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Things a fibromite can do with one finger.....any other ideas lol

With only using one finger you save so much energy, but some jobs may take a little longer. I made a lovely coffee before and then remembered I had some squirty cream that needed to be used up. Hands painful so this would be okay to do with one finger. So I squeezed the trigger, nothing. I squeezed again, nothing. So I used both my index fingers ad gripped the can and squeezed with all the might I could muster. Great job, I got it in the coffee, up the wall, on my top, all over the work surface and on the floor and the dog was having a wonderful time grabbing at the cream as it flew out and then he cleaned up the floor. I panicked when it shot out and forgot to let go of the trigger lol. Any other jobs you can think of for one finger that may just go wrong? xxxxx

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aye, air freshener unless you get Fabreeze, then you can jam it in the door to get it working,life is not all that easy with fibro, but you sure get the inventors brain, called where there is a will there is a way


I just buy the smelly plugs lol xxxxx


switch them off in a storm - they explode if it causes a power surge I'm told.


I switch everything off ina storm hun except the freezer. That includes the xbox, much to hibbys annoyance xxxxx


well of course typing lol you can do wrong words hahah but can i put on here am not sure.

if you have adapted your phone to predictive txting (i so cannot do this) i use my iphone a lot and the words that i do wrong is unbelievable !

Fog and tiredness is over whelmings so thinking of things is difficult .

one finger jobs that go wrong

i stuck my hands with glue using one finger trying to use one hand to hold and put on the other and they stuck together and i really panicked thought nooo i will end up A& E lol with a nail and bottle of glue but i was lucky i pulled quickly but was left with glue all over my fingers and on my dressing table. This was just before christmas too so i never got the nails on after all.

spraying a can of freshner or perfume or body spray and doing the wrong way and before you know it its in your face, mouth nose and every where.

trying to release it when its new! but cannot fathom which way round .. some simple things can become tasks of their own i say.

i am actually trying to think of things i have done here but having a little issue haha.

ohh pulled a can ring on tins of food 'very difficult' and it going alllll over the floor and me.

my fav in toy shops one finger to press alllll the toys that make a noise heehehe walking away

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Ozzy ozzy ozzy goo go go cream on ya fingers, cream on your nose , cream on the work top froffy coffee yow ;-D xxx


Lol, hun, after the day I have had reading these replies is a welcome lift xxxxx


My best one finger moment... Pressing a friends doorbell and jamming the button in so it wouldn't stop ringing... It was wired in electrically so while I hadcoffee and cake with my friend her OH had to dismantle the doorbell

VG x


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh VG, only you could do that. Note to not buy a doorbell in case VG is around xxxxx


Its a bit late to do a christmas snow scene Ozzy but thanks for the tip ha ha

must have been a very posh coffee , i hope you enjoyed it xx


It was lol, when I finally got to drink it. Had to clean up first, did not want hubby to see that I had messed up again. xxxxx


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