strange day

It's been a bit of an eventful day.It started off with a trip to the fracture clinic .Today I actually got to see the consultant...what an honor! I had my plaster removed from my broken ring finger (that I got trying to hold the dog on his lead indoors as he's bouncy and we had a visitor .He flew off after a cat or something and the lead whipped across my finger and broke it)and it was as painful as when it went on.This caused me to worry (I'm very good at that) as I thought it was supposed to get better.The consultant told me that it was a severe break that had involved the joint (hmm the registrar hadn't told me that) and I probably wouldn't get full movement back (he didn't tell me that either) in the finger.He put a sweet little tubigrip (yes I know,i don't get out much) on my ring finger and the long finger next to it that was like 2 mini tubigrips stuck together to keep my fingers together as a splint.The only problem is that when the good finger moves,so does the bad finger.Ouch! also my little finger that was the splint for my broken finger when it was in plaster,really hurts now when I bend it as it was inactive for so long!!! I want my plaster back now ,I'm sorry I moaned,my finger hurts with no protection! When I got home I was so tired I fell asleep and was really disoriented I tried to go upstairs but I had so many things to take up with me I was crawling up the stairs really slowly a stair at a time putting a bag on the step above.I got half way and threw the dog's toy up the stairs,it hit the ladder (which was at the top of the stairs after the boys had cleared the loft ready for the loft insulating people who didn't turn up,Grrr.) The ladder started falling in slow motion and I just managed to turn sideways in time as it hurtled past me with a crash! Oh well at least I got some help carrying the rest of the things upstairs! Now I'm off to find my stress balls as I have to practice trying to make a fist with my bad hand for the next 3 weeks til my next fracture clinic appointment!

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  • i saw my consultants understudy when he went on holiday after surgery , the Dr asked me what i thought i should do next ! had the consultant told me ? i said no so he said you ahd better come back in a couple weeks when he's back because i don't know either.

    also when i came to the end of treatment the con said " right thats ready to take a hip replacement now, oh didn't i tell you that " " NO " not been back since and that was nearly 29 years ago xx

  • Oh dear! and we're supposed to put our lives in these people's hands?!!

  • Soubds like it was quite a day for accidents yesterday! As long as you're OK thats the main thing. Hope your fingers improve soon xxx

  • Thanks,I'm sure they will.

  • I know how it feels. I was in as much pain when the plaster came off my broken foot as I was when it went on. I bottled out fo surgery and then I removed the plaster myself after three weeks as it was doing my head in. Have a deformed foot now. But your finger will get better as time goes on hun xxxxx

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