had a tooth out on tuesday ,oooouuuuuucccchhhhhhh!!!!!!

had a tooth out on tuesday ,it was one of the ones that had broken off cause of the grinding ,that ido all day and night ,

had the injection ,to numb it ,well severall injections ,everytime ,some went down the back of my throat and made me feel sick ,yuck !

so she starts trying to pull it out and she cant do it ,everytime she grabs it

the plier thingies slip and bang either my tong or the roof of my mouth ,

eventually she managed to get it out ,put it this way im soooo glad my gp gave me dyhidrocdeine for flares ,when i got home i could almost feel the flare coming on ,starting in my arms and gradually going down my body to my legs

my face hurts soooo much ,its agony ,but i managed to stop a full blown flare so im happy with that ,just wish my face would start to feel better

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  • Has your dentist recommended a splint to stop you grinding your teeth>

  • yes ive recently got one of those and it does help at night ,hopefully it will slow down the damage to my teeth aswell , :)

  • after going through that i'm not surprised you had a flear up come on thank goodness for pills. hope your face soon stops hurting. my hubby says i grind my teeth at night and that i snore but i told him i cant cause i'v never heard me lol. sof hugs xx

  • thanks srumie , :) xxx

  • poor you hun!!!! no more toothache though! xx

  • i know but i think i would rather have tooth ache lol xx

  • If it won't clash with your other meds, my pharmacist told me the best mix for tooth pain is 400mg ibuprofen, 30mg dhc and 1 gram paracetamol taken 3 times a day.

    Was only thing that stopped me hitting the wall with my face when I had an abcess. But do check for contraindications to your normal meds

    Spirit x x x

  • i took naproxan ,dihydrocodiene ,paracetomol ,thank god for those though xx

  • HI poor old you i am sorry you have had all that pain ther is nothing worse than tooth ache but at least it has gone now bless you take caree love diddle x

  • you too diddle xxx

  • Haven't tried Naproxen yet - use it on one of my dogs though and have a supply in so maybe I should give it a go haha

  • i am so lucky my dentist is lovely first time i went there i just had a check up and my left side of my face was so swollen . had a xray but everything was fine it was just the fibro flare .my dentist spreads my treatment out so my fibro is controlled. and i always get a gentle hug it makes my day as he is young and fit lol.

  • Local anesthetic does.t work on me no matter how much or how lo.g they wait and everytime they say why does.t it work maybe we should try if it hasn't worked all my life why would it work now x

  • hi huggybear16 you and me both last but one tooth i had out was about 1998 terrible experience like you bottom nerves do not deaden so effectively pulled alive ouchhhhhhhhhhhh to say the least terrible pain and probs after worse than before tooth came out, anyway at the time I found an article on internet saying that people with FM local do not work showed to my dentist at the time very understanding as 6mts after needed another one out, well i went into melt down at the thought, so he refered me to hospital for the injection in hand which worked. Since then no teeth to come out but i live in fear as now living in different area so new dentist etc So heres hoping teeth stay ok fingers crossed

    Hope you feel better soon hugs sue xx

  • hugs xx i hate dentists as mouth injections don't work on me either hope you feel better soon xx

  • I also read about local anaesthetic not working but on hypermobility syndrome.i had to have stitches in my finger didn't work there either sue247. Hope you feel better today lynz xx

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