Peaks and Troughs visualise mountains that we climb and plateaus we wander through

The meadows are the calming bits of our lives when the fibro is manageable and life is as enjoyable as it can be then of course we come to the peaks that reduce us to blubbering wrecks and stop our trains of thought being lucid. How can we plan yes plan for these the spoon theory works brilliantly however it does not cover for peaks and troughs. Sometimes I have a MIND LIKE A BUTTERFLY I start to write somethi g I have been pondering on for ages and then I am thinking about gardening troughs. Sorry. What we need to try to do is not just save spoons but ensure our energy levels can be boosted to manage the troughs. I dont know how. I was talking to my daughter who has CFS and she too has this problem peaks and troughs. Mental reserves may be the answer so having calm moments through out the day when you can build these up. Calm moments when there are no interuptions perhaps meditate -does anyone do this? These moments should be just for energy rebuild nothing else no oh I'll do this while I have a moment no no just for your brain and body to gather energy. May be that will help through the peaks and make our days easier.

Yes we all could manage say five minutes 4 times a day certainly if anyone was a smoker you would have popped out and found time for a ciggy, So find time to consider where you are how you are coping and the way forward.

Any one any thoughts? Keep smiling :) I do have serious moments :)


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  • Morning gins.... Not sure I can cope with sensible but I,ll give it a go. How am I coping , well I,m not really, that why I post my madness on here. I was just thinking this morning should I go to the gps or not... I have night meds I have injections every 3 months but I have no day meds so I sit or stagger in constant pain I have workout programmes for the elderly I can't do, can't walk with arthritis in ankle and knee far enough to class as exercise and am getting fatter slowly but surely, physio have washed their hands with me, I,ve run out of money for private massage, it's rained everyday here for days and days so I feel worse I.m in my 40s and feel like I,m 80 now my OH is back to normal I,m teetering on the edge, cos I have been on auto pilot for 6 weeks pushing my body to things it can,t do but had to , if that makes sense, the swimming baths are quite far away and usually so cold I immediately spasm on getting in thats before I try and swim, gahhhh no can,t do sensible it makes me cry...

    Will go look a your other post and be mad. I don't like the real world I want to get off


  • morning VG just a thought I can see you suffer with arthur lol...At my physio where i use to go there was a lady who suffered with arthur in her knees and she was given a well what looked like a stand with pedals on it and basically it sits on the floor and you sit in a chair and pedal at your leisure she said it helped get her knees moving and they were less stiff I think they applied through occupational health to get it for her, maybe worth a try? keep your pecker up VG : ) xx

  • Lets not do sesible it hurts to much so sorry your pain is grotty like mine:) Do go and get some day time meds they do make it easier(but they dont cure it- do be careful if you try the champagne may make you brain very fussy) You sound like my mirror image which is so strange I cannot swim any more I found it quite scary like a floating balloon with paddles on eeek I agree I dont like the real world either see you in our world xgins

  • that was a serious physio suggested meditation and must admit it did work for a while but I found that my mind kept wandering and was struggling with keeping focussed so by all means try it gins as what does not work for one may work for another, maybe when I have not got too much going on in my head I will try it again, just make sure you are in a position where you are comfy too I found it better when i was lying down in the bedroom with the curtains closed better and no one in the house....try it though Gins as like i say it may work for you..: ) xx

  • Hi Vikki. Don't give up! You don't say what type of meditation you were doing, but you could experiment with different kinds. And your mind wandering is perfectly normal. The point is to notice it, not in a negative way, just notice it. And then go back to the meditation and in time you do it less. Nike any new skill it takes practice! Good luck with it.


  • * like!

  • I think I too prefer madness if thats all right with every one it is far mor fun:) and I enjoy being bonkers! o I shall revert quickly :) xgins

  • I'm one of those naughty people who still pops out for a ciggy :( It's the only sane/me time I get during the day. I had given up for 2.5 years but started again recently when life's pressures got too much.

  • Hi Gins. The 4x 5mins a day is a great way to look at it . Keeping the 'battery' topped up, instead of running it completely flat is a good way to manage, I'm sure. Good thoughts - keep 'em coming.


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