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Again three hours sleep and then usual fight to stay in bed really not good so yesterday was 22nd and today 23rd so

let me open the first door a very fat lushious plum pudding covered in sauce yum yum. Now today the 23 December what have we got...a fat rein deer almost to round to fly still she will need energy to pull that sleigh tomorrow go for it santa.

Jokes right yesterdays What is the best thing to put into a christmas cake?

2nd .what King is the childrens favourite at christmas time?

so two answers to come and then tomorrow the penultimate. Enjoy xgins

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My advent calendar has been most disappointing this year, I think I have had 8 different pictures reproduced 3 times ,, today is my 3rd gold casket...... Everyone one knows Jesus only got one gift of gold and I have only seen two wise men, heading in different directions... I think they were just really bad burglars in festive disguise , have lost their

getaway camels and are wandering aimlessly across the desert dropping treasure as they slowly dehydrate... Next year I shall go for a choccy advent calendar

two jokes ..... Any hope of answers :P

Hmmmmm the best thing to put into a Christmas pudding, .. Fruit, brandy, your teeth, Gins face before its cooked ??????

What King is the children's favourite at Christmas. ,,,,,,,Herod...... Snacking ... Stocking..... Drinking,,,,,, winking,,, blinking..

Or am I trying to be too clever here and it's something like money and Jesus.....

Waits hopefully

VG x


you got both answers . your teeth and stocking well done xgins


Oh lol and I was only throwing out random answers .. My actual first thought was King George VI but I think that's cos I was watching a programme about his death yesterday.... And I was actually thinking of finding false teeth in the pudding while eating.... So it was total luck

VG x


Ok gins hands up i wanted to cheat and google lol but if i do then it will navigate me away from here to go find that king across the sites of technology, so thought best stay on board the Health ship and take some guesses hahmmn

Goid king westlus (how do you say it) last looked out upon those little children.

Shreks (fionas dad) he is a good king

No idea ....

Cake yes vg prob gins teeth then she can blame on cook .. Saying .. It waznt me ,

Sweets for kids to get them to eat it as most do not like it.

The obvious maybe brandy (hate that stuff)

Can you not put someting else in ( i lost here as some one outside my door and now forgot what was going to put ) ohps



Okay hun no1. is teeth no2 is king as in stocking! silly eh xgins


Think am still lost haha you mean hanging stocking for santa lol

Teeth?? Hmm i really must be dence here xxx


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