Numb Finger!!!!

Hi all,

Just a quick question, has anyone had problems with numbness in the fingers. I woke up this morning and my left forefinger was numb.It started on the top of my finger and went down to my knuckle, I thought that it would have gone away by now but it is still feeling strange.

Anyone got any ideas what might this be?????

Thanks hope everyone is ok xx

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  • Hi dragonfly45

    I get pins 'n' needles in my hands and fingers but I believe mine is a side-effect of nortryptaline. I remember reading somebody on the site had numbness due to fibromyalgia but I cannot remember who? Hope its of help to you?

    Take care and good luck

    Ken (the author) x

  • Hi there Ken, I've been wondering how you are doing since your nasty time over the weekend....did you go ahead with the operation? I do hope all has gone well for you. I've probably been my normal dim and foggy self and missed something you've written :o

    Hope you're ok :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi Foggy

    Thanks for that. I have seen my doctor again (yesterday) and will be having the operation. Am on a priority call so am expecting a phone call either this week or next to have it done.

    Hope you are well?

    Ken x

  • thanks Ken, its still numb after 2 days!!! x

  • Hi dragonfly45

    Yes, I think I would go to the doctors about this and help put your mind at ease as two days is rather a long time x

  • Hi I hav had numbness in my thumb it went on for three weeks my doc said it was a trapped neve if still the same go back after two weeks it did go away after 4 weeks but was a pain to put up with if your worried get it checked out x shazza

  • Hi Dragonfly45

    I have pins & needles, itching and numbness in some of my fingers and toes but I just put it down to another symptom of the Fibro. There isn't really anything a doctor can do but if you are worried it's always best to have it checked out. Fibromyalgia is a hidden illness- you never know when or where in the body it's going to strike. Good luck. If you do see a doctor let us know how it went. xxx

  • Hi Everyone

    I suffer with swelling and pin and needles in my hands and feet. I have been told there is nothing to do so just get on with it i AM AFRAID. If you find an answer let us all know xxgins

  • I got told the same Gins :o and likewise, if you find an answer I'd appreciate it too


  • I get numbness from time to time especially in my toes but think that's due to my lymphoedema but I do get pins and needles and numb fingers sometimes. Might be a good idea to check it out with your GP. I know that they often put everything down to our fibro but best to check really. Take care x

  • Hi, I often wake up with "numbness" in all my fingers... I find by shaking my hands vigorously that it helps the feeling to go away. My doctor thought it may be Carpel tunnel syndrome... but it was checked out and found not to be... so have just put it down to another of fibromyalgia' s many mysterious experience' s!!!

    Maybe ask your doctor about the Carpel tunnel. Xx

  • Likewise I frequently wake up with ''dead'' fingers and had Carpel tunnel syndrome ruled out. I also assume it's another fibro thing and just try to carry on . xx

  • i have numbness on a couple of my toes lol - i shouldnt laugh but if i didnt poke fun at myself i think i would get even more depressed. I also get the pins and needles in arms and hands thats last up to 20 mins then just vanish. And some doctors/health professionals/government people reckon its all in our head!! Would love them to get fibro just for a day and see what they think about it then! Us fibromites have to stick together - gentle hugs to all :-) xxx

  • Hi there. Yes I do have this and had it periodically for many years.

    Have a look at Raynauds-phenomenon this might ring a bell with you. They say vibration is a possible cause ;) but I get it when im driving quite a lot and when its cold it gets worse. Its as if the top of the finger is dead and the blood drains out of it and it goes white.

    Its nothing serious but horrible when it happens. I shake my hand to get the blood supply moving.

    Hope this helps.


  • Yes,I also get a numb middle finger from time to time, also wake up at night with a dead arm and have to shake it back to life, all part of Fibro I guess.

  • Hi, Yes I often experience pins and needles in my hands and I also get a sensation that the nearest way to describe is as if I of have held something heavy like a shopping bag for a long period; you know the sort of humming buzzy feeling. Sorry it is not a better explanation but I know what I mean hehe!

  • Hi, I have this quite often, actually it was one of the first symptons I had with this lovely condition. X.

  • My left little finger has been all numb for few months now. Have awful pain in my hands and wrists all the time and some level of numbness but this one finger is different so let me know if you get to the bottom of it please! X

  • Sounds like carpal tunnel syndrome, I had the problem a few years ago, if it gets too troublesome you can have a operation like I did and I hav,nt had trouble since. Hope this helps

  • i have numbness in my hands and feet evry morning it can take 2 to 3 hrs ti improve it is a symptom of fybro

  • I get this every morning and as it goes it pretty much gets worse with my hands feeling like I have hands full of lava flowing around them, lasts for about half an hour then hands better for the day, but with pins and needles in both of them if I type to much or drive any longer than about 20 minutes. Was told it was the fibro after I was found to not have carpel tunnel after they tested me.

  • Like Gramma - my problem started with numbness in my feet and after a year they came up with FM. I have been told I also have Raynauds disease and as Clur mentions the problem for me is vibrations (petrol mowers a bad idea) and when driving I think is that your hands are raised so the blood doesn't flow well to them and my right hand gets freezing as I tend to drive one handed (naughty naughty). I have been told to live with it but in the morning I drop things all over the place as I can't grip coz I can't feel things properly and my toes and fingers go blue. I've tried ginko bilbo/ginger herbal stuff but saw no difference. Sorry I am not helping but I have had this for four years and although I find it fightening at times because I feel my limbs don't belong to me/are dead (been tested for diabetes but dont have it thankfully) - but I am pleased to report none of my extremeties have fallen off yet! lol. As someone else says you have to develop a sense of humour. Anyone finds anything useful for this - please let us know xxx

  • every year I tend to get numbness/ tingly in my left hand fingers said trapped nerve or carpel told to dangle my wrist out the bed x

  • Thanks to you all for your advice, its greatly appreciated.. If my finger is the same by Monday I will make an appt. at the docs.

    Take care all...xox

  • Hi everyone I have been unwell like all of you I recently fell out with my GP so I was in the position of shopping for s GP close to where I live, well I took a letter into the first appointment with my new doctor & he carefully read through the letter, sat back, gasped & said I am sorry but you are being treated for FM its wrong & swore on his life its ME he has now started me on medication for ME so now I am also on Pregabilin 200mg which is apparently a high dose to get me started it has improved my quality of life but,,,, now we have the question for Dragonfly45 about numbness I have started recently before my new GP having symptoms of tingling, numbness, deadening of my fingers & when I had an attack of numb arms then tingling then sensitive finger tips so I have mentioned yesterday this to the GP & he has said its a natural symptom of the ME so keep an eye out if anything else happens ask your GP what it can be, I am not a doctor & would not give advice but its worth having as much feedback as you can to put your mind at rest so good luck

  • HI,

    the only thing I can think of that makes your hands or feet go numb, is Raynauds. I have had this before and now have intravenous iloprost which helps.

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