Today is Friday 21st have I got that right? Yes it is silly old hector

Behind the door of the 21st window for your delactation is ........................a very large plump spotty christmas pudding proudly showing of a spray of holly. yum yum who is making the brandy butter??? VG are you ?

Joke sheet got wet yesterday lost half so I will take a peek to find one

"What do you call a man who claps at christmas?"

have you got it /

rah ra ra ra rah tunelessly hums mur mur mumu da da dadadda sighs heavily took extra strong med last night so I slept but feel so stiff today perhaps I should give some to OH he has forgot what it is all about woops sorry naughty gin

A man who claps at christmas is a no too soon xgins

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  • Sorry I am in too much of rush this morning... The world ends at 11.11 uk time apparently and I have to do all the washing , tumble drying and shopping before that, oh and wrap the last two Christmas presents.... Throw Gins a tin of custard..... DUCK ... To late ... Throws gins a plaster and bandage...... Oh my I have a problem .... The co op don't deliver till 12 lunchtime so my shopping won't be delivered before the end of the world... Drat I was going to buy popcorn and munchies to eat while watching it, aha I can bring them home with me..

    I wonder if it will be in 3d rummages in drawer for 3d glasses 3 pairs check, as we live on the top of the hill we should have a good view.....

    Hmm Nero fiddled while Rome burned perhaps I had better practice a few jolly end of the world tunes on the piano...

    PS I watched a young. Doctors notebook last night so I totally misread your joke, I thought how topical after what I watched then reread it and it wasnt medicinal at all

    Shuffles off will post after lunch to tell you how the end of the world was..... I hope it isn't like the Hobbit .... In three parts.......

    VG x

  • VG all answers are provided if a little late todays is Santaplause xgins

  • Ohh My advent calendar has lost the plot completely and put in the holy grail from Indiana jones...... I am guessing by this when I open day 24 there will be no nativity scene or Christmas tree but the cast list from the various films my advent calendar has been showing .......

    VG xxx

  • what do you give the train driver?

    today is it a happy clappy chappy?


  • very nearly sandra it is Sanataplause xgins

  • We never found out about the train driver.... And I don't understand today's..... I think gins is trying to drive us mad by filling our poor fogged brains with jokes with no answers, well it's certainly working with me

    Sits in the corner gibbering incoherently

    VG x

  • I think Gins was being a bit saucy at the end about her OH but VG completely missed the point lol! She's still too worried about whales, motorways, Joan Collins, fairies, the end of the World and space travel probably! :O :P xxx

  • Rofl just re read Gins post , yup first read went straight over my head I was wanting to know about the train driver... I think .. Now I can't even remember yesterday's joke but I don't think we got the answer... Have we had the answer to today's ????

    Or perhaps gins thought the world was ending so she gave us jokes that she didn't think she would have to post an answer to

    Confused... You will be after this weeks episode of Soap.....

    VG x

  • We haven't had the answer today, I didn't understand or get the answer to yesterday's either. My brain is just not firing with the answers and yours clearly isn't VG lol! Your mind has gone intergalactic! It's somewhere out there beyond the stars . . . . . lol! :P xxx

  • yesterdays was up a little late it was Platformshoes the answer to the nextone is SANTAPLAUSE sorry for delay (haands not terrific) xgins

  • HO ho said Santaplause!!! xgins

  • when my Dad had his colostomy op, and we were all upset, the man in the next bed told us that they'd be giving dad some of those blue pills [v*^"gra] and there were 2 great benefits:-

    1] it keeps the sheets off your wound!

    2] it stops you rolling out of bed!

    chuckles, :)


    did I not get the right answer?

  • i am stillcshuckling a round of Santaplause

  • where's today's gins? I'm missing my fix.


  • and

    where's gins today?


  • Probably hiding from the chaos on the board ... Or in Scotland whale watching... Or knowing gins she forgot to come on the forum today like she forgot to post the answers to the jokes.

    GINS ... We are over here.... Waves wildly

    VG x

  • Platform shoes and Santaplause..... Ahhhh at last I can rest easy...... I have been tying myself in knots thinking I was going mad and you had written the answers in invisible type...

    Now peace and harmony is restored I can go and have a shower

    VG x

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