does anyone on here stumble to left or right at times?

When my fibro is bad I use a stick and sometimes ,two but my arm and palms hurt me through the pressure I put on them,so when I can walk better with no stick I try. However I find I am walking (be it jerkilly ) and all of a sudden I vere off to the right and go off ballance taking a few stumbling steps. Sometimes to the left and nearly trip. as if I have had too much to drink. Now I am wondering is this also due to fibro or should I tell the Dr about it again. I have mentioned it before but he just says " well its you are just a mystery " but that is not the answer is it.

I just wondered if anyone else has this problem?

Thankyou for all your support

Rainbowdancer x x

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  • Hi Rainbowdancer,

    It's not you. I think it's down to the Fibro to be honest. I use a stick, have done for ages now. I also have other aids in the house to help me, but I like yourself find myself stumbling to the left and or the right. It helps when you have a good G.P but deffo mention it again when you go. I'm still amazed at the amount of people I know that have had hard times with their doctors. You will probably find that there's not just one thing that is happening to us. I'm still finding things out now, although I'm still a newbie, only had this for 2 years now, see where it takes me, stay strong, gentle hugs hun, xxxxxx

  • Hi human, yes I's almost like I'm doin the matrix....if there's nothing at hand to cling to...I'm in trouble....I don't know why but the 'medics' r dismissive of's overly scary for me though.....!! x x

  • I often tell my hubby the pavement's wonky, it really feels like it's leaning to the left or right and I actually walk as if it is. He tells me the pavement is the same as it's always been and that it's me that's wonky lol! I don't feel unsafe, it's just an odd feeling.

    I can't use escalators any more as I feel that I'm going to fall down them even when going up. They really frighten me these days. I use a lift or the stairs, never an escalator!

  • Hi there,this happens to me all the time,my mum did it also,haven't got a clue why I do it,I do have painful hips and knees,maybe that's why,my mum probably did it because she had RA,Ankalosingspondilitus,Is, fibromyalgia,she had knee and hip replacements,hope I'm not heading the same way,bless her.

    Sorry I wasn't much help,I just have to laugh it off,since no one can eplain it.Sandy

  • hi ye im very unsteady on my feet wen im with my partner i always hold his hand then i feel safer .xxxx

  • hi rainbowdancer I have used a stick however if you can get a crutch its much better and takes alot of pressure you feel when using a stick, like you its catch 22 on the hands and wrists, so I now wear support bandages, the white tubcular ones, also i get wrist supports from homebargins these you just put your thumb through whole wrap and veicrow it it does help with some off the pressure smiles and hugs xx

  • I get the same thing. My G.P. is refering me to a nuerologist just in case its not related to fybro...will keep you updated if I ever get an appointment that is lol

  • hi yes i too have your problem, tc soma x

  • Me too! Fun isnt it!! xx

  • Thank you all for your reply's my Dr is so unhelpful ....if I have hic cups he would say it is down to the moment I have developed a cough like I have smoked 30 cigs at once,he now says it is to do with my fibro why it is so violent and because of my muscle spazms ....what ever next !!! It does hurt me and give me spazms but hey ho .....

    Love Light and gentle hugs to you all

    Rainbowdancer x

  • ask for a physio assessment and see if you can get arthritis crutches (gutter crutches I think I've heard them called) you put all the weight on your forearms and don't have to grip.

  • Thanks Amanda I think the surgion wrote that on my referal letter to the Rheumatics hospital,and today a friend of mine said they are really lovely at Bath and they understand CFS and Fibro very well and don't push you too hard. My knee is very painful still but eased off a bit so thats a bonus.

    Hugs !!!


  • good,that sounds positive,hope you get on well x

  • yes and ive also got a co diagnosis of hypermobility syndrome which can be common in firbomites.

    you have a right to a second opinion and to change your GP if it isnt working.

  • Yes me too!!!!!!! I often feel that the floor & walls move, it's as if I'm drunk (although I don't drink) and can be most embarrassing!!!!!!! Again I find this helpful to know that others share the same problems.

    Gentle Hugs xx

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