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even more swollen tummy

over the weekend my stomach has become even bigger and more uncomfortable.i cannot go outside the house without a coat/jacket on to hide it.i want to go back to my dr tho I know he probably wont do anything.i cannot live with this huge belly .I still believe it to be a cyst or something.i am so tired all the time and walking my dogs is becoming more and more a struggle.-cannot hold their leads in my ands and my feet can suddenly get shooting pains underneath -enough to stop me walking and at night my knees become so painful al li can do is lie down

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My stomach was bad, have you tried vitiman b12 and folic acid tablets they helped me.


hello rhonasd

when you say your stomach was bad ,what was the reason?did you doctor tell you to try those?ihavent tried them.


Hii Anbuma,

Your tummy sounds very uncomfortable I would go back see you Doc again if it is causing so much distress.

You could also try No wheat in your diet for a couple of weeks see how that goes . Your tummy may relax if it is not processing wheat.

If you already have try going dairy free.

Let us know how you get on xgins


hello Gins

if it is bloating then my dr has never given me any indication of this in the last 2 years.he mentioned it for the first time at my last appt but gave no advice on diet etc or do whatever to reduce it. I was having shredded wheat fro breakfast every day but stopped about 10 days ago.i also stopped eating chocolate fro a week -so hard not to be tempted!-but my stomach has got more swollen.did I try long enough not to eat wheat cereals.?i don't eat bread unless it isthe occasional slice of toast.


re dairy free I now only really eat cheese occasionally and have low fatspread, other than that and milk I don't eat much dairy.


I've been there also.Hugh stomach,looked ten months pregnant. GP didn't do anything about it although I was in tears when I saw him. I gave up wheat and reduced other grains. Give up low fat spread and any other low fat foods. The chemicals in them are no good for you Look out for xanthine gum in products as this can cause bloating as well. Good luck.x


I can't imagine what doctors are paid for! Did he examine you? Take bloods? Obviously he didn't give any dietry advice. I would also get a very good pro-biotic (from the chemist or health shop) I would take it morning and evening and drink lots, lots of filtered water. I would also cut out wheat. For example - for breakfast I would have organic yogurt, banana and almonds or dried apricots and keep other meals simple and avoid processed foods completley, up your organic fruits and veg as much as possible and if you see no difference in a couple of weeks, or if you experience more pain or distress, or notice any other symptoms, demand your doctor send you for appropriate tests. He should be looking at your bowel and liver and checking your womb and ovaries. If nothing seen, then a food allergy test should be done. I really hope you feel much better soon. Jane


thanks for your advice.i have got far more here than from doctors.i am having regular blood tests fro liver function.he did tell me that drs don't do food allergy testing .I had a food intolerance test done a year or so ago and there wasnt any real food far as I know I haven't been tested fro diabetes but can ask when I next see him.he aslo assures me my ovaries are fine-the gynae also said this .I do drink a lot of water(not tap water)and fruit flavoured water with meds and other times.


Have you been checked for diabetes? I would get checked for diabetes as I am diabetic and a swollen belly can be one of the things associated with it as well as allergies to certain foods, dairy/gluten products.


haven't been tested fro diabetes as far as I know btu he hasn't always told me what he is testing fro.can ask next time I see him


Yes do get tested for it as this can make you feel extremely tired as well. I have 2 dobermans and don't take them out as much as I should but when I do I go on really long walks. Whats dogs do you have?

I take the Gel drink from this website which helps to regulate my blood sugars and gives me more energy. It also helps me with my fibro even though I should have the Freedom for this which helps with bones.

[Website link removed as seen as promotion of products] [Edited by Admin]


I have 2 rescue dogs. buster is an 11.5 year old dobermann X terrier and annie is a 5 yr 10 mth Alsatian staffie X.have had buster 8 years almost and annie 5.6years


Its worth really looking at diet. Grain could be the culpret.....that mean that odd piece of toast , gravy, pastry....everything that has gluten on it. It means reading labels.

Look for foods you chocolate. That might indicate dairy. Dairy is not just cheese. Its that drop of milk on tea, The cream they put on soups and sauces. Again reading labels. Anything with lactose in it.....

Its not about giving a few foods up for a month. Its about replacing them for safe foods. For good....

I've only got to slip up and get a Korma made from cream and not coconut milk and my belly is back looking 9 months pregnant.

Caffiene is another food to avoid

I've just had a Chinese that was loaded with msg. Lovely.....but now I have neuralgia pain.

Its about really getting to know your toxins.

Diet coke is another toxin people crave. Caffiene, aspartame and gas.....lethal combination.

I might help you to keep a food and drink diary and really start to consider what your gut is reacting to. Candida and sugar is another thing to consider.

Taking some pre and pro biotics can help.

Its not unusual for ME /fibro people not to produce enough stomach acid to beak foods down properly. Guts become inflamed and don't work properly.

For ME gut health is a constant battle x not something where I cut out breakfast cereal for a month and expect to see changes x

Fresh veg and plenty of fish works for me. I keep to it by about 80% now but I certainly know if I've eaten stuff my gut doesn't like.

Its a change of lifestyle x not an exclusion for a few weeks x


Great information and post to share Stepper. I am only just learning and realising how my diet (what i considered healthy) really does impact on my health/Fibro.

Pandz x


why don't doctors mention anything about diet.had a disagreement with mine whenhe said I was obese(I am a regular 12-14 size)cos my bmi rate said so.when I found this out I said how can I be obese-I have lost weight everywhere else and my stomach is the only place I have gained weight and taht scales don't show which part of body has lost /gained weight


Hi Anbuma

I sympathise with you as i am having the same problem with a very swollen stomach. I went to the doctors and explained this felt very different from the bloating I suffer with poor bowel function. I explained i look 6 months pregnant and it is affecting my normal daily life, not fitting in clothes, avoiding social events, etc. I literally feel as though I am carrying something around in my stomach which gives me the sensation it is hanging from between my ribs.

He prescribed acid reducing medication for two weeks and asked to make a follow up. I returned on Friday and he has taken bloods, booked a scan for liver and stomach and advised to stay on the medication for a further three weeks and then to make a further appoinment. I have cut out wheat hoping it helps also. I read an article about wheat intolerances and fatigue which was interesting.

I hope you have a little more success with your doctor, I know it can be challenging going back and forth to the doctors but be persistent, ask questions and try to be as specific as possible.

Take care Anbuma





Taking medication to LOWER stomach acid is useful if you have high stomach acid issues. Like stomach ulcers. Many of us with ME conditions already have low stomach acid though? Just saying be careful x

Sounds like your doctor is investigating well so hopefully you'll find some answers.

Its well worth reading up on acid/alkaline foods.

Its well known that too many acid foods cause illness and western diet contains too many acid forming foods.

Its about what is left behind foods in the body. Lemons for instance are quite acid but leave behind them an alkaline ash.....They are therefore a good alkaline producing food.

watermelon also .

Apple cider vinegar (unpasteurised...with the 'mother' in it) is another acid food that can stabilise the gut. You put 2 teaspoons in half a glass of water. You can google that but remember to type 'with mother in it' to get the right stuff.

Fried food and heavy meats are very acid producing foods. The oils we take for granted that are in margarines and most processed foods are very acid forming and quite toxic.

Artificial sweeteners are also highly toxic.

If you google acid/alkaline charts, there's loads of info there.

I found them interesting but also made me scared to eat anything lol.

It all has to be kept in perspective

BUT when dealing with such a sensitive inflammatory gut, its also information well worth learning.

The first thing I noticed by sorting out what my toxins are is bowel regularity. I NEVER used to be regular. Once a week was normal for me.

Now I know if I skip a day that my gut is reacting to something.

(apparently dairy sensitivity is more likely to be constipated....wheat sensitivity is more likely to be loose......but that's a rule of thumb and not 100%. I'm sensitive to both but more sensitive to dairy)

Drinking loads of water, especially first thing in the morning seems to be important. I have my half litre bottle by my bed ready, so even before I get my feet on the floor I begin to hydrate.

For me toxin build up hurts. If I am hurting I've done something wrong and can usually pin point it these days. x

There is very strong evidence now of the gut/brain connection. 80% of serotonin is stored in the gut along with other necessary healthy brain chemicals. If my gut is unhappy I become unhappy. That's just how it is......

Taking happy pills (for me) just adds to the toxic effect because the chemicals ARE there. They are just blocked from getting where they're meant to be....Taking more just adds to the problem......

Unfortunately my doctors don't seem to understand healthy gut treatment so I have to use an alternative one. BUT I haven't had an IBS attack since 2011 simply because of knowing my toxins and working at making my gut healthier.

I stress this isn't a cure for ME or just helps....a lot. I'm pretty sure if I could find ALL my toxins and keep clear of them my symptoms would all disappear.....but I'm human and live in the western world with its acid forming diet traditions.

Good luck finding your toxins x


hiya i have the same prob. I started drinking green tea and also fennal and nettle tea its really helped and dont feel uncomfortable maybe give it a try xx


Hi ,

Go back to gp and demand tests as you still have symptoms and want a reason / diagnosis , then maybe you can do something about it !

I went to my gp , who sent me for scan and found a very large cyst ! I am having bloods done on Thursday before my app at hospital with the gynocologist and I will most likely have it removed ! the sooner the better !!! I have pelvic pain ,gained weight , and a huge bloated ,uncomfortable stomach !

Hope you get some answers soon x


I have told my dr several times I believe it to be a cyst as all my weight gain is abdominal.he says cos my scans were clear it cant be but have read in magazines and on forums like this of real life stories of people having cysts that don't show on scans and I know of 2 people-one had a cyst- that was eventually discovered after going back and forth to dr which weighed in at 22 lbs.- and another who they are not the reason fro my abdo swelling.


phoned today fro an appt told nothing til july .try again in morning cos different receptionists tell different things,.


so sorry your not feeling too well.

large tummies run in my family.

I have suffered with depression from a young age then in 2005 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. In 2008 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes ( I had been tested for years and always came back ok till I complained of tummy pains and blisters on my toung) and just over a month ago I am being treated for irritable bowls syndrome. I have had the same symptoms as you but it is difficult to find what condition is causing what systems.

I hope you find out more soon xx


am seeing my GP next Wednesday so he can see how swollen my stomach ahs got and ask a few questions raised as long as I remember them


after my appt yesterday-dr still says its IBS when \I know its I have written another letter to him airing my concerns.does anyone think I shouldn't send it?i am thinking of sending it with another copy of stories of people who have had cysts and tumours not recognized by doctors.


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