Incompetent Doctors

I am just so tired of the incompetence! I have been in pure agony for months with my knees- hurts to sit, drive, do stairs, walk much, etc. So I had them x-rayed, no break. Results say if inner damage is suspected, have an MRI done. I begged for one. For months. I begged my rheumy, my GP, my back Dr. My rheumy FINALLY after several months had said that it was just fibro pain but that she would go ahead and order the MRI just on the right knee. And that she was pretty much "just doing it to prove you wrong." Well a few more weeks go by with no word or MRI- then one day I literally can't walk for 2 days straight. GP approves MRI on both knees. Torn meniscus on right knee. Bone bruising and cysts on both knees! Who's wrong now?! And I am still not sure why I was made to suffer for months with this. Unbelievable!

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  • Sorry you have had to wait so long, hope you will get help soon.

  • Thanks Betty!

  • Hi there,I can totally sympathise with you.having symptoms dismissed or not acknowledged. Referral to ENT for nasal sores and bone growth led to me being told ITS NOT SINUSES and rheumy only concerned about diet and weight.neither he nor my gp accepted that I had a poor appetite and hardly ate therefore my weight gain was not diet related.all I get now is its your stomach or I can't feel anything. Constant battle in the last three years to get all diagnosed. Finally a different gp he listened to me and did investigations in form of colonoscopy and endoscopy which if my gp had accepted what I told him I would not have suffered all this time.I have head to toe skin rashes and swelling and no diagnosis.

    Now he refuses to acknowledge anything "to do with stomach" even if its not cos he knows he is wrong.

  • I was looking into autoimmune diseases that may cause bone bruising and found facial bone growth. I remembered that in my searching and so your post just flagged up for me. I will try to find that bc I had many of the symptoms so I feel like GI issues were a part of it. If I find it, I'll get back to you!

  • OK thanks

  • That is horrinble, one of the worst cases of outright arrogance and neglect, pushing you off like you were some baby having a tantrum! And yours is not the only one I've heard of here and maybe not the worst, but still it nakes me spitting mad on your account. What the heck do they get their degrees to do? Pay off their school loans? Buy yachts? (OK, old joke) But it's no joke. Incompetance hardly describes it. I know too many people file suits, but I think you would be a good candidate. I would, in your place, scream bloody murder. I would report them to their hospital or clinic administrators, file official complaints, write to my United States Senator (which I have done successfully twice, once with Chase Bank re: my mortgage refinance - draggin their heels - and recently with our Social Security Administration - over 2 years applying for SSDI) Then if all that accomplished nothing, I would gett a freakin lawyer and discuss suing them for pain and suffering and medical compensation! Not ot mention court costs and enough to cover the attorney fees.

    I am really sorry that you have had to suffer this physical, mental, and emotional pain. Now that you are right and they are wrong, I hope they will find the right treatment, give you the pain relief and empathy you deserve. It really was just a matter of practicing good medicine and they goofed. Big time. That *is* the Hypocratic Oath: first do no harm. You ought to rimind them of that. In writing.

    I apologize for my over reaction? I am just sitting here with bad back pain and a sore neck and shoulders, and neither one of two of my doctors will increase my Vicodin. I am on the lowest dose and it does nothing. I used to take it with Naprosyn and the combination worked almost well enough, until my kidney levels went up and they found medullary cystic changes on both of them. Now I can't even take aspirin.

    The medical system simply does not work as it should. I used to hear that doctors got paid better if they ordered fewer procedures, etc., and saved the insurance companies money. I don;t think that is paranoia, I think it is truth. And apparently still is.

    Rest well and enjoy your victory, no matter how hollow it may seem.

  • Thank you so much for your sympathy and I'm so sorry that you were in so much pain while you felt it. I strongly agree with you that the medical field is strongly lacking and in cohoots with the insurance companies. Doing what is best for them and NOT the patients. So sad. And what choice do I have but to seek justice, as this is certainly NOT my first brush with negligence but it is at the end of my rope. I physically feel I can no longer do this working every day thing. I just can't. And they most definitely contributed to my defeat.

  • You're very welcome. I hope we can both get through these thick big booby brains and get what we need. Maybe we should send them back to Med 101, where they could learn empathy and trust, and respect their patient's opinions. How in the world can they believe they know what we are experiencing if they haven't "walked in our shoes?" Small correction: if we are even able to walk!"

  • Thank you so much for your sympathy and I'm so sorry that you were in so much pain while you felt it. I strongly agree with you that the medical field is strongly lacking and in cohoots with the insurance companies. Doing what is best for them and NOT the patients. So sad. And what choice do I have but to seek justice, as this is certainly NOT my first brush with negligence but it is at the end of my rope. I physically feel I can no longer do this working every day thing. I just can't. And they most definitely contributed to my defeat.

  • Hi sorry to hear that I've just had a massive flare up well I think it is I'm in pain more than usual I went with my foot to start with X-ray said nothing wrong so why does it still hurt this week been off work X-ray on knee right one waiting result dr measured both knees well underneath you could clearly see it was swollen but she said it wasn't my legs have been in more pain it's gone down a bit but bet you they say it's nothing I don't go as much now cause fed up of being told it's nothing or it's an age thing I'm 59 well hope you get sorted hugs sent x

  • I hope you do too, friend. What helped me a lot was buying one of those cool gel pillows and propping pillow under knees. Then putting heating pad on top of knees. Try it out and let me know!

  • You poor thing. We have had a similar experience for my husband apparently our gp is not even allowed to request an MRI after my husband having X ray on is knee, we had to see a private consultant who then requested an MRI on the NHS as we were self funded on his knee and that was refused because we had paid for a private consultation, we then had to ask our gp to refer him to the same consultant on the nhs which he did only to be told that my husband had to attend six sessions of physio over a six week period before he could even be seen by the consultant - at this point I got my MP involved and from then on things soon got moving - he has had MRI knee surgery (unfortunately he will need more) - but when you are ill and in pain you should not have to fight for these things - it is disgusting - I suggest you tell the minister of health about your situation - if nothing else it helps to make the right noises in the right places and makes you fell a little less angry. Best of luck -

  • Thank you and I hope your husband gets to feeling better soon!

  • That is just appalling. I would, at the least, complain formally.

  • highly typical of the effects of hypothyroid too

    knees are one of the first sign of untreated/undertreated hypothyroid

  • Really? I will have to look into that bc I sure don't know what would have caused the issues- cysts, bone bruising?? No idea. Will see new rheumy next week though.

  • Thats interesting that hypothyroid is linked to knees. I have believed for some time that I am hypo as I have practically all the symptoms and TSH 5.37 at last bloods. I cant get Drs to listen again and not sure I have the fight in me. I am considering self medicating for thyroid. I have had what Drs say is osteoarthritis in both knees for 4 years (now everywhere else too). This started with left one tearing as I walked down the stairs and my then GP said that it was just because I needed to lose weight,but the he said the same about my achilles which I have just found out have both been ruptured possibly for many years and now nothing can be done. When my second knee also went the way of my left I was again told to lose weight and I had to insist on xrays. Only right knee xrayed and shows no cartlidge left and that was 2 years ago. I have asked for MRI on both knees several times and I get told no need we know how bad they are! I dont think they do as I am the one in pain all the time. Seriously feel let down by Drs. Enough of my whinging now. Gentle hugs Joolz.x

  • They might know your knees are bad but they don't know to what extent and WHY! Please keep bugging for MRI till you get one! Have your friend wheel you in with a wheelchair saying you can't walk if need be!

  • I'm not surprised really hard to

    find symphethatic drs. I have a lot

    pain in my knees to. I'm told it's

    just osteo A/R. It's sucks! Hope

    you get the help you need soon X.

  • I am so sorry to hear this.At least now hopefully there's a way forward with treatment.If people aren't suffering as the person who's difficult for them to understand the exact suffering unless they've been through it themselves,however the medics should look further into things but to them it's money and not always the patients needs listenened to.

    Take Care.

  • You're exactly right!

  • I am sorry for your agony for several days, the problem is when it come to this painful fibo at times the Dr them selves are confuse because just look when you have all this physio MRI test after test must of the time it comes negative.

    The pain tend to drag u to a place u your self cannot understand, u are constantly in pain u explain to your Dr but they cannot understand the tension but all the can turn and say there is nothing I can do that the reply from most sufferers I have come across.

    the most thing u will have to under stand u can not be cure u can only get your medication for u to know how to leave with this deadly pain and try to manage your self.

    with fibo the pain its something to do with nerves, so, at times tend to fall out with our Dr but all I can advise u is for u to try to understand more of this deadly pain.

    The Dr are also frustrated, they done every thing for u but it turns out nothing its' not easy.

    take it easy ,try to pace yourself, try not to do too much, may be meditation its' works for me.

    try to identify some thing u enjoy and try to take every day as it comes.

    good luck, and I hope u get help and better soon.


  • A TSH of 5.37 and your doctor is incapable of diagnosing hypothyroid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    geez what do they teach at med school

    Have they done

    Thyroid Antibodies

    Free T4

    Free T3

    Vit B12




    because they should have done all of them with your symptoms and a TSH of 5.37

  • Thanks Reallyfedup123 Every Dr I have asked to do Free T3 and FreeT4 have refused saying its not necessary and the last blood test I had I asked for the print out and GP just said it was ok and if I want a print out I have to request in writing and this will cost. So I have just requested ALL of my records back to 2010 when this all started so I can get an idea for myself of what has not been told to me. This is costing me £50 but I am so frustrated at the moment and so fed up with feeling ill. The Rheumy I saw in October said my antibodies were checked by Rheumy in August and were fine but I didnt have bloods taken in August so I know this is wrong. My last B12 was low and I have been supplementing with Jarrow B12 and also D3 as this was another vit I was low on and the GP said it was fine @ 48 when it should be a lot higher. Just feel like Im banging my head against a wall.

  • Flossy

    I thought i had heard every kind of total incompetance but your doctors really should be struck off

    without a single shadow of doubt a tsh of 5.37 equals hypothyroid just as all your other symptoms do

    they have no right to charge you for a simple print out

    save your energy and money and simply use the £50 to buy thiroid or thiroid-s

    plus iron ,vit c and a good multi vitamin

    then self medicate......i have sent you a pm

  • Man oh man, speaking of knees! I am getting physical therapy for both my knees, especially the left as it has a torn medial meniscus. I have told the therapists that I need to strengthen my upper body too, but they just ignore that. So I have to ask my GP if he will refer me for this as well. Grrrrrrrrrr.

  • Torn meniscus is such pain! Feel better and make them listen!

  • I sincerely hope that you start to feel better soon.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you, Ken! Referrals to new rheumy and to ortho have been made so we will see....

  • Way don't you just change your doctor and report them to the BMI

  • It took 2 long years for me to get diagnosed with pernicious anemia and now it has caused arthiritis and I have developed asthma. I have irreversible nerve damage in my feet and left leg, high blood pressure and am steady gaining weight despite the poor appetite. Two years to see a neurologist is ridiculous. The MRI scan told then what they needed to know, but I have not been out for months because I get so exhausted attempting any exercise whatsoever and no-one understands.

  • That is terrible! They have decreased your quality of life and for what?! What purpose did it serve to not treat the symptoms and act on the knowledge that they knew?! Did you do anything to seek justice or advocate for your own rights being neglected?

  • Hi fibro_why_ :)

    It is always saddening to hear stories like these and they do happen frequently here because of the nature of the illness and people's beliefs connected to it. I firmly agree with others about making a formal complaint, changing GP or even practice. I have been trying to get a back MRI for years and they just won't do them unless they believe there is a dire need... too expensive!!!

    It is sad and I too have been disgusted and frustrated by it but I keep living in hope that one day they will just get sick of me asking!!

    Hopefully something positive will happen soon for you and I am sending positive fleecy fluffies for support to you :)

    Remember there are good things and experiences to cross against the bad to block them out and it those that we should think about :)

    xxx sian :)

  • I thank you for the positive thoughts and must take them because I have had it... It is now known. Written in black and white- and still nothing is being done! No referral to ortho has been made. I have thought about just walking in with my MRI results. The alternative is to keep trudging along and wrecking my knees as though there were no problem, as ignorant as everyone else. I hope someone listens to you about your back. I truly do. People should not have to suffer to get proper care! Sending light your way, friend.

  • {{{{{{{{{{ Fibro_why }}}}}}}}} fluffies of strength, support and positive outcomes :) :) :)

    xxx sian :)

  • If it is proven that your doctor has been giving you incompetent findings and medical result, he can be sued for that. But if you don't want to take some legal process, you can always ask for second opinion and find another health professional regarding your health problem. I'm sorry to hear that you're in this kind of trouble. But your health is what at stake here, so better get good advices and second opinion from other doctors. There are sites with a list of professionals who have been recommended and getting good reviews from their clients and patients. That can be a good source for you too!

  • I called today and asked for a call back saying I needed an ortho referral in a not so pleasant way. I'm tired of being nice. I feel miserable so they should feel some of it too... I didn't used to be like that but I'm just sick and tired of being sick and tired! You guys know, I know you do!

  • I had to wait ages for an MRI scan on my knee, after years of knee problems. My GP refused to fund scans on both knees, but such was the damage to my cartilage on the left knee that was scanned, that both knees were scheduled for TKR (Total Knee Replacement) which were undertaken last year. It does seem wrong however, that GP's can delay treatment and the reduction in pain of their patients purely on financial terms. The hospital where I went for my scan were shocked that I was only having one of the knees scanned, because they could see that both should have been done.

  • It is ridiculous! I am glad that you got your replacement and hope you are getting along well now.

  • You poor love. I truly hope that you will be out of pain soon, as you have too now face the operation of getting your knees sorted and all along you were telling your doctors of the pain you were suffering. Have you received an apology from any of them? Gentle hugs for you. x

  • I don't expect any apologies but what is still worse is that it is still going untreated! I was informed that the backs of my kneecaps are riddled with osteo which would make me a good candidate for kneecap replacement but that I'm too young for it. For the meniscus tear, I was given a shot and a script for a brace. I am waiting for an appointment for a second opinion. I've never heard of a meniscus tear being repaired! Man, healthcare has just really gone down the drain!

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