The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing today...literally!

I think I am having a bit of a problem with co-ordination or something like that. I have spent the whole day trying to stop myself doing things with both hands. Sounds odd....or am I not alone. I wanted to make coffee. I went to pick up the coffee container witht he right hand and the left hand followed. I went to pick up the kettle with the right hand, the left hand followed. It has been like this all day long. And I found it odd when I was switiching the cooker on and the left hand was trying to help the rigth hand turn the knob. It is driving me insane and at times is painful as well. By that I mean if I reach for something with the right hand my body twists so the left hand can follow. And now here I am at the keyboard and the only way I can type is by sitting on my left hand! Why? Because if I don't I have the left hand fingers joining the right hand fingers at every key. So if my right index finger goes for the 'h' the left index finger goes for the same key!!!!! Anyone else had this? xxxx

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  • No, ive never experienced that, it must be very difficult to do anything, hope you get better soon. My thing is that my hands forget that I am holding something so I drop it , then I cant pick it upand have to kick it to a chair to enable me to retrieve it.

  • Hiya hunni

    Could you see my reply to Libs as I am really struggling to type as my fingers on both hands are fighting to hit the same keys together. xxxxx

  • No Ozzygirl,

    I have never experienced that. It sounds most unusual. It must feel very strange. With Fibromyalgia it seems as though our bodies are controlling us but what you have experienced seems quite extreme.

    Hopefully tomorrow your body might have got bored with that particular trick and let you back in control of your hands. My coordination isn't very good and I have muscle spasms, jerks, tingling and pins and needles and often can't grasp or hold anything or drop things but I think that is quite common with Fibro.

    If it persists do you think you ought to see your GP?

    Hopefully you'll be able to get some sleep tonight. I am just off up to bed to try and get comfortable. Not much chance as everything hurts and I have a splitting headache which is just turning into a migraine. Very jolly. More painkillers are needed methinks!

    Night, night. Love and hugs Saskia. XX

  • Hiya hunni

    Could you see my reply to Libs as I am really struggling to type as my fingers on both hands are fighting to hit the same keys together. xxxxx

  • Hello there Lin, sorry to hear your are experiencing co-ordination problems with your hands. This can be related to Fibromyalgia as we tend to have lower than normal hormone levels - seratonin, noradrenaline (also known as norepinephrine) and dopamine. Low levels of these hormones may be a key factor in the cause of Fibromyalgia, as they each control many of the processes in the body.

    Lower dopamine levels can result in our co-ordination can be affected, so this could be what you are experiencing with your hands.

    To reassure you about this, perhaps have a chat with your GP just to ensure it isn't anything else that could be causing this. You might be offered a blood test.

    If you have any queries please do not hesitate to ask, we will always do our best to help you as best we can or at least point you in the right direction.

    (((hug))) xxx


  • Thanks Libs, it is so annoying. And on top of that I was helping son and daughter in law with the moving plans. Their flat is riddled with black mould and their clothes so damp and musty smelling. I helped them out and we were getting stuff to wash through, dry and bag up right away. My son already had a lung infection and sinus infection, his third bad one in three years, that is how long they have been in the flat. So I have not caught anything off him it is the fact all the mould spores will have been disturbed and I have breathed them in. Sods law eh. Will be seeing GP sometime next week so will mention it. Ta hunni xxxxx

  • Hi Ozzy girl this is quite strange

    i experience other co-ordination problems which i discussed with GP a long time ago but not actually what you have.

    i do everything with 2 hands as no choice but my arm is not magnetised as i see it to follow the other arm.

    See you Dr and just confirm that its nothing else xxxxxx huggles

  • Ta for huggles hun I really need them, see my reply to Libs above, no energy to repeat myself lol. Just trying to get a bit done on here if I can xxxxx

  • Hiya Ozzy,

    You are certainly going through it at the moment, I hope you haven't breathed in mould spores as you could do without anything else to worry about.

    I understand about typing being a problem. I don't have the same problem as you with 2 hands wanting to hit the same key but I do have probs. with my hands and fingers working the way I want them too. They just don't seem to do what I want at all and I end up typing complete rubbish sometimes.What a lot we all are! It is good to know, though, that there are other people all doing odd quirky things and we are not alone.

    You take great care and perhaps, as Libs suggests, a visit to your GP might be helpful.

    Loving hugs Saskia XX

  • All I know is it is driving me mad and I seem to be spending more time watching the snow falling than I am doing anything on here. I am trying to wade my way through the unlocked email and getting nowhere fast. I often type complete rubbish but I am so annoyed that my hands seem to want to do the same thing. I have to laugh or I would cry. This is a new one on me and I am hoping it is down tot he fibro, easier to accept. But now I may go and watch the snow for a while as I find it calming. Judging by the amount of very damp clothing and some actually mouldy, we found I would say there is a good possibility I have breathed a hell of a lot in. I was there all day from 9.30am until 5.50pm and we were hard at it all day long. The inhalers have never been in so much demand lol. xxxxx

  • I do not suffer from fibromyalga but was drawn to you post upon googling a lifelong "quirk" of mine...what one hand dies the other hand mirrors. I cannot even open and close my left hand without the right hand doing the same. I have passed this "quirk" on to two of my three children.

  • Hi bullsheetcake

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum, and I genuinely hope that you find it as useful as I do.

    I was fascinated reading your post as I have never come across anything like this before! It must be really unnerving at times if you want to do a particular thing? I thought I would have a look online and found an interesting article so I have pasted the link below:

    Take care


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