I have got a lady from my local council tax office coming to my home at 10 am this morning as i went in last week to sort out council tax /housing benefit and just ask can you get discount for being classed as disabled i said i did not claim DLA but was going to sart the process, the lady there gave mre a form to fill in which was 3 questions that really did not apply but i answered them and put in tiny box what i had and 3 days later got phone call to say she would like to come fora home visit !!!! oh well i dont know what the outcome will be but we will see she is either going to be lovely and understanding o a real jobsworth !!!!

i hope that you are all ok love diddle xxx

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  • lol now that would be funny love to you diddle x

  • good luck

  • Good luck diddle,

    Let us know what happens, sending you a :)

    hugs, kel xxx

  • good luck.. hope its a big :)

  • Good luck Diddle hope it all goes in your favour! :)

  • Good Luck I hope you get someone as helpful as me and my partner did, she was actualy from Welfare Rights sent via the Council and was really kind, sympathetic, and looked at all our benefit options! There are some good people out there! :)

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