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(T. M. J. Disorder)

M.A.D. Hay


The pain in my face

Won’t give me a moments grace

Sometimes it’s agony

Course through me

Other times hurts a little less

And I cannot take your caress

From my jaw to my left eye

Shaving brings tears I can’t cry

How can anything hurt this much

So bad I can’t take your touch

No pain relief, no help from pills

Cream a little but only a while & still

My jaw clicks, & the new downturn

Unfortunately I live & learn

Is the right side of my face

Is going to the exact same damn place

& UI don’t know how I cope as it is

Please God there has to be some relief from this

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I have had this continually for the last few months, and empathise with you totally. Not much help I know. I have been living on painkillers, to little avail. all i can say is.......... get drunk!

love and hugs Lyndy


It's just another part of this FMS curse i know. i still do drink along with my 18 medications and the 37 hour work week i manage to put in.

on facebook i am mark hay with a picture of an arm tatoo of the hay family crest.



and I am Lynette Lyndylou Dobson, with an artistic pic of me and a cigarette lol. Thanks Mark, hopefully we will make contact there.

Lyndy xxx


I get this quite a lot. At first i thought it was related to my teeth, but after several visits to the dentist this was ruled out. Im sometimes crying when it flares up, its so bad i wish i could cut my head off. that combined with all the other fibro symptoms is awful, but the pain in the teeth and face are my most painful ,and thank goodness they only flare up occasionally...Does anyone know of any sort of painkiller that works on teeth and jaws?


Look into oil jaw locks and i get facial and tooth pain but it seems to have settled with the oil pulling which gives you a workout and it's free :-) also massage your head and neck if you can whilst breathing nice and slow :-)


You should have a word with your GP and ask if they can refer you to an Oral/Maxillofacial Specialist. You may also be unconsciously clenching your teeth. The Oral/Max specialist I saw said that as soon as you realised that you were clenching touch the tip of your tongue about halfway along the roof of your mouth and your lower jaw will drop to release the tension. It was also the Oral/Max specialist who referred me to the Department of Clinical Neurology in Edinburgh for specialist TMJ Botox treatment that has quite literally changed my life as far as TMJ's concerned.


Hi guys I have the same problem I have a gum shield its supposed to help with my teeth grinding but I repeatedly find it across the bedroom or loose it completely last time it took me 3 months to find it , my jar hurts both sides and has done for the last 17 years most days I live on soups or pureed foods like a baby when it does settle I have to be careful but I can't resist a steak medium rare I can only eat it if my husband cooks it he has the touch when it comes to cooking well all the best hope you all find some relief. Happy New Year love Sithy.


Have any of you been offered Botox as treatment for your TMJ?

I have been having regular injections (every 3-4 months) for a number of years now. My next injection is due in just over 4 weeks at the DCN of Western General in Edinburgh - I believe that it has to be done by a specially qualified neurologist. It doesn't take all the pain away but, for the most part, it gives relief and some semblance of normality. This cold weather aggravates mine something rotten, so much so I've only been out once this year so far as the last injection is now wearing off & the twinges have started.

It's a tiring 60 mile round trip to Edinburgh for a 2 minute procedure but well worth it - I wouldn't like to go back to how I was before when I could hardly speak or eat without setting it off, made my life hell!


How did you get to see the neurologist? My gp is not at all helpful, and was wondering if i could get a referral from the pain clinic..Ive got to do something soon,because i dont think i can carry on with this constant pain in my face....xx


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