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A Strange Horrible sleepless night...

Good Morning to all of my fibro friends :)

Well last night was just strange, I went to bed before midnight and fell into what i thought was a deep sleep, ahhhhh sounds great, how wrong could i be. i think i started dreaming but it all felt so real, I wanted to wake up but couldnt, i started shouting to my wife who was asleep next to me begging her to wake me up or at least thats what i thought, as far as know i gpt out of bed about 8 times last night with my body feeling like i had just been beat up by some big nasty blokes.

I do know that i did wake 4 times and hobbled down stairs to sit in the front room, it was just me the cat and the PC, i got my self a drink sat on my sofa for about 30mins then back to bed, 3 more times through the night i woke in pain and again hobbled down stairs Finally going back to bed around 5:30am.

My alarm went off at the usual time of 6:50am and it was time to get up and start my normal routine of getting my daughter up,making breakfast all of the sanwiches and drinks for dinners, I asked my wife about my night and asked if i screamed out for her to wake me. The answer was NO...... mmmmmmmm now i am confused, she did say i got out of bed a few times but cant remember how many.

So this morning i feel awfull my whole body is aching inside and out i think the only thing that dosnt hurt is my little toe LOL :)

So what was the cause of my strange dreaming i havnt had a nightmare since i was about 10yrs old. was it a dream or was it real i guese i just wont know.......

Thanks for reading, looking forward to your comments as always :)

Hope you all have some kind of a good day :)


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Awww blessyour bones it is horrible when that happens but apparently it is another side effect of fibro people having night mares i dont know if its the meds or a in balance in something in our bodies but what ever the cause it is certainly not a nice thing to go through and i hope it does not happen again and you sleep peacefully tonight i am off now things to do people to see and all that love to you and yours Diddle x


Awww hope you'll be able to take it easy today. I too get very vivid dreams now and again where i've been screaming and jumped out of bed. Last time i had one i injured my ankle and cut my toe lol. It sounds funny afterwards, but at the time it isn't. And disturbed sleep is horrible. Makes you feel even more tired and exhausted.

Hope you can get some rest

Nicola x


Thanks Diddle i hope i dont have a repeate tonight LOL :)

Nicola, i dont know if i will be able to rest today but i will give it a bloody good go hehehe :)


Morning Chorley,

Weird, i would be worried about that too.

I have vivid dreams most of the time and my gp told me it could be the amitriplyn?

I had a really bad night too so that is all i am trying to do is rest and i dont care what doesnt get done today.

My little toe is hurting today lol. :)

kel xxx


Hi, I thought I was going mad. I have very vivid dreams too. Last night I thought I was shouting out for help during my nightmare but my family said no. And sometimes I dream I can't wake up and feel paralysed as I try to get up. It's very frightening. I have only just been diagnosed.



Morning Jazher, i dont think it will be my meds as i have never had a weird dream like this before and i have been on the same meds for 9 months i am not on Amitriptyline, i am on tramadol and pregabalin, Sorry to hear about your little toe :)

Morning Carie, no you are not going mad well not yet hehehe :) my wife says i was mad before the fibro so she knew how daft i can be LOL :)


do you think its sleep paralysis, I suffer from this scared my daughter [13] who was sleeping with me at the time trying to scream up, I could have sworn a vampire was bitting my neck, my eldest daughter also has them as well, you cant move speak but you think your wide awake


Hi Lally, to be honest i have no idea what it was or what the cause was, my wife has just called me to see how i am feeling and we had a bit of a laugh about my strange night LOL :) we find that if we make a bit if a joke about the things i have to deal with because of the fibro, it helps me get through my day to day life :)

Hope you dont scare your daughter too much :)



Sounds awful Chorley, as you said, you have to soldier on don't you and it's hard some days. It's so good (and important) to have a sense of humour and be able to laugh.

Try and rest today if you can chuck.

Sue xx


Hi Sue. I am trying to rest but there is so much to do and i would love to do it so my wife dosnt hae to when she comes home from a days work.

So far i have managed to wash the the pots and put a wash in the washing machine that is now beeping at me LOL :) So i will let the bugger beep away until i get the energy to go and empyt it hahahaha :)

Looking forward to trying to rest :)



I understand what you mean love about your wife not having to do it but don't make yourself worse, she wouldn't want that would she.

Hope the beeping doesn't drive you mad lol. xxx


hehehe cheers Sue, No my wife wont want me to make myself worse, so am just going to rest until i can mamage to empty the machine and YAY the beeping has stopped :)


Hi Chorly, I have a lot of nights like that. the other week I actually woke myself calling my parters cname in mysleep. In my dream I was screaming It but when I woke it was more of a pathetic whimper!

Hope you dont have anymore like that. xx


Thanks Twiglet, i hope i dont have anymore nights like that again LOL :D

maybe i will get a snooze in this afternoon LOL


Cheers Christine i will make a note of that :) and if it happens again before i go to see my GP next week i will make sure a say somthing to him :P


I am going to tell him my toe is the the one without the sleep problem so he can answer the hard questions as my toe will keep the answers small hehehe :o


are you taking amitrypatalin, as nightmares and sleep disturbances are a side effect x


AH HA,that would account for my mega dreams then,they can really be nasty and I hadn't thought it could be the meds ,my Dr certainly didn't mention it.


I know this is late in coming been dozy all day.But I used to suffer from sleep paralisis.I read that it is where our brains wake up just that second or so before we do.Hence the paralasis and crazy things that happen to while it`s happening.

My worst was tremendous pain and thinking i`d had a stroke.You do actualy drop of again and your body catches up.Hope that makes some sence and tonight is a better one.

Hugs Butterfly54 xxxx


this seems to ba a common theme with a lot of us ,, i have nightmares but they are related to abuse i suffered when i was a kid ,,, they said that was the trigger ,, i know hes in jail but i still dream hes there ,, and they are more vivid since i have been on amitrytiline ,,,,,sorry for typos hand is killing me today .... does anyone find the day after they have had a nightmare their pain has increased ??? x


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