pelvic pain and swelling

today my pelvic pain has got so bad-it has spread further up my pelvic bone and very swollen.i can barely walk -it is totally unbearable.going to get an appointment to se the dr I saw last week re difficulty swallowing as she said she would refer me to ENT if it didn't clear .can swallow drinks ok and now food if it s chopped up really small but still not able to swallow large chunks of food.

altho had USS on pelvis think I need an xray on the bone.

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  • Maybe you should ask someone to take you to A&E to get this checked out, I'm sure they will do x-rays and everything you need !

    Foggy x

  • hi Foggy

    I don't think i could go to A&E unless I had a sudden choking fit (like i did one night )and should have probably have called 999.i will see this other dr as she would refer me and I can ask her to mention my swollen nose.

  • Hi foggy

    I think the only way to go to A&E would be if something happened like I collapsed -mind I have had pelvic bone pain fro a long time and it s getting worse and now swollen.i have difficulty bending ie to clean up after dogs and sometimes can barely walk .I went to A&E once before and the dr there told me I shouldn't be there and was wasting their time as they were busy .angered me cos I wouldnt waste my time of theirs going to A&E if I didn't have a valid reason.

  • hi Megmog2

    no she didn't at the time just that she would refer me If no improvement.she gave me meds and I have just finished them today and they've made no difference.have to wait in tomorrow to have a piece of furniture collected so make an appointment for Friday if I can get one

  • hi megmog

    no he has not. has your dr told you anything?

  • hi Anbuma has ANYTHING been sorted with you? I think its terrible that you have to go back and back to the doctors and nothing gets sorted.x

  • no not in the last three years apart from hiatus hernia-which should/would have been discovered a lot earlier if gp had investigated my cough.confirmed I have a curve in spine and physio for it.all i get is what things are not!all they say is oh its fibro .swelling is not fibro! and IBS when have never had symptoms.

    Tho different gp has diagnosed IBD and waiting scan for this.

    trying to put some flat pack furniture together-cant bend cos of back,swelling at knees(cysts?)and cant kneel down cos of knees and ankles.hands so sore and swollen using a screwdriver makes them more so.only do a couple of screws then stop cos hands sore.

    hopefully I can get thru to the PM on Monday and show her the photos of all my swellings (providing this time she does meet me -last time i sat for 40 minutes waiting for her and she never came out of her office so gave up out of frustration and anger and went home)

  • So have you ever had tests for RA? my thoughts are with you.

  • hi denvajade

    probably amongst blood tests but these were all in range,my original gp from before 1999 when I moved said I was sero negative.defo fibro btu believe it to be lupus cos of skin rashes and swellings from head to toe -treated(skin) but undiagnosed.dr s need to have some empathy .im sure If it was his wife/family he wouldn't be the way he has.

  • I am so sorry to read that anbuma, it must be so unpleasant for you. I hope that you get something done about this?

    Take care

    Ken x

  • anbuma- please make sure you get an appt. with an e.n.t. or a gastroentologist. know the gastro. dr. doesn't seem correct but i went to a new gastro about my horrible ibs. he was reading my file when noticed i've had a hiatal hernia for years but started having problems swallowing and loosing my voice. i guess anyone over 40 0r is it 50 most likely has a hernia but never acts up so don't know about it. most times it is just fine but in my case the hernia is huge causing 1/2 my stomach to move up and have achelasia so will be having surgery next week. please don't be worried this is what is happening with you. it is rare,very rare but still you are in so much pain plus now these new problems have to be making your life miserable (or more miserable than many of us already are). hope they find something minor with each problem. it is so hard to get diagnosis for our health problems so that is why i am wishing they find something but minor.

  • Aww love u big hugs u sound like u need one xxxz

  • thank you.

  • thank you Nadine.i have made an appointment to see the dr I saw last week re my throat but she is on holiday this week.she will refer me to ENT .I can also ask her to mention my nose which has been a problem for two years-nose and brow bone growth and swelling-and no one accepting this.i was losing my voice earlier this year and gp didnt acknowledge it,the cough I had for two years-result of HH and pain swelling and skin rashes in specific areas..

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