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Wow went to bed tired as usual woke after three hours sleep with a

full blown cold now where has this come from - has someone sent it me? If you did you better own up! I really cannot breath very anoying - out of the blue.

Going to see my Bros today havent seen him since last year so should be fun. Hope you all anjoy. My fingers keep typing wrong letters today rather an mad spider effect most anoying having to go back and sort the dobbledygook!

Take care one and all xgins

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Poor old you. Gins. Don't send me a computer virus! :O

Oh well - lots of hot drinks and paracetamol for you, and get well soon. Have fun with your family!

Moffy x


Get well soon gins have fab day with family ...Dee xx


Ha my computer virus scanner works..... I am virus free sorry it bounced back to you Gins ... I was aiming at Moffy :D

Get well soon

VG x


Well a dose of vitamins washed my hair and feel much better I guess it was a bout of Hay fever after all - but so anoyi g Thanks everyone for there well wishes xgins


I know how you feel as I woke up yesterday feeling rubbish, shivering sore throat etc. Going away today so hope it will improve. Wishing a speedy recovery x


Hope you're still feeling better gins, and that you have had a lovely day. Meanwhile, I shall sneak up on VG and reverse her anti virus so she can't go round ad nauseum giving out things and not getting anything back, in her usual generous fashion :D :D

Yours hatching a cunning plan

Foggy x


Enjoy your day...hope the hayfever stays away


Have you tried hay max....organic drug free balm for hey fever ..my OH and grandaughter swear by it .. Sold in Boots .. Look it up tells you all ....


I've got a horrible head cold so I can sympathise as well.I find that it makes the fm worse when there is something else going on as well.Oh dear,hope I didn't give it to you lol.Hope you have a nice time x


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