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Me mad no its my whole family

I am guessing many of you will have heard Gangnam style that crazy crazy song from the Korean popster..... What's going on in my house at the moment. My son has taught himself the tune on guitar.... He is very musical . His friend is singing it in English and some girls have turned up to do the dance for music night at his school next week. His music teacher said my son is very inventive but I think even she won't be expecting this

VG x

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Wow vivid picture all bofuncing together wiill floor take strain xgins




lol do we know that song too .i 1st heard on youtube and then on Galaxy fm radio and he plugged it ..i hav my own words to it too lol so my daughter 12 yr old and me sing in car loudly she still not sure (the things 12 yr olds listen to and say) :-O hoh

whooop em condom star and much more i say lots of rude words .

so made me laugh reading that hahahah that your house is as mad as mine with fun songs ..i had my lads dress up with feather flicks and my baby dolls ohh funny times .xxx

could just imagine yours too doing it .

am just listening to X FActor as i never watch on Satdy and Jahmene makes me cry every time!!!

him and james Arthur will be very close but either way they will both have amazing lifes now,

james build and actions is just my cousin Benjy lol

heheheh xx


What a shame we can't have video posts on here - maybe I should suggest it! Jane x


Can you imagine a whole video library full of all of VG's escapades! I think she should come with a Health and Safety warning beforehand, bless her. ;) :O :P xxxx


I love that song, so now it is in my head and I am trying to listen to Ozzy lol. Sounds like it is all fun fun fun in your house xxxxx