now I'm beginning to wonder.........X

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Hi Barbie

I also have lumps mostly on my feet and legs but also hands my G.P. sent me to have them scanned and the specialist said they are ganglions and they are a by product of Fibro Ive had one drained but it was back in under a week and the specialist has offerred me an op to cut them out but apparently theres a 50% chance of return so I just felt I had enough going on in my body without the op so just left it, are yours all the same size mine vary and the first one started off the size of a pea but is now about the size of a grape. Linda x

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I tend to get lumps behind my ears,and in my armpits,doc said there swollen glands.There very tender too.

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I have lumps on my arms,around my neck and on my legs. They are tender. Thought they might be cancer when I first felt a large lump on my arm. They are very painful.

Gentle hugs for all who need them.


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i have lumps on my upper arms,and also on my thighs,they are painful to touch.have mentioned them to my doc but never get any comments.i looked up Dercums and that is what it seems to be,but as usual fibromyalga is a non illness!!!!.all i get is` take pain pills`,if i took all the pills i`m prescribed i would be a zombie.I am trying to control the symptoms,rest when they get worse,but feel like i may as well just give up going to the docs

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Bearess in reply to achey

Hiya...I know exactly how you feel :-(

I've given up going to the doctors now, I just get my repeat prescriptions and battle on...when I do go to the doctor, he sees me, rolls his eyes and sighs :-( I'm almost relieved when there is something, other than fibromyalgia wrong with me, as I feel a fraud for visiting him regarding my fibromyalgia / how bad is that ???

Ah well, hope you feel better soon :-)

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Hi there yes to lumps and bumps I have only suffered from Fibromyalgia for six years and am in severe pain but coping as we have to.I found acupuncture and massage very very helpful.Hope things improve for you.Love and gentle hugs to you xx

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do any doctors read these posts,or make any comments.It would be nice to have an M.D. give some advice on fibromyalga,i know my rheumatologist diagnosed me ,but it seems most docs dont have any answers.I was in agony with lower back pain and went to a private physio who said theres no such thing as FM.

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My lumps are pretty big roughly 8/10 cms ive had them 15yrs + def gonna see doc xxx gentle hugs xx

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i have been getting lumps on my arms and neck for awhile now and they are painful

it has been very interesting reading everyone's comments on this Q.

I also get lumps and at one point ended up having a mammogram...very scary! the outcome was i'm just lumpy. the pain that radiates from the one under left armpit is very painful. i'm now wondering if I should see my doc too as I get lumps in my neck, groin and buttocks also and behind left ear. very painful but not to touch! I guess the blood tests look for gland problems.

the lumps that appear from my folliculitis are very painful to touch as the hair follicles cannot push through the skin and can become infected and require antibiotics.

keep well and big hugs to all fibros


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I was diagnosed first with a mast cell disorder. Then with fibromyalgia. Spent 6 weeks at Mayo clinic where my Fibro and mast cell dxs were confirmed BUT I was also dxd with Dercums Disease. I had lumps in crease of elbows. It was radiologist at Mayo that said hey...this is Dercums Disease. Mayo dr said he had never had a patient with it before. Now I still have those lumps but new ones that have formed too. Believe me fibro and DD together is no fun!!! But luckily I found something that now gives me pain free days, some energy and mental clarity. Very few people have DD. It is very rare and most Drs know nothing about it. Many could have it and will never know.

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BeckGrrrl in reply to Iluvosu2

What did you find that helped?

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