why have the knuckles on my hand swollen up ?

i sometimes get swollen fingers at night but this is totally different 3 of the knuckles on my right hand have swollen up and disappeared and it hurts like hell i cant close my hand in to a fist and its driving me nuts .... i was wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them ?? is it something to do with fibro or have i managed to get something on top of fibro ??

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  • hi yes it happens to me almost feels as if its trying to push my knuckes further apart and mine can be really itchy too, not sure if fibro as i have arthritis too, i find a rub in ibruprophen cream helps as it goes straight to the pain x J

  • thanks irisjoy

    i'll have to try and get some of that and give it ago , ive rung the docs as its got a bit worse now just waiting for them to call back , heres hoping it something simple im not sure i can take having anything else on top of the fibro at the moment :) x

  • I went through a stage when my hands swelled up then it kind of subsided as the day went on - lasted for a couple of months then faded off - I seem to have cyclical symptoms which fade off and then come back - I massaged them with oil and got the circulation going in them - it was also worse in the mornings with pain. Hope this is helpful.

  • thanks refections

    can i ask what kind of oil did you use ?? at the moment im thinking chopping my hand off would help haha , i now have little lumps that have come up on my knuckles !! still im going for optimistic today so im sure all will be good :)

  • This isn't Fibro but as it has come up quickly, it could be a temporary problem, such as an allergic reaction. Hope the doctor can help!

  • I've had this too, but figured it was early symptoms of arthritis - just what we need, something else going wrong! I had some anti-inflammatory cream, which helped a bit, or you can use something like Difflam gel, though I found this a bit sticky. If you're anything like me it will settle down in time, and have occasional flare-ups. Its not FM.

  • I get this, mainly in the summer, and I was tested for arthritis like others. It was the rhumatologist who I saw that diagnosed me with Fibro. It helps me to cool down in a luke-warm bath, but rest is helpful.

  • I have suffered with swelling hands and knuckles. It was very painful and recurred for several months. Nothing seemed to help, it lasted for days sometimes. It still happens occasionally, but doesn't seem last as long.

  • if the bumps are in the skin i would say its an infection or reaction, if the lumps dont move and feel boney it could be extra bone growths usually cuased by arthritic conditions. my hands swell at night off and on, i find that sometimes some of my knuckles stay stiff and cant close fist and it can last days but then it goes but i know i also have osteoarthritis developing so i think both conditions are working together!!!. hope GP helps and u feel as better as u can soon xxx huggles xxx

  • thanks so much for your answers guys :) its gone down a bit now so im in less of a panic , its still visibly swollen and it now feels like permanent pins and needles have moved it , which feels rather odd

    i found some anti-inflammatory cream and im bunging it on like theres no tomorrow lol , i will mention the rheumatologist to the docs and see if he will send me to one , not cause i think i have arthritis but just to rule it out , mind you my doc lovely man that he is doesn't really seem to understand fibro so im looking at changing doctors , which i dont really want to do as the only other doctors around and close to me is a big practice with lots of doctors in, thats ok but its the huge waiting rooms with other people in that scare me cause im really not good with crowds they make me a tad uncomfortable well thats a slight understatement there scare the living daylights out of me :( any way i shoudnt mope on about it have to be positive and all that stuff , thanks again its so nice to be able to ask questions and have other people understand :) big soft hugs to everyone and i hope your days a good one :) x

  • I have this today... Gp tomorrow

  • hope it all goes well for you at the docs hun :)

  • I've had this for months now think I remember my doctor saying it was arthritis I've been using ibrufen gell although it's a really good gell on other body parts hasn't made a difference to my hands or wrists she said it would settle down when I don't know lol get checked out rule a few thing out xxx

  • im always getting swollen fingers but but it down to water retention , but since this im beginging to wonder if it might be something else xxx

  • Hi there,

    I've had swollen bones and joints esp in my hands and wrists for a long time, my doctor said it was age!, but I have ra in my knees and I think wrists sometimes, really sore, they bones of my knuckles never go down once they grow to twice the size, I've got a pair of boxers hands, ha ha maybe I should use them on my rheumy to get a report for my dla appeal ha ha

  • ouch hun , i thought just a few days with swollen hands and knuckles was bad enough , and why do docs put it all down to blooming age or weight arghhh they drive me mad the know it alls, or as i like to call them the know it nots :/ lol

    i would deffo bung it in your report for the appeal hun every little bit helps and good luck on the appeal :)

  • Thank you wevskysgirl, I live in hope!, best wishes xxxxxxxxxxx Claire xxxxxxxxxx

  • I've had this happen several times yes it does hurt, pain shoots straight down my fingers. I wasn't doing anything different just picking something up inside of a bag. :/ today when it happened.

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