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Bad day yesterday

Emotional, tired, in pain, overwhelmed, this is how I was yesterday. It felt like my body didn't belong to me, pins & needles in my thighs and legs like jelly, my arms though felt like lead (or dead) weights, recurring headache, tremors on top form trying to control my cup, fork, chopping carrots was the worst (luckily I only chopped off a nail and not my finger) so finally falling into bed for some much needed rest my body had a different plan and decided to wake several times as sleep wasn't important. So I'm hoping for a better day today albeit I'll probably be a tired lass, I'm not planning on doing much but sitting in the garden reading my book and a doctors visit for a meds check.

Have a good day xx

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I know exactly how you feel. Even now typing is painful. I have been awake most of the night. I have taken some painkillers to try to get me through the day. I have put a bandage on my leg, however that is just one part of my body.

I am now getting ready for work, on my part time cleaning job. It hurts to work, but it hurts also in the house. I work for my self so one good thing I am able to choose my hours and not take on more than I can cope with. This is the only job I can manage anyway as my concentration is poor along with my memory. My doctor said that the job does not help, but I am on my own with and need an income.

One consolation my customers are lovely, one even gave me a simple rubber device that helps me get bottle tops off.

Take care

Karen xxx


It must be very difficult when you have to work I am lucky as I am retired I could have never held down my job I had it was a Special Needs Teacher so was very challenging but I loved it. Hope you get on OK with your job


thank you. It is hard. But who has a life without troubles.

Karen xx


Yes I understand I have just been to see my mother in law and she is very poorly so we do not know what is happening the home do not know so will have to wait and see.


Quite right you have to be positive and carry on very British way of thinking.


Have a good day!


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