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swollen abdomen and nose infection?

my abdomen is increasing by the day ,.I have been to my gp so many times and he wont recognize it I still believe it to be a cyst as my abdomen is a hard lumpy solid mass(I have painful pea sized lumps (lipomas ) all around. i saw a rheumatologist a few weeks ago who said as I had gained 11 kgs in 5 years to go on a diet.i told him that any weight gain was all abdominal and I had also lost weight elsewhere.he did not acknowledge this

I also have also had a nose infection since April and so far I have been given various nasal sprays which haven't helped so I went back to my DR and asked to be referred to ENT to which he said try antibiotics fro 2 weeks and then think about ENT.teh inflammation seems to have cleared a bit but I still have pain and swelling in my nose bones and around my eyes

with bruising here also.

I am struggling to cope with my abdomen being so huge and having had a swollen nose with bruising so much so I don't go out unless I really have to as i am so conscious of it.

I cant believe this has been going on for about 8 months and dr not doing anything.its only my 2 dogs that keep me going.

i have an appt with the practice manager at my DR's in January to discuss my concerns some of which are with my own gp but am concerned I wont get my points across as I normally "dry up " in appts etc,a fibro thing??

does anyone else have bright red skin?

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Just a little thought before you go to the appointment make a list of what is wrong also make a diet sheet / diary of what you eat and drink every day and then you will ghave some facts to present at the meeting. Good luck xgins


thanks gins.i have made a list on what concerns I have but it keeps changing. a doctor has to be present and the doctor I said I wanted to be present is on annual leave and my own Dr is going to be there which made me delete some of my concerns and I will make a diet diary.


Yes you sound very similar to how I used to be....for me its dairy....also caffiene and aspartame. I used to drink diet coke a lot.....Have a look at The Lectin does google and explains the main food groups toxins well. Gluten is often a major one. My GP didn't take any of it seriously. No help at all !

When I look up fibro and diet it all comes back.the same. Yeast and sugar can be a problem too and many of us have a Candida infection.

Dairy allergy is often associated with ear nose throat and sinus. It's not difficult to replace with soya and rice milks etc.

Since sorting my diet out my 'phantom pregnancy' has disapoeared and my weight has gone back to how it used to be. I've got a few pounds left to lose to be back in normal range according to Wii fit. Absolutely nothing to do with exercise. I just do the nalace stuff and breathing yoga on it. Very good though x



thanks fro your reply and I note what you say ,i have had an allergy test and it said to avoid certain foods but these were what I don't eat or eat very little of.i have never heard of aspartame


I am not sure what is causing your swollen stomach but what stepper says about a phantom pregnancy is worth looking up online if you have the time. But I am a bit miffed that you have not been referred for tests at anytime. These doctors have learnt nothing from past cases where they have ignored things and there really has been something wrong. One of the things that annoys me is the age related criteria that seemingly keeps popping up. Hard to explain this. A lot of doctors think that things only happens to people at certain ages. A typical example for me was having severe pain in my upper back. My old GP kept dismissing it as fibro related, and it got worse. Then he decided it may be the bronchitis, so sent me for a chest x-ray just to shut me up. I went to see him for the results and he said chest x-ray of lungs is fine(back before I develped COPD) BUT he says, you have osteoarthritis of the upper spine. I felt like screaming 'TOLD YOU SO'. So if you feel you need to push it then push it. Do not worry about the appointment, write everything down and be honest and tell them that you feel you are not being offered treatment to rule out things that may cause this problem. Good luck and let us know how it all goes XXXXX


thanks fro your reply .I have asked my doctor too arrange another scan but he refused to do so saying "I cant",i had scans about a year ago and these were said to be normal but I have got a lot worse since nov I had a ct scan but that was only for my heart I asked if they could scan my abdomen as well but said they couldn't -only my heart .i showed him real stories of people who have had cysts that haven't shown up on scans and his response was "they are all in america".I said they weren't and that they are true stories .I am really scared now and my sister said I should go private btu I would need someone with me and my sister in law doesn't support me as she only knows snippets of info about me.i willlet you know how he meeting goes which is on 10th januiary


Hun the only advice I can offer you is if it gets very painful then go to A&E, they may offer you a scan. But on the other hand if they do not think it important they will redirect you to your GP. I will keep up with your blogs to see how you go xxxxx


thanks everyone for your responses and advice, i did get a copy of the letter my gp sent to the rheumatologist today and it did answer some questions I had. but still some things I don't have answers for.,will let you know how my meeting goes in January.


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