Please help im having more flare ups just recently really bad I go to bed have 4 to 5 hours sleep on and off then my whole body starts with

pain had to take oramorph didn't do much good but tried to go back to sleep I have tried all meds under the sun I take morphine tapirimate hydroxychloraquinne for inflammatory arthritis I have osteoporosis too and osteoarthritis in hands and feet today im thinking of resting all day my husband thinks its best . any idears are welcome please ???????

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  • I know it sound silly but have you tried taking paracetamol with ooromorph it helps to increase then power of the morphine I take a slow release morphine MST and adding in paracetamol really helps your body gets used to pain meds drs will be reluctant to up them but addind paracetamol in just plkain paracetamol not codene will help and just rest up i've had to be in bed since boxing day with pain and tiredness plenty of hot water bottles my pain meds and muscle relaxants help are you on anything like pregablin that might be an option to try but its something you need to discuss with gp I would tell your gp your are in a lot of pain and need a med review

  • Have you tried amitriptyline, origionally an antidrepressant but used in small doses at night can help you to get a full nights sleep. Iv been on it for a month now and can cope better during the day when iv had a proper sleep. x

  • Hi there betty, I agree with justmai, sometimes,it can be useful,to use paracetamol in conjunction with oramorph, it also depends so how much oramorph you are taking. I sometime find if I am in a lot of pain I take 2 doses fairly close together and then I add an antihistamine as the oramorph can make me itchy I make sure I don't get the non-drowsy one, as it then helps with sleep also. As lor mentioned, amitriptyline is also good at help with sleep, but I would advise you to talk with your doctor before doing anything else, as he/she know what other meds you might be on and whether there could be reactions to the drugs we've mentioned. We must all remember, we here are not medics, we have our own experiences with meds, but the only person one should really approach when it comes to medication is ones' doctor.

    I hope this has helped a little and am sending positive healing vibes your way :-)

    Foggy x

  • thank you xx

  • Ok nothing you do will improve your condition till you stop stressing over it. Yes seem's harsh but stress triggers the flair ups , Amatryptaline will help with improved sleep. BUT till you start to relax and stop fighting the condition you will go through hell. Suffered for 9 years and the early years were worse because I had stress of a business, relationship and trying to keep my home. Thankfully for me the world recession took all those stresses away. Find a hobby that keep's your brain active , myself that was playing online game's yes there are some great one's for adults-mature gamers. I'am sure many will say try something else pop another pill , but again its stress-sleep that worsens our condition.

    Please stop looking for the magic pill it don't exist , change your life style not your prescription.

    This do'esnt mean I don't take painkillers or Amatriptaline or i never have flair ups , it means i have reduced the flair ups without taking more drugs. relax ;p

  • Yes, I agree whole heartedly with the above. I think that if you are fighting and stressing over fibro, it has won. You have to fully accept it and live with it, just think ok, you have come to live with me and lets see how we can rub along together, then you are in control of 'IT'. I find non-medical things are MUCH more helpful, ie., memory foam mattress, kneeling chair on rockers for when I use the computer, TENS machine, meditation (yes, it really works), hot and cold packs, hot water bottle, heated over blanket, heated seat in the car or if not those thermacare heat wraps, Alexander Technique to improve posture, massage, trigger point massage, mouth frames for my face pain, acupuncture, pilates exercises and yoga exercises adapted to what I can do, finding out what diet makes my illness flare and avoiding foods and drinks that are problems. I also keep my weight down, I know it is difficult as lots of medication causes weight gain and also the depression and reduction in exercise, but it helps my pain alot and helps me cope. I also do things to keep my mind occupied, I do sudoku on line and listen to talking books at night (simply wonderful, I can't recommend them enough). I have had to resort to non-medical treatment as I have a paradoxical effect to most medications, (not only amytriptyline and that sort of medication stops me from sleeping altogether for 24 hours after one tablet, but would you believe things like Oramorph and Codeine give me diarrhoea? I even have paradoxical side effects!). If medicines don't give me paradoxical effects, they seem to make my Interstitial Cystitis flare. So I had to learn another non-medical way. I do use some medication but I am limited to a very few things that I can actually take. If I am awake at night, if I get bored with talking books I just get up and make myself a cup of Camomile tea and listen to the radio or do a game on the computer, but I just never, ever, stress about being awake. I hope it doesn't make me sound like a goodie goodie, I have had times when I have wept and wanted to die, I even felt jealous when a friend was diagnosed with untreatable lung cancer because she could die and I couldn't. I still have bad days sometimes. I am in a very active and supportive fibro group and that helps, also I changed my GP and that was a very positive step. But I just wanted to give you a message, don't think that another pill is the answer.

  • no I know and I wont im going to keep food diary distress try heating pool new start I think x

  • Great you are on the way to telling that fibro of yours that you are the boss, not the fibro! Hugs x

  • ok thank you

  • I agree too about the paracetamol. I take it with Dihydrocodiene as i'm not supposed to have morphine and it hasa better effect.

    I think paracetamol mixed with many pain relievers mkes them more effective.

    I was always taught that if you inow you are going to have to take pain meds because of whatever yiu are doung, or going to do is going to make yiur pain worse, take the meds before you need them, they are more effective that way.

    I learnt this overf 10 yrs ago now, was advused by physio to take them before i started any exercise!

    I know we think it may be better just turning to our beds when we feel so bad, but strangely enough, moving around can help you too.

    Im not suggesting a long walk, but i yearn to just be able to get out and about but im waiting for my second hip replacement! Im too young to have had the first and still too young for the second but it needs doing, but i am hoping that it will enable me to move aroubd, even in the house a but more. Xx

  • thank you x

  • Have you tried more blankets on the bed so you're not tensing up in your sleep because you'd cold? Xx

  • yes and hot water bottles x


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