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Morgan Freeman - Who Knew?

I felt I should share my passions with you, as some of you may know I attend college, I'm an art student (just sent off my applications for uni - fingers crossed; please?!) i have just started a project falling under the title Pandora's Box. In which hope was encased, for those unfamiliar with the fable/myth/legend, to put it VERY simply, Pandora was given this box (it was actually a jar but for arguments sake I'll stick to the stereotypical title) she was distinctly told NOT to open it, and obviously, as when we are told not to do something she opened it, and all the evils were sprung upon the world as we know it now, hatred, envy, greed etc. And so, realising what she'd done, she trapped the lid back on, trapping hope inside that jar and all the bad outside it.

In this project, I am to make a box and a vessel inside it demonstrating how the story is still relevant these days.

So, I am planning to create my box and (hopefully!) make a glass jar, or container of some sort, something transparent anyway and fill the jar with illustrations of people that on the outside, are normal, they aren't visibly disabled, so they're not; you know the drill. So many different creeds, colours, orientations, sizes and shapes, all connected together with that 1 in 25 statistic. That agonising, hidden factor that connects all of US.

Hope is left inside that jar and that is where we are, constantly hoping, For a cure, for a miracle and for someone to come along and just make it all better.

Also, onto the attached image.

I discovered that Morgan Freeman was a fellow fibromite. FINALLY - our claim to fame? ;)

So, I am WELL aware that it doesn't REALLY look like Morgan Freeman but, I wanted to share it with you regardless and just remind you, you are not alone - no matter what.

And our butterfly is resting on his lapel. Just sitting there, watching over him, like Arelie for me and I'm sure many of you also have butterfly tattoos. Or accessories of some form because sometimes, you just need something with you all the time. Even if it is just something that catches your eye as you are rather unceremoniously slumped forward on a public toilet, in agony, just trying to find the motivation and some form of respite (I'm talking from experience and I KNOW 99% of you will know what I'm talking about - whether you admit it or not.)

Just remember, I love you ALL.

And I'm here to help any of you in any situation. At any time.

Take care and just, smile. Because you're here and able to complain. After all, that's what the British are renowned for and; if you can't beat them join them.

Thank you if you read all of this - *gentle hugs*

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Hello there Berthy, lovely to see you here tonight. Thank you so much for your fascinating blog, wonderful to read!

What an incredibly clever idea making your own Pandora's Box, fantastic. I am really looking forward to hearing about how it's all coming along, please do let us know. :)

I am also fascinated to hear that the actor Morgan Freeman also has Fibromyalgia. He apparently had a serious car accident which caused nerve damage and he subsequently showed symptoms of Fibromyalgia. Here is the article with more information for anyone who is interested in reading about it. Scroll down page two to the appropriate section -

Thanks again for posting about this Berthy, very interesting..

Wishing you all the best with your creative project.

(((hug))) xxx


[Admin message - Please be aware there are unedited swear words in the article, so if you are offended by these, please don't read it. We also aren't permitted to use swear words here in our forum in accordance with our Guidelines but obviously cannot edit magazine articles for obvious reasons]


And you :)

I certainly can; and am more then willing to do so.

That's the article I read on it as well, it was incredibly interesting,

Thank you very much. *gentle hugs*

Take care, Berthy xxx


Thank you for your kind thoughts.


Anytime :)


Hi Berthy,

It's very good that you're making an educational opportunity out of a big problem - nice one! I wish you every success with your 'Pandora's box' - why don't you get really cheeky and ask the jewellery retailers of the same name to sponsor you? :)

BTW - I gather that Florence Nightingale was a 'fibromite' too, and tho' Winston Churchill was well-documented as having a serious depression, from the reading I have done, I suspect that he also had Fibromyalgia.

It's really interesting and absorbing, reading historical papers and 'diagnosing' the ailments of famous people from the past, or indeed the present.

Best Wishes ... Moffy x


It genuinely came to me when I was on the but home from college, after all the stress in the past days leading up to the UCAS deadline I hadn't really had a chance to explore into what I was going to do with the project title and I've got to present my ideas to my group so I know I had to come up with something soon. And it occurred to me, I'm going onto uni to do illustration and I'm interested in makeup and why people wear it. Which led me onto certain issues within the current social and economical climate. And it just came to me. Since then I've drawn and written so much to do with it (images of lots of different people, gender, shapes sizes and styles with Fibroactions butterfly somewhere on them)

I've not been this passionate for a while.

Hmm, I'll look into that :) Thank you (preparing to draw Miss Florence as we speak :P)

I love reading at the best of times, so learning something about the things I am most passionate about only makes it better :)

Likewise :) x



I wonder what medication he is on,


Hmm, me too, I might look into finding a way of contacting him and ask him.


Great idea Berthy, if you manage to get through, please let us know. It would be very interesting to hear about.




I've had no luck so far, but I won't be beaten that easily. xx


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