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Something to bring a smile to your face :-)


I am a little fairy

On tap o' the Christmas Tree

It's no' a job I fancy

Well how would you like tae be me?

A'm tarted up wi' tinsel

It's enough to mak ye boak

An a couple o' jaggy branches

Rammed up the back o' your froack.

An' wi'a' these lights a'roon me

I canna get my sleep

An' there's the yearly visit

Fae Santa - Big fat creep!

On Christmas Day I'm stuck up here

While you're a a'wirin' in

An' naebody says "Hey you up there,-

Could you go a slug o' gin?

It's nae joke bein' a fairy

The job's beyond belief

Ye go 'roon and 'roon the bairnies beds

An' lift their rotten teeth.

But o' a' the joabs a fairy gets

An' I've mentioned only some,

The very worst is up a tree

Wi' pine needles up yir bum.

When a' the fairies meet again

By the light of' the silvery moon,

Ye can tell the Christmas fairies -

They're the wans that canna sit doon.

The Christmas tree's a bonny sight

As the firelight softly flickers

But think o' me,- A'm stuck up here

Wi' needles in my knickers !

So soon as Christmas time's right by

An' I stop bein' sae full o' cheer

I'll get awa back tae Fairyland

An' Ah'll see yous a' next year.

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Nice one piggles..... Suddenly gets a vision of LibertyZ ( fairy avatar) trying to run the site smoothly with her knickers full of pine needles :D

VG x


Darn it VG, you got there first! The minute I saw Piggie's post I thought oopsie here we go, VG on a roll here! :O :P xxx


That's lovely Piggie, poor fairies with needles in their knickers lol! :)

Thanks for sharing it with us all! :D

(((hug))) xxx



Someone needs to stick up for the fairies, but I am in in fits of giggles thinking of Libs with her knickers full of pine needles :-D

Piggie xxxx




Ok, it has printed it twice and now won't let me delete.

Ho hum x


Deleted it for you Piggie, in spite of the prickles I am feeling right now thanks to VG lol! :O xxx


Love it! Thanks for sharing! Saskia XX


I love it, its true, I've never considered the poor fairy with her knickers full of needles before! ;)


Ooooh just realized I could be a Christmas fairy !!! Ha ha ha Maybe thats the problem " been sat on too many tree's in my life" :P)

Piggy that was so funny x x x ;-)