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does the pain EVER end ?

i am NEVER pain free , was recently diagnosed and also with osteoarthritis of lumber and pelvic area ! have a real coctail of pills to take each day but am still in so much pain i can barley walk some days !!! its taken 2 years to find out this , will it ever end ? waiting on physiotherapy at the moment ! but also have 3 prolapses for which i need an op in oct ! i,m only 46 , but i feel more like 86 most days ,!

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Hi Rossina - I am afraid from my experience it never ends however you do get some better days and it is then more bearable - bless you - I have suffered with this now for some 18 years and only had firm diagnosis about 6 years ago - I do hope you get some better days soon it at least gives you a bit of respite - gentle hug X


thank you sweety , your support is much appreciated , all the best to you hun xxx


Hi Rossina, Sorry to hear that you are in a lot of pain and i am afraid to say no the pain never seems to end we just seems to have some better days than others as sharon says above.

Take Care

Jo xx


thank you jo, guess i gotta learn to somehow live with this , eh ...

all the best to you xxx


Hi Rossina its horrible being in constant pain and everywhere you read about fibro it says it is not progressive, but i dont believe that, mine has a lot worse over the last year or so, its one of those things when you get a fairly good day, you tend to do too much and suffer far worse the next day, we all do it, you really have to pace yourself.

Take care

Lin x


yes hun , i agree with you , some days i can barley walk or move at all , thank you and all the best xxx


Hello Rossina, it's awful being in constant pain, I do feel for you. Have you considered having a medication review with your GP to see if your pain relief might be changed to something that could help you more. Also perhaps getting a referral to a Pain Clinic might help you manage your pain better.

There are a few avenues for us to take regarding managing our pain, we don't just have to put up with it. If you are really suffering please don't hesitate to contact either your GP or Consultant as our Fibro does evolve sometimes, it doesn't always stay the same and consequently we need reviews occasionally.

Make sure you get sufficient rest periods too, try to pace yourself between activities and rest, but don't push yourself too hard or you will make yourself feel worse.

Take care Rossina and I hope you feel better really soon. Please let us know how you get on.


thank you for your response hun , i have been put on slow release morphine and amytriptoline to help with sleep, ( not working ) and am awaiting physio ! also have another mri to come on neck and shoulders ! its awfull feeling like this every day and i,m young yet only 46 but feel more like 86 !!! having some elderly folks and toddlers overtake me as i walk with a limp is so embarressing , and i suffer from incontinence due to an overactive bladder !!! blimey its enough to make anyone weep , eh !! i am happyto take any and all advice on board if it means easing the situation !! thank you xxxx


Constant pain, weakness and exhaustion are major effects of the condition, I'm afraid. personally, I'm finding Phisio no help, and I'm on the verge of incontinece too! Amytriptylline was a no-go for me, it kept making me dream I was on the toilet! Fortunately I could wake up and get to the loo before I disgraced myself!

Cheers, Midori


thanks midori, i have had physio b4 and it didnt help and i dont see that it will now but i will still do it as you never know i might learn something new !! the amytrityline doesnt help me sleep either , i still wake up several times a night because of pain , but it does help to know i am not alone in all this !! all the best x


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