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Do I need to change my meds? Hi all. I was doing ok this summer on pretty small doses amitriptaline and gabapentin. Now I'm not!

I'm going to see the GP on Thursday. Should I ask for higher dose or something else. Amitriptaline used to really relax me and help me sleep but now it hardly affects me at all and I'm not sleeping well, get woken with the pain and feel restless all night and knackered in the morning. So, pretty much just how I was before I started taking it. I only taking ami at night and gabapentin during day. Am sore. Neck, jaw pain, headaches, ouchy hands and arms and hurts to climb the stairs! Never was too sure exactly what gabapentin did anyway. Doesn't feel like it's helping much now. What do people think?

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Hi there, I would speak to your GP on Thursday, he/she will possibly suggest increasing your current meds, depending on what you are taking now, or changing to something else. I know that the colder the weather has become the worse my pain is and this could be a contributing factor for you. I take 50mg amitriptyline at night and 3x 600mg gabapentin through the day but I am finding that I also need to take cocodamol to keep the pain at a manageable level and that is with taking things very, very easy.


Thanks. I am taking 3x600 gabapentin and 50mg Amitriptaline at night. At first felt a bit groggy with both but now feel nothing and no benefit either. In bed today and yesterday and Sun afternoon hoping rest will sort me out. Have to stop typing coz hands sore and tingling.


Hi Apple

How long have you been taking amitriptyline? I was taken off it because it was making me ridiculously tired, could hardly keep my eyes open. My GP changed it to nortriptyline, same family as amitriptyline but not as tiring. Think you might need to have the gabapentin changed, it didn't do anything for me.

Try a heat pad to ease your shoulders and neck a little.

Is x


Hi apple I'm on gabapentin twice daily, also tramadol three time daily, sertraline, morphine patch and co codamol if I need a back up that is for the fibro and spondylosis of the lumber and cervic of the spine, i take other medication for other conditions, but do I think the gabapentin are great they really do help the restless leg syndrome that go with fibro as they are meant for the nerve endings, maybe you need to go back to your GP and tell him you are still in. Lot of pain, he may put your GABA up what dosage are you taking now...gentle hug....Dee x


Thanks for reply. I'll let you know how I get on with GP on Thurs. Glad to hear you find gaba helps so maybe will try with higher dose


Hi Apple, you sound like me a few weeks ago! I was taking 5mgs of amitriptyline a night and it used to help me sleep, but I've been in a bad flare up and the doctor said I was taking less than the therapeutic dose for fibro, so basically I wasn't managing my pain and symptoms with anything.

I've been moved onto nortriptylene and already sleeping so much better, mood has lifted. Pain is getting better - I couldn't walk much last week but this weekend was an almost 'normal' person gain!

Recommend you try it, but everyone is different and what works for me...

These drugs to become less effective over time remember.

Let us know how Thursday goes.

Best of luck,

Zosie xoxo


Thanks. Couple of folk said nortiptaline good so will keep that in mind.


Hi, sorry to hear your meds aren't helping, you can ask for the dose to be put up or if there is a chronic pain team near you ask to be referred as they can help you to get your doctor to try other meds out there. You might also need a tummy protector like Lansoprazole as meds like these can cause ulcers or hernias. Good luck! x


Hi Apple, I agree with the others and would advise that you go straight back to your GP and get him to reassess you pain meds. You don't say how much amitriptyline you are on at the moment, it could be that the dose does need to be increased or, like Zosie, that you might be better off on Nortriptyline , but that is something only your GP and you can decide. I would be inclined to write down the various issues you need to talk with your GP about so that, if you are anything like me, you don't come out with questions still unanswered.

Very best wishes for Thursday :-)

Foggy x


Yes, thanks Foggie that is good advice. I often become a jibbering mindless wreck at the GP and come out having got nowhere!!!


I will let you all know how I get on. Many thanks! :)


Hi all. GP increased my dose of amitriptaline to 75mg at night. But when I've been desperate, not sleeping and sore I've taken 100mg. It seems not to have any effect on me. Only got to sleep at 4am last night and had to get up at 7.30 for kids and work. Going to go back and ask for nortriptaline...


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