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hi all to add to my post to top it off my raditors not working checked boiler no water pressure wrang freind he told me to get boiler off straight away dangerous . panicked as usaul ,then wrang my landlady for help got boiler off now .so no heating ,good job got storage heaters , my fibro playing up still and ankle killing me ,even with strong painkillers , sat in dressing gown ,

The coldest night up to now -7 and going to get colder . putting my electric blanket on befor bed , will keep you all posted when i get it fixed , hopfully tommrow .

warm hugs to every one ,xxx

night night xx

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check header tank ball valve is likely stuck move it up and down so water fills tank then bleed radiators this will save a lot as plumbers charge a fortune


morning got intouch with landlord last night she getting plumber out today , its a new boiler was put in 2 yrs ago , tryed to move valve but didnt work , its a combie boiler , but got a leak in shower pipe behind the tiles which should have been fixed by men last year but hadnt been done ,

landlord is fuming hasnt been repaired so thats y we think no water pressure in tank ,

i bleed the raditors to was air in one of them .

got my electric heater on and wraped up this morning ,


Hello Tink, so pleased a plumber is coming out to you today, that's good news! Keep warm in the mean time my dear. It's freezing even on the South Coast today, thick frost everywhere, no snow yet.

Hope to hear from you later on if you can manage it Tink to hear you're able to keep warm. Take care.

(((hug))) xxx



hi Tinkerbell

i hope you have a nice hunky plumber coming out to you

I am sure gazing at his rippling muscles will warm you up no end and save on your fuel bills

I have my very own hunky carpenter at home as no work around the last few weeks so i can just gaze at him , mind you the HOT flushes / slow burn warm me up no end, I knew there must be a reason for them ha ha

Take care xx J


hi got my heating on at last , he was a hunk but at lest got my temp up lol sat hear nice and toastie at last ,


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