Hi I am in bed due to pain and exhaustion but mainly the migraines which are constant at the mo.its really good to come on hete and read

What everyones saying as it makeds me feel im still a part of life, knowing other people are livinh a similar life is consoling, and reading that people jave won appeals is very uplifting, i am really enjoying the craft section and ehen i finish thr quilt i am working on( for the past year) i will try and srnd a pic. Thanks to everyone.

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  • Gentle Hugs, Shazzy, hope you're feeling better soon. Look forward to seeing the quilt.

    Julie xxx

  • Hope you feel better soon.



  • Hi shazzy,iam also having a bad time with pain and exhaustion and aweful headaches and migraines so I can emphasise with you.Iam also in bed,just got up and every time I do I feel aweful and have to go back to bed.So iam sending you lots of fibro hugs and emphathy.Do you have much support?xx

  • Thank you for replies, its amazing yo think im 'talking' to someone who could be anywhere whilst stoll lying here in bed.sewing is my escape from everything, when i can do it, it gived me a sense of accomplishment t thst i rately get these days. It also takes your mind off your pain when you get into the rythmn.

  • What sort of sewing do you do?I want to find a hobbie to do at home that will help me x

  • Hi haribo, just found another thing that you might like to have a look at, if you look up zentangle it will show you some interesting things, it's rather like taking doodling to a higher level, I did some yesterday and it was fun, even though I have essential tremor, I found I could do it. Let me know what you think :-) :-). Hope you're ok today ?

    Foggy x

  • Hi foggy,I've never heard of that but will have a look.Iam aching quite a lot and iam finding it hard to motivate myself to do anything,even washing and brushing my teeth is a chore.I haven't been out for days now.Ive just got my first walking stick which has arrived in the post.Ive been practising it and it feels weird but it does help.Not sure if I have the courage to use it outside though.How are you today?x

  • I am sorry to hear you feel so bad. Well done with the stick it so muchbetter than falling. I had to us two today and when I got back in the car I turned to the right from my hips and something made we yeell with pain. So now I am out of action--- here I go again xxgins

  • Oh dear gins,poor you! :O do you drive? X

  • Hi haribo, afraid not much support as only me and my daughter and cat.ellie is a big help with mrdicines and dinners, cat is a big hindrance but we love her. Have recently been in homeopathic hospital for a week which was big help, unfortunately weather change and manipulative treatment causing prese nt situation.How about you ?

  • Hi again haribo im quite slow at replying sorry, i sew all kinds of things. I teach a sewing class once a week where we make soft furnishings, patchwork quilting, dresses,repairs anything at all!

  • That sounds lovely,how do you manage to get there?what did the homeopathic hospital do for you?sorry if iam being nosey! Iam keen to know what works for others.I think the weather change has made me worse and stress with a relationship.Iam like an old lady ATM :(

  • Hi haribo dont mind you asking at all. I drive to communitu centre to teach . Only 10 mins away.I was sent to homeopathic hospitall by head physio as in too much pain to get to hydrotherapy anymore( hydro was very helpful).

    At the h h was given physio, heat treatment, execises, meditation,ultrasound treatment and homeopathic remedies. Felt better for first time this year and actually came out quite positive. The weather always affects me too, the damp being worst culprit. Relationship stress on top of everything else would finish me off so sorry to hear how you are suffering just now, hope that resolves soon.

  • Hi Shazzzy

    I've been having really bad headaches, like slight migraines but almost continuously with sinusitis type pain added into them. GP thinks I have chronic migraine but says no sinusitis as no snot! It certainly feels like sinusitis - without the snot! GP has referred me to neurology and have an appt in December.

    Hope yours is easing up so you can enjoy the weekend.

    Is xx

  • Hi suffolklass, i get pain in my facial bones, eyebrows, cheekbones etc and ears at same time they are left feeling really tender even whrn migraine gone,also always get runny nose with migraines is this what you mean.?

  • Hi suffer with migraines on a regular basis, but my lovely GP haas got me on Maxalt wafers which I find help a lot, they often take away the pain fairly quickly, but I still feel wiped out, but I am just thankful not to have the dreadful migraine pain !

    I am sending you anti-migraine healing vibes and hope things improve for you very soon ! :-)


  • Hello Foggy,

    Just wanted to say Thank You for recommending these to me, the GP has prescribed them and I received them today. I haven't tried them as yet, but I'll let you know how I get on. :)

    Emma :)

  • Hi M, thank you, I just really hope they work for you, and yes, please do let us know how you get on with them, I hope they are as effective for you as they have been for me :-)

    Foggy x

  • I used to have them very badly and then once the menopause gave me my life back they stopped as if by magic - one under estimated thing of horror gone plus the migrains. So I have total empathy for you. I did wait untill I was 53 years old. So there is hope xxgins.

  • I have tried the maxalt wafers they worked for a while and then stopped.I have been on various tablts and injections but they always stop working at some point i think Gins is right they see to be connectefd to menopause, cant wait for that to end.

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