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So proud of my son again

As many of you know I have a teenage son with autism who is very musical... One of the local music teachers where we live invited a group of musical teenagers to come to his recording studio... After much persuasion we got my son there.... On Thursday the cd was ready. I immediately bought one, only £2.50 and my son is playing wonderwall on acoustic guitar ...track no 6 with his friend singing... So I have the cd... And the other tracks are great too there's a lot of talented kids all living within a few miles of each other.

VG x

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How lovelyVG. You must be so proud of him. Often children with autism are exceptionally talented. Treasure that CD. I'll bet you'll wear it out playing it over Christmas!

Have a lovely Christmas and, hopefully, fairly pain free, too.

Love and hugs. Saskia XX


Thanks Saskia it takes some of the sting out of the price of his new Guitar he is having for Christmas.. He doesnt normally play accoustic he,s a lead electric guitar player usually.... Fortunately every relative who buys him a present agreed to send money this year to contribute to it instead

VG x


Wow, that's a lovely present! You must be so thrilled that he is playing it and enjoying it. Be very proud of him!

Love and hugs Saskia XX


That's wonderful VG, so pleased for you and for your lovely son too! That's so good to hear!

He has a real talent doesn't he! You have a CD of the music too, how fantastic and something to always treasure! What a marvellous opportunity that was for him! :)

You have clearly done a great job bringing him up with Autism, you are an inspiration to all parents out there tackling this with their children.

Well done! (((hug))) xxx



Hi Liberty,

sorry to bother you but I can not remember my password. i chose "remember me" so I do not have to sign in every time on my computer. But if I wish to check out the website when away I wii not have my computer with me can you help me or advice.

many thanks,

Wuthering Sera


There is a place for everyone in this world and i am so pleased that your son has done you proud,i know how hard it has been for you as i have a friend who has ashpergers so i saw how hard she fought for him. Congrulations on being such a mum to him.. He wouldn't have got where he is without


When he releases his first hits you have to post a link to the iTunes page xxxx


VG you are very blessed with such a talented young man and having CD too thats great! Pitty cannot play to listen 'youtube'?

Be nice to hear his talent and also that of the others too .

I am on Fb if can do via that will inbox name

Real name of course lol.

Xxxxxxcaroline xxxxxxx


I love hearing happy news like this, makes it all worth while hun xxxxx


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