lovely day !!!!

had a lovely day in the sunshine with my family at the beach ,enjoying some much needed vitamin d :)

took my 2yr old to look at the sea he was not impressed to start with :)

and then we found a cafe that was open and had chips !

why do chips taste soooo much better at the beach yum yum :)

i will pay for it later but it was worth it ,

hope you all had good days xxx

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  • lots of salt and vinegar yum yum lol :)

  • lol :)

  • I'm soooo jealous Lynz. I really want to live by the sea. Glad you had a good day, hope you don't pay for it later.

    I've been to the pub for Sunday lunch and found my other cousin and his wife in there so that was nice, we had a meal together.

  • lovely im glad you had a nice time ,we are quite lucky only living 20 or so miles away from the beach :)

  • Is that the Gt Yarmouth area beach??? I live about 50 mins from Hunstanton.

  • yesit was gr yarmouth it was nice there today very busy

  • Not jealous - much! :)

    It's about 80 miles from me. Haven't been there since I was a kid.

  • awww my nanna and grandad live at grt yarmouth.

    I used to go all the time when i was a kid, the beach was lovely.

    glad you had a good day.

    kel xxx

  • hi lynz-glad you had a good day in the sunshine, been out myself with my grand-daughter, it makes everything seem a little bit better-luv xxx

  • Sounds like a fab day :) Hope you have a nice relaxing evening, to round of the day, The sun has shone here too. always make me feel brighter x x

  • yes it dose dosnt it :) as for relaxing evening well put it this way it can only get (i hope ) xx

  • * better

    now im missing words out lol

  • Go and have a little lie down love lol xx

  • lol :)

  • Hi lynz, know what you mean about the beach, i live in a seaside town, its great for walks with the dog, but it gets really busy in the summer especialy when the fair comes to town normally for between 8 to 12 weeks, but it is good buisiness for the town, but it is nice to get back to normal! lol

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