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Lyrica (pregabalin)?

Does anyone take it and how much? I started off on a low dose 25mg am and 75mg pm, prescribed by the rheumatologist for pain.

After 8 weeks ( when it wasn't helping) my GP increased the dosage to 50mg am and 100mg pm, still no real help after a month and I am due to see the rheumatologist early Sept, so my GP has increased the dosage again to 100mg am and 100mg pm for a week and if no improvement after one week I am to increase to 100mg am and 150mg pm by that time I am due back to see the rheumatologist. GP feels if it isn't working by then it may be stopped and something else tried (by the rheumatologist).

Can anyone advise on whether they think it helps or not for pain. I find I still have to take my prescribed anti-inflammatory and Tylex (co-codamol 500/30) on a daily basis and am getting no real pain relief from the Lyrica and not feeling any better, if anything I am getting worse, waking at night again with pain.

I was on Amitriptyline before the Lyrica which also did nothing for my pain, which is why I was switched to Lyrica, but the Amitriptyline did help me sleep...

Advice greatly appreciated :)

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hi mary

I got put on pregabalin because my body was going into violent full body spasms following major surgery, in fact it was the fisrt time neurology acknowledged there was a neuro problem. Apparently my pain receptors were overloading and presenting through the spasms. Like you I started on25mg twice daily and was slowly titrated up to 150mg until I'd seen my pain consultant I was already taking it when I saw the rheumy doc. My pain consultant wants it titrated up to 300mg twice daily within realms of being safe with other meds I take.

I find it helps me a lot but didn't until I was on the higher dosages for the pain. I believe that combined with the other meds I take That there is a difference but we're all different and what works for me may not work for others.

Its a game of trial and error for us fibros when it comes to medications and I hope you find some relief soon



Hi Mary, my pain consultant wanted to put me on pregabalin but it didn't suit me at all. I understand though that it is a very good treatment. As zeb says, I think they start you on a low dose and increase it until it does kick in, so maybe you need the dose increasing if you are ok taking it but find its not coping with the pain levels. I would have a chat with your GP and ask why he can't increase it above the level he states, if not I'm sure your appointment with the rheumy will be productive.

All the very best.

Foggy x


In addition to Tramadol and Amitriptylene, (and other stuff), I am prescribed 300mg, three times a day, (total 900mg per day). This has now taken the worst edge off the pain but still leaves just on the edge of screaming sometimes, (you ALL know what I mean). :)


Hi Mary, I started on 75mg at night for one week, then gradually increased to 150mg twice a day. It hasn't helped as yet. According to the pain clinic it'll take about 6 weeks for it to work. So I'm hoping to feel the benefit in the next week or so.

I hope you get prescribed something that helps

Becky. X


I am so sorry to hear your troubles. I have not read other responses, but just wanted to say I am on both Amitriptyline 35mg at night, Lyrica and Tegretol - but I take Lyrica in the morning and evening or it doesn't work. I sometimes forget my morning one and I really know I have by 11am! If I haven't taken it by then its almost too late. I make it a routine for 7am and 7pm. Amitriptyline helps me sleep. I am also on Tegretol [which can be taken for FM] but this is for my epilepsy and I take this just before my head hits the pillow or I am woozy. I am also on Co-Dydramol 2 x 500mg when needed - which is not a regular thing any more. Maybe your Co-Codamol could be switched? Maybe you need to explain the different kinds of pain you are getting? Lyrica helps me with deep pain coming out and Amitriptyline helps with the hyper-sensitivity of my skin = pain and restless legs.

Hope this is helpful. Message me if you'd like more details.

p.s. some medications take a while to settle into the system. Keep a strict routine as much as you can as this has really helped me. When Fibro Fog hits, I know it! I'm all over the place until I reset my phone alarms to remind me and, don't turn them off until you are up out of your seat and have those tablets in your hands! Because if you are like me, I go into the kitchen 8 times before I remember to take them!!!!! [I also keep my morning tablets by my bed so I can take them and roll over to sleep more when I have the chance.

Soft hugs and hope it's sorted soon.

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I have come off it, it just fried my brain, better to have a clear head to cope with the pain.



hi mary... exactly same issues as you. was on naproxen paracetamol tramadol and amitryptiline last year but things settled for several months and I came off all meds other than occasional brufen over the counter . Things started again with a vengeance in may this year and had to admit defeat with pain control and go back to my gp. Now on lyrica 100mg twice daily since mid june and it doesn't seem to be making a blind bit of difference. Tramadol 50mgs when things really bad helps take the edge off but like you don't know whether to continue on lyrica or not. Hope you can get a combo of pain meds which help you. Keep trying and don't be afraid to keep asking your doctor for help.xo


Thanks Lorib, I started on the 100mg twice daily up from 150 a day now to 200 a day no difference as yet and really bad day with pain today, worst in a while. I'm to up the dose again to next tues to 250 a day and see how that goes. I'll let you know how it goes, would be interested to see how you get on too. Sorry you are not getting any pain relief from the lyrica either.

Seeing the consultant in early sept and will see my gp before then if I need to. One thing I do know is lyrica can't just be stopped it has to be reduced gradually.

I hope we both get some relief soon. xx


Hi. I started on Lyrica 3 years ago when I was diagnosed at 50mg, 3 times a day and gradually increased to where I am now which is 300mg morning and might. I didn't know if it was helping but to be honest I didn't take it for a couple of days and knew about it, so must be helping. I also am on 225mg Venlafaxine at night, 10mg Oxycodone 4 times a day, 15mg Baclofen 3 times a day and top up with paracetamol when needed. I find this the best mix i have had so far, having taken morphine, pain patches, diazepam, fluoxetine, amitripeline and many more that I can't remember!! Personally I would stick with them but maybe ask for something else to go with them. That is just my own view, from personal experience

I hope you get on ok and they send what works for you soon, it's only taken 2 and a half years to get here for me!!



Hi JT so glad you found the right mix :) It will probably be decided by the consultant if I stay on the Lyrica or not, I'm willing to keep going with it and try bigger doses, gp says to increase by 50 mg at a time and leave a week between each increase. I also take an anti-inflammatory, which can be taken up to three times a day if needed and also have Co-codamol which I can take up to four times a day.

I think the idea was to not need the other stuff when I went onto lyrica, but that's not happening, so far anyway.

I find things differ between the gp and consultant, gp prefers if I don't have to take the anti-inflammatory and co-codamol everyday ( but tells me to take whatever I need for pain) he would prefer just the lyrica and I kind of see where he's coming from. Then the consultant is saying take all you need everyday to stay 'normal' and be able to do day to day stuff! I will see what the consultant says when I return to see him in three weeks.

I suppose these things take time!

Take care :)



i tried all the pain relief and found none of them really work. seen rheumatologist and gave me injection hurt like hell and still not helped. had to wait another 2 months just to receive a phone call back of them to see how it went. rubbish couldn't move my arm at all for almost a week after injection so op out of that if i was you. i got nerve damage.


Hi. My husband is on 300mg of lyrica twice daily along with 90mgs MST daily with other meds. His physio today said Naproxen will benefit him too but with all the other meds he's on, and waiting for a spinal cord stimulator to be fitted (hopefully this will get rid of most the meds) I'm going to ask the GP if its wise. I have lyrica at 50mgs twice daily for my supraspinitus impingement syndrome, my rotator cuff in my shoulder and torn muscles too. This does work but it makes me dizzy for about an hour after taking it, felt it really work after 2 weeks of this. 300mg twice daily is the top dose. He was on 2700mgs a day of gabapentin but that failed to work in the end and the lyrica of the top dose of 300mg twice daily is the equivalent of the top dose of the gabapentin. My husband said it helps with the nerve pain but I'm not personally sure its because its taken with the mst's. He has a lot going on. Just had knee surgery for osteoarthritis at grade 4 (the worst) will need a full knee replacement, same for his hip, prolapsed disks in his neck (that's what I take my lyrica for too) he has also has 7 back ops along with 3 fusions and now has permanent nerve damage due to the back surgery. He also has had injections on his shoulder and will probably need the op like I had on my shoulder too. I find lyrica does help me and also at one time did take it with the Naproxen but on a low dose Naproxen of 500mg twice a day. It really is worth trying both on a low dose but in my husbands case with the physio today, I will check with the GP first. I hope I haven't confused you lol and hope you get it sorted. Good luck 😀


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