My side view reminds me of a pregnant penguin --------- when did that happen ?

I guess it is the result of my being chair bound since christmas with my back going and the fibro. But here I am today trying to look smart and finding that even with my head held high bsck as straight as I can manage this curios pregnant shape is actually me- what to do well I will have to ride it out today but tomorrow I am trying to cut out puddings and chocolate and swap to those wonderful slimming yoghurt :)

Terribly afraid I wont fit in an air plane seat and the mortification would be ghastly so as you are all my witnesses from tomorrow I shall write down everything I eat and see what is going wrong. - xgins

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  • When did you grow feathers and I did warn you about all those pilchards you were gobbling down along with all the puddings.... Actually I think it's a most becoming shape... I also resemble one and we can do the walk.... we could get seasonal jobs in santas grotto...


  • Don't worry, both - you're obviously about to start laying Easter Eggs!

    I don't want a pilchard-flavoured one, tho'! :(

  • Slips moffy a mackerel flavoured one wrapped up to look like solid chocolate ;)

  • hope you're not as smelly as one, yew!

  • Be careful gins, those slimming yoghurts are loaded with aspartame and that has been proven to cause weight gain, methinks they think they're on a winner, feed people with slimming foods which won't make them slim, otherwise if they did then there wouldn't be the people to buy the slimming yoghurts...........if you get my drift ! You would be much better to allow yourself one square of really good quality choc with 70% plus cocoa solids, so your craving is satisfied. I think I'm not wrong in saying that this has been tested and proven .

    Sending slimming thoughts your way. Foggy x

  • a doc once told me to be careful of the manufactured low fat stuff. he said you never see slim people eat it!!!!

  • Ps. There Is than interesting programme on Really channel at 8.00 called The Big Fat Truth about Low Fat Foods. Should make interesting viewing. Foggy x

  • I have been doing some reading for FM sufferers & Aspartame is supposed to be really bad for us. So I think the pregnant penguin look will be healthier in the long run!!!!

  • I saw a prog saying many low fat foods add more sugar to compensate for taste.


  • I think that's what I was trying to say earlier, except as usual in my fogginess it didn't come over the way I meant it to, thanks sandra. :-) Foggy x

  • AAAAAAAAAAArghhhhhhhh, if a packet of nutra sweet is the only thing tht will kill a plague of deadly ants then it shoudl not be in our food. Seriously though, if the side effects can actually mimic or excacerbate fibro and chronic fatigue then it is best left well alone. I am going to review all I have eaten in the last few days to see if I havce inadvertantly ingested this toxin, although I usuall avoid buying anything with it in I did haave some low fat yogs which hubbt bought.

  • I am a preggie pengy too. But the way I tend to look at it is that in the grand scheme of things I have wrong with me, being a little overweight isnt a big deal. Now that is a major leap for me as I have always been worried bout me size. Good celtic stock of well built women genes u see. Watching portion sizes has started to help bring my weight down and its prob more effective and safer than eating slimming food. An example I know of is special k that has more sugar in it than a bowl of frosties! I know which one i'd prefer. Least frosties have some taste!!xx

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