The worst day

Good morning all, yesterday was one of my worst day. I get my five year already for school and there I started feeling pain from my head to my toes, I went to get some rest and 2:05 I'll start and feeling more pain . I get pain in my head my eyes my neck my life here my hands my fingers everywhere straight to my toes . Everywhere the pain was were swollen I could not use my hands to pick up anything I've got nothing with my phone my finger was stretching now couldn't Close my hand hands. I wasn't able to feed myself dinner are going to the bathroom, I could not do anything for myself.

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  • I am so sorry, I know those days well. How is today? Hugs

  • Thanks each hour is getting worse I am getting tired.

  • Ava,

    I'm sorry that you can't move very well at all. What a mess to deal with! I wish I was there to help you get the things you need. Your hands sound nearly useless for at least that time you were trying to eat your dinner. Do you have a Dr. you can go to regarding all of this pain and your body not functioning as it should? Maybe you can get a referral to a Rheumatologist for your neuropathy if that's what you have or what ever else you have.

    Please go through the usual channels to get the help you need and don't get discouraged and stick to your guns. You definitely need to get this resolved and live a healthier and happier life. Best wishes to you!!!!!


  • Sending hugs and I wish you felt better.

  • Sorry to hear your feeling so awful today.

    We should all live together in one big villa type home, our own private large ensuit rooms (modified as needed) with shared comfy living spaces, relaxation rooms, tv rooms, we could all chip in for cleaners and cooks an we would have company an help or just even someone to talk to who understands if needs be or we could if we wanted some peace retire to our little ensuit studios.

    Ps sorry about the bad grammar.

  • Thanks you make me smile

  • Wow, count me in. 👍

    I do hope you feel better soon Ava, are you taking any medication for the pain, maybe you need to have a chat with your Dr, take care

  • You HAVE had a bad day! Hopefully that will be it for a while. It's so frustrating when my hands get like that. The number of mugs, glasses I've dropped..... 🐸

  • Gosh, I can tell you ou are really struggling... Since I don't know you personally or your exact medical circumstances...please consider calling your doctor. At the end of last spring 2015, I believe I was the worst I have ever felt to that date. It felt a little bit useless to call the doctor because I didn't know there was anything better he could do. I was barely sleeping, I couldn't do anything for the pain. To be able to get a shower.... are you kidding me? Rare. Would wash up, but I was struggling so much. I finally decided to call my doctors office. It was about six weeks before my regular 6 month appointment. It was the first time I was asking to come in outside of my regular scheduled appointment. When I went in, no, there weren't any miracle for a magic pill that made me all better. But I'll tell you what did happen.... my doctor took me very seriously. He checked me all over, asked a new bunch of questions... ran a ton of lab work for markers and some other things and then he also gave me some medicine that has never giving me before. I was not calling him because I did not think it was anything he could do. Glad I did because... It did help a little... I had left out of there...feeling physically as I had when I went in, but the doctor took me seriously, asked me to come back in two weeks to follow up or sooner if things got worse. He also told me to increase one of my other medicines temporarily and had gave me another medicine to help me through this flare sleep some. It was not a narcotic pain medicine... something else that I Ididn't think would help..but it did a bit. So, Ava, I'm not saying that the doctor is going to be a miracle... But please do call. You may be surprised at what may be offered to you or help that may be given. I know the doing anything at all is too much for you to get through a day at dictors office, be specific how awful/desperate/miserable you are to doctor. That way he can make sure that you're alright and that all your needs are met and all the medicines is in your hands to help you. Sweetheart, if you are not able to get up and use the bathroom by yourself.... you absolutely need help! Please tell him those thing. Let us know how you make out. With lots of love and care for you today Ava!!!

  • Thank you so much, I have fibromyalgia I will call doctor in the morning.

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend and I sincerely hope that you feel better soon. If you feel any worse or your symptoms persist please ring your doctor. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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