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Swollen joints

I have yet to be formally diagnosed with fibromyalgia but my GP is sure that I have it.

I became unwell just over a year ago. I take MST 30 mg twice a day along with Oramorph up to 4 times aday. I also take lorazepam , blood pressure tablets ,anti depressants and anti psychotic tablets. I have just found out I have vitamin D deficiency as well

I have extreme joint pain as you all have on here, but want I wanted to know does everyone else get very swollen joints, as it is new to me to have this many joints so swollen. I also have bright red coloured skin ( mainly on my legs) along with blue motley skin. Sometimes I am just red and swollen or blue and some times a bit of both.

I have had blood tests to see if I have any Imflamation markers and I don't .

I get the impression my GP (who has been really great )now has no idea what is going on as the last time I saw him I went armed with pictures of my every changing skin colouring and swollen joints

I have a appointment with a rheumatologist next Tuesday and I don't really know what to say to him. I last saw him last November when he put me on morphine, ordered MRI scans which I have had. They showed problems with my lower back and have signs of osteoporosis in my hip, and something with my wrist I can't remember . He said he would arrange physio for my wrists ( which I am still waiting for)

I was meant to have another appointment with him once he had the results, this didn't happen so my GP has referred me again.

Any advice would be welcome , for questions to ask or help with the swelling joints or the pain

Sorry this has gone on a bit but I really would love some help


Caroline x

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Has your gp ever mentioned CRPS/RSD? Pain, swelling and skin changes. I dont want to worry you with yet another condition but if you have a look at this site, does this describe your symptoms


That's the right link I don't think the first one works

VG x


Fibro doesn't cause swelling - my money would be on CRPD or even rheumatoid arthritis, which does not always show inflammatory markers in the early stages.

I do hope that your rheumy will be able to help you out with some decent treatment - I have RA and have had good results with steroid injections directly into my joints.

Best of luck, anyway, and let us know how you get on! :)

Moffy x


I didn't know this Moffy,that it doesn't always show in early stages I get swelling in my joints mainly my fingers but recently my toes too,is rather sore as well xxx


Mine started in my fingers and toes - my hands and feet are still major problem areas, 'cos let's face it, hands and feet rarely get a rest!


I've been tested twice for it but nothing conclusive, my hands are dreadful some days,and they swell to the point I can't get my bracelet off or my rings,yep your right they never get a rest!x


Hi, thanks for the answers not the best news but even I know deep down something else is going on. As when i showed the pictures to my GP he started to chase up what seems every department at the hospital to see me urgently .

i will write this down what you have all said for my appointment next week.

I am at the point with the pain I would inject myself ! The problem with injections I can see is so many of my joints are involved. It's along most of my back , then in both hips,knees,ankles and feet. Along with shoulders ,elbows ,hands and fingers, think I might feel like a pin cushion

Thanks for the advice, I will let you know how I get on

Caroline x


Good Luck Caroline,hope everything gets sorted for you real soon,hugs sent your way Della xxx


Have you been tested for lupus/connective tissue disease disorders too? They are another cause of multiple swollen joints. Also you can get a type of arthritis called 'seronegative' this is the type I have, which doesn't show up positive for rheumatoid factor. It would be useful if you could get in touch with the specialist rheumatology nurse- if you have one, as when you are having a flare up you can show her the swollen joints and have blood tests, and the inflammatory markers are most likely to show then when you have swelling x


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