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WHY 4.30 AM !!!!!!!!????????????? AGAIN

I dont know what is happening to my body but the last few days it has been ready to get up at 4.30 am i would not mind if i went to bed at 8 pm and slept soundly right up to that time but i DON'T i got o bed at 11 pm and wriggle about in pain all night jus literally cat napping so i get up not refreshed at all and got council lady coming at 10 this morning

oh well i will prob drop off in her company now that would be funny. It is cold today and wet but no rain here at the min so no snowman for me today xx

on a happier note my daughter got her new car and arrived home at 10 pm last night in it so cant wait for it to get light so i can have proper look at it love abd soft hugs diddle xx

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I am doing the same wish They could find a cure

for this back to bed

hope you have a good day



lol so doi would be worth every penny i had to pay to get it as well , hope that you manage some sleep i just walked to top of my road with my doggy bless him now he is curled up on the chair sound asleep lucky old dog !!!! love to you diddle x


Dream dream dream yes it would be nice what about if you knock me on head with huge hammer lol love diddle x


Hi there all fellow sufferers..... Snap doing just the same! Didn't manage to go off to sleep till around one, only to be fully awake & hurting at 5.00....don't need it, so need my sleep. Ahhhhh....Dawn chorus doesn't help either, despite ear plugs, it takes very little to wake me. Hubby though otherwise great, has an awful snoring habit, really loud! Also stress of having family coming to 'temporarily' ( we hope) lodge for a while....until a new home can be found. 1 daughter,1 son-in-law, 3 dogs & 2 I'll never get any sleep, & naps with be a thing of the pass!!!!

Need a nice hot shower in order to function, & feel almost human! Tomorrow family arrive from Germany, and I'm so NOT ready.

Love to all xxx


Oh dear thats all ways the way i am not one for napping never have been but since fibro i often go sirt on my bed and sure i nod off for few mins not long but i am lucky 1 daughter at work all day the other one dont live here anymore , it really starts to get you down doesnt it no sleep and when you got company you have to be up and down all the time with drinks/food etc

i had my daughter and son in law stay here for 6 weeks bfore they had their children and it was a nightmare and that was before i had fibro lol oh well you can only do what you can do so dont worry too much love to you diddle xxxx


Good Morning Diddle,I too have had a hopeless night went to bed at 10-30 pm and have been up since 5 am this morning and like you only had a cat nap in between pain.I hope your day gets better for you and If its at all possible try n have a couple of hours rest time this afternoon.Warm hugs coming your way xx


Morning ddidle...sorry to hear you are not getting the proper sleep & hope you got on well with your visit from the council lady went well.

I am fortunate enough (if thats possible with Fm ) to sleep at night but i put it down to the meds i take, i still wake with pain but not as bad as other fibromites.I have got ME & CFS and an underactive thyroid, so i dare say that makes sleeping longer. The down side still feel tired when up as you know our fibro does that to us.

I hope you manage to have a rest tonight or curl up beside your dog, maybe the heat of him will help....i know we live in hope lol. Have a good day take care, soft hugs love


hi everyone, if only all those negative gp could read our posts. we have all never met but our complaints and lives are pretty much running the same course. i have fibro and me/cfs, i go to bed really take my sleeping meds but still do not drop off till about 11, only to wake in pain or from dreadful nightmares at 3am, 4 am or 5am. i can not get comfortable with the pain and need to pee. it is frustrating as i know the next day is a day of pain, stiffness, ibs and migraine. and like you diddle, my dog Rolo, a beautiful chocolate Labrador is curled up on His chair!, rolled up with legs in air and snoring, then he twists in his small space and rests his head on arm of chair. it is really quiet amusing to watch. LOL these days i even wish i was the pet dog, rather than a person with fibro <3


Wouldn`t it be lovely if the lady in the health shop could read these comments, the one who looked down her nose at me and said,"well I take valerian tablets and they make me sleep every night!" if that was true for us we would buy it by the ton!!!! I`m not knocking it but its like spitting on a fire to give me a valerian tablet at night. My body has a mind of its own not helped by the threat of redundancy at work. ok moan over. Love to you all. xx


Do what I do diddle , Go to sleep if poss about 3am wake at 7am and just stare at the blooming wall till it`s time to do it again lol

Hugs Butterfly xxxxx:-)


Sorry guys/girls not been around of late. Other than popping out to get the necessities have been returning home and into my cell 'bedroom' I take two 500mg of clonazepam and still cannot sleep through the night. Will be seeing Specialist for results of MRI 12th April. Hoping this will start what I may call a clear deck and be treated for the fibro and the degeneration of spine separately. Plus an inset sole for shoe being done on 23rd. Believe me I do not expect any miracles. Stomach and midriff have bloated out Looks like I am pregnant in both places! 'believe me pregnancy is not possible lol' IBS also thought it would play up. Will be seeing my daughter on 12th also first time for many years lives in Israel. She really has no idea as to the limitations I have. Could not see the point in burdening her. Oh well will not carry on just hope the 12th will help me feel more positive. It is 2.30 in morning yes I had taken the clonazepam maybe I should get a makeshift hammer that will hit me on the head and knock me out for a few more hours rofl. One think I have kept is my black sense of humour it sure has helped me through the years. Nite niote all yes I have been reading your letters it helps know that I am not a dribbling moaner of pain that others who see us cannot understand. In fact I do not explain anymore - explaining does not help ME. Hang in their xoxox


how strange! i also wake up at 4.30 am!! Iturn the t.v. on and just lay and watch that until my tablets work and can get out of bed! i am lucky as i live alone and now retired! so can please myself! but when i worked ,it was very hard as i worked until10.30 pm too long a day!!!


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