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Woke early this morning and could not figure out why, then I tried to move...owwww My back was in spasm, my elbows now stiff like hands!!?

I truely do not understand what is going on. The small of my back was in a tight knot which did not hurt unless I moved, which of course I insisted on and slowly eased by gentle rocking.

My hands have been stiff lately and taken time to regain full movement, but my elbows too? I could not straighten my arms for a few seconds, my hands took a little longer and my back eased soon too - none of them had a residue pain - one that lingered showing what had gone on.

I got up, went to relieve myself, and went back to bed, preferring to curl up on my left side to keep back extended. When I woke later my hands were briefly tense but that was all.

The history behind this? It's my time of the month, quite heavy at the moment but under control [unlike another time!] Sorry gents! But it seems back spasms and time of the month go hand in hand for the last few months if I am heavy. When its light there is no problem, so there is a link. Will have to add this to doctors notes! My hands have been stiff in the morning, the tendons feel shorter, but the tendons slip for my little fingers and the first joints lock my fingers into a curl. Its brief but painful. And also my finger joints have begun to hurt too. However, the tendons on both elbows tightening too?

Anyone else ever had anything like this and is it linked to FM or something else?

I have stayed up late to write this so I had better go up. Sweet dreams everyone and hopefully a better morning tomorrow!

Soft hugs

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In addition I have been having pain across the back of my hands with joints beginning to feel sore spontaniously. I have done nothing to agrevate or cause this and rubbing does little to help. My hands also feel tight, like I can't quite curl them and laying my hands on bedclothes is hard, I have to get just the right position or it hurts. They dont want to be straight or curled tightish.

The base of my left thumb hurst and clicks too and I had someone tell me before all the tests that this was the first sign of osteaoarthritis, along with the nodule on my bunion [left foot] - tests later confirmed I have the beginnings of it.

Another thing my hands do is drop a finger onto a key if hovering for too long, and my wrists do the same. I cannot rely on my hands or fingers unless tensing them.

Thinking its not FM but does anyone else have these experiences please?

Soft hugs everyone.


My hands arnt good. when I wake in the morning the are extremley stiff and very painful, my elbows are the same. In fact this moening it took me three trys to get my hands and arms to work well enough to get the quilt off me!!

I cant imagine anything more ridiculous than being trapped in bed because you cant lift the quilt off, doh!!


Hi yes i have this when i am on the time of month but my arms are jus like yours at the min lol i dont know i jus thought it was me imagining it hope you feel better today love to you diddle x


I am the same i really dont know what i would do if i had not discovered this web make me feel sane i was starting to wonder if things were in my head. I cant even read a book now as my vision goes so blured i have been having theses symptons for years and only told 2 years ago that i had fibo. I find running my hand under cold water helps a little i also find i cant kneel if feel my knees bones are crumbling and get pins &needles in 30 sec

I surpose i am lucky as my husband and i do (did) everything together and even when i say i am ok he can see it in my eyes.i have had everything out that i dont need gbladder wome etc so i now know its been my fibroall these years my hearing is affected to enought gloom somedays i just say i am not laying down to it but by gid do i suffer but do you what its worth it sometimes


It is kind of a relief to hear others are suffering the same things as I do, but also a shame that any of us have to.

I agree that I ought to get my hormones checked. They checked for thyroid problems and said that was ok, but as I am now 50 my monthly has been dismissed as coming into [bother lost train of thought and words!] whatever, the end of having monthlys. You know what I mean.

Do any of you have osteoarthritis as well? I was wondering which problem it could be and if you don't then it is FM and if you do, then it could be either! Ho hum. How exactly am I going to push my wheelchair if my hands are going to give up on me?

I understand it could be 'shot gun finger' for each finger and there is an operation to prevent it. The symptoms are occaisional locking, clicking in and out of position - which describes it well. However the op releases something and my fingers do that enough anyway! I am getting annoyed at not being able to hover over letters as I am a trained typist and of course thats what you do! Maybe I should get into the habit of resting them on keys rather than over so there is no weight behind the drop!

I have also heard that eye sight is a separate problem and could be linked to diabetes. Well my eyesight is also playing tricks with me. I almost need my reading glasses to see things mid distance - arms length. I cannot afford to keep buying new glasses!

My husband does everything he can but feels I have given up the fight to stay in work. I obviously have not explained how much I suffer at work! Hopefully the email I sent him will bring him up to date. If he reads it. We communicate this way when there is something we would argue over if we talked. When he has my point of view he has time to think and then we can talk.

I'm off to make him a cup of tea so I can tell him what's happening now with my hands and arms and then maybe he will understand better, especially as you have all confirmed my suspicions. Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time to tell me, and support me.

Soft hugs


Hi Sarah-Jane

I also have the same problems as everyone else, not only do i have Fibro but i have joint hyper mobility syndrome... which technically means im double jointed in every joint of my body... which along withe the fibro also makes my joint ache and hurt and become very still if i try and do things for any length of time

My partner has also noticed that i seem worse when i also have my monthly's

And also like you and all the others being able to talk about them on here has been a god send... i don't feel quite so alone now

You take care


Sarah Xx


Hello Clisar, I have heard of this but do not know anything about it, but I totally agree it is such a relief to find people who know what you are going through.

I do wonder why some say the FM is not progressive as in it doesn't get worse. I seem to be developing symptoms all over the place! Also if its not, then how can you not be born with it and be suffering with it from the start? Maybe I just don't understand the term.

Regarding the hands and elbows, is this just in the morning when everyone wakes or does it develop to happening during the day too? If I am out pushing my wheelchair I don't want to get stuck!

Soft hugs all


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