I wonder should I give it a go

My GP has me on 50mg Amitriptyline and as I was saying to Libs before in a reply every part of my being is in so much pain. I can honestly say even with my fibro being chronic and the fatigue, today is the worst pain I have ever felt. So I am thinking, just for one night, I may double the 50mg too a 100mg and see how I go. I have been on higher in the past. But then again if I am needed in the night hubby won't be able to wake me up lol, as a sudden 100mg would most likley hit me for 6. Or I could fall asleep on the keyboard lol. Who knows xxxxx

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  • I have been on amatryptaline 10 mg a day for just over 2 weeks in addition to my 75mg dosulepin.... I have noticed a difference already a positive one :)


  • Hiya hun

    It is not that I want to see a difference, I just want to... jeez, I do not even know what I want. I am in such a quandry. Hubby says try it. he can cope. But my heart says I need to be alert in case needed. With her NEAD she could collapse, fit or age regress without warning. So I would not forgive myself xxxxx(sorry for the delay I was putting a poem in poetry corner)

  • Ozzy i think it may be a good idea,i am on 100 sometimes i'm knocked out and times i'm awake all night,so hit and miss,you know your own body if you think that's the way to go then do it ,if you go to docs he will up it anyway.Just make sure you let doc know for records,you have to be on medics screen in case something happens someone has to take blame.Not that anything will but that's how the system works.Yes do it you will feel difference and if you've taken it before you know you'll be ok.I am hurting today all over and i fly out to Tenerife Tuesday evening,hmm can't wait but on the other hand i'm not gonna be good.Have a great Christmas jacksiex

  • The only thing stopping me is if anything happens to my daughter and I am needed, I would be in no fit state to see to her, so not sure what to do. I do hope you have a wonderful break, a wonderful Xmas and a great New Year xxxxx

  • Sorry about that Ozzy,i must admit i feel a little bit selfish telling you to double up would be ok.I think you have a lot on your plate so to speak,i still think though you need to set aside a little for your own pains.I think days are easier to cope with than nights,i think daylight gives you some one to reach out too,nights are lonely and if in pain even more so that's when the mind start's wandering allsorts,trust your Husband try it and see you have a good Husband there and fortunately so.Please have a good Christmas though it will be difficult,speak to you soon jacksiex

  • No reason for you to feel selfish hun. None at all. I slept on and off and I suppose i wll tonight too xxxxx

  • Hi Ozzygirl, If you feel sure that your husband really could cope with your daughter's needs in the night it might be worth giving it a go. BUT, if you have any doubts, then it may be best not to try because if she does need you and he can't cope and tries to rouse you and you are groggy, you will wish you hadn't taken the higher dose. I am not sure what NEAD is so I can't really give you any more advice than that, as I don't know what you might be required to do. You'll make the right decision I am sure. Go with your gut instinct. Love and hugs. Saskia XX

  • NEAD is Non-epileptic attack disorder. It does what epilepsy does but without causing a huge lot of brain damage so to speak. She can have fits one after the other without coming round in between, just like status epilepticus, she can age regress so we end up with and 18 month old in a 22 year old body or she can be unconscious for hours on end, or a combination of all three. So you can imagine how much we need to help her if it kicks in. So that alone is telling me not to do it as she is ill at present and it triggers the NEAD. Never mind, I may conk out with the fatigue again xxxxx

  • Hi, I do feel for you, but wondered whether you could cut the tablet in half and then have roughly 75mg? You may then be better off and able to rouse if you need to. Do you not have any 10mg tablets available? Maybe ask you doctor to prescribe a few for such emergencies. Talk it through with him anyway and see whether there is a solution. What about taking it earlier in the evening so you surface earlier? I take mine at 7pm and it sorts my night out.

    Good luck whatever you decide.

    Happy Christmas and New Year!

  • Mine are all 50mgs lol, typical. I am going to cut one in half and give it a go. But things may play on my mind and keep me awake anyway, but if the muscles are relaxed then that will be okay. Happy Xmas to you too and I hope you have a good New Year xxxxx

  • Lin please be careful increasing your meds. You might feel awful tomorrow. It's probably best to have a word with your GP about possibly increasing again bearing in mind other meds you may be taking, side effects etc.

    Always best to only alter doses of meds after consultation with your GP. Just because you may have been on a higher dose before doesn't necessarily mean you will automatically feel better upping the dose now. You need to be functioning at the moment for your daughter too, unless of course your OH can take over for tonight.

    Take care Lin, please be careful.

    (((hug))) xxx


  • I never took any in the end as I was not prepared to take the chance. GP gave me enough and advised to double up after about 4 weeks if necessary as I did in the past. As he said if I went back he would double them anyway. But as I say I never took any so panic over hun but thankyou so much for caring xxxxx

  • I just worry that if certain meds improve our condition that when we're called for a medical would this affect the twit's decision? XX

  • I suppose it could do if we tell them it has improved things. But I never tell them that I only ever say it takes the edge off and that is all xxxxx

  • I never even tell them that!!! I leave off my pain meds for a few days prior to any DWP interview then they can see me as I REALLY am!!! Bad tempered and belligerent!!!

  • I have doubled up when the pain has been chronic for some rest and relief. You just got to do what you think best at the time. Hope your all ok, Claire x

  • My pain is normally chronic but the flare I am in is pretty bad and it has triggered the fatigue but then the pain keeps me awake lol. Talk about a viscious circle xxxxx

  • Always a vicious circle, if its not one thing it's another!! x

  • I knew I had spelt vicious wrong lol. I run round in circles so often I could probably bite my own backside, saves giving it a kicking xxxxx

  • Ha ha ha!! I like it xxx

  • :-P

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