Girl from Sudan in Senegal concentration camp-Scam????

Hi, a girl from Sudan contacted me through this website saying she wanted contact with me through my personal email. I wrote back to her and she did reply but did not mention one single concern regarding her health. It's all about the fact that shje is in a concentration camp in Senegal because of the way in Sudan, where she lost her parents.

I just thought that didn't make any sense to contact somebody from healthunlocked if your concerns are not related to your health. I am very sorry but I put her email in my phising scam box. I can't trust it.

Does anyone know what I am talking about?

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  • Was that to do with this spammer?


  • Please check the post below Lindsey.


  • Yes she is the spammer. As you know I replied to her without thinking.

    This afternoon I got an email from Angela saying her Father was a wealthy well known Doctor. She would like me to put her Fathers 3.4 US million dollars into my account & when she gets away from the camp she will get the money of me. She asked me to ring her at the Reverend of the camp & gave me a number, she said I could give her my bank details & she will transfer the money in. Until she escapes & come meet me. I live in Northern Ireland.

    I replied to her in not a very polite way telling her where to go & that the police are looking into it here. So I dont imagine I will hear from her again.

    The sad thing is somehow & somewhere some poor unsuspecting person might fall into the trap & have their bank account cleaned out.


  • These things are sent by spambots that have a set series of posts to send depending on whether they get a response. So there's no point responding as it's unlikely to be a person reading your message.

    Stay safe everyone!

  • hi i had my setting s changed a blog of moine yesterday 3 x i changed it back and then i reported it to joel and john in HU and they are looking into who was doing this i am pretty sure it was no one in admin as they would have had to e mail and let me for what ever reason they were changing it or it would be a breech of their management .soi am wondering if it part of this girl doing stuff ? oh well they are looking into mine anyway and i hope they catch who done it love diddle x

  • Diddle, the spambot would not be responsible for any changes to any of our posts in this forum, nor would it alter settings. It was a computer generated spammer purely designed to siphon information for financial gain.

    To reiterate no posts or settings were ever at risk from the bogus account that has now been restricted. It's function was to extract information and to obtain money. There is no need for concern over posts made by members or their settings, please be reassured. :)

  • ok thanks for that it must be someone who knows what they are doing then but it is ok i have repoted it to the right people sothey will soon find out who it was and deal with them appropiatly thanks again diddle x

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