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Work: Should i stay or should i go?


Hi everyone,

After having a scour through this forum and seeing the lovely help, support and advice you are all giving to one another, i thought i may join in a bid that some nice person out there could give me a bit of advice.

Three years ago i was involved in a bad rta and was off work for 8 months recouperating. When i eventually returned to work i had to be placed on light duties and have my working hour reduced because of the injuries i sustained in the accident. At Christmas 2017, i was diagnosed with FM that i personally believe was the onset of the stress and trauma of the accident. Yet again my duties and hours at work have had to be reduced.

I'm 56 yrs old and at my age the job is tiring enough for me to contend with, without the addition of the FM symptoms and the on going suffering i endure from the injuries i have been left with.

As you can imagine without being able to do a full working week, the wages dont go far, often not even covering my weekly outgoings and leaving me with litrally pennies in my purse each week. .

All this combined is making me wonder if its really worth exhausting myself and being in constant pain for the pittance of a wage i am left with each week. I am really so ready to give up my job but i am worried that there will be no help for me if i do so. Has anyone else on here given up working and if so could you please advise me on how to go about it.

. with Thanks

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Hi there Rainy54 welcome to our group. Has you have seen we have a wonderful group of members :)

I really am sorry to hear your struggling. You sound like you have been through a lot already.

You may find things that will help you at our main site if you want to take a peek this is the link.

Financially you need to speak with someone about options that may be available to you. We do have our own benefits advisor Janet. I think it may help you to contact her she will be able to offer you the advice your seeking.

This link will give you all her details and a number of other options available.

I hope they will be of help to you. I do hope you enjoy your evening xx


Rainy54 in reply to Dizzytwo

Hi Dizzytwo

many thanks for the welcome, its only been a few days and im feeling like one of the family already! . . I will be contacting Janet shortly and having a skulk around on the sites you have mentioned.

Thank you for your advice

Hi as dizzy said do not do anything drastic the now have a think and get advice .there is sickness benefit and disabled benefit you would have to look into it first And get sick lines from your doctor to start get advice on this first .in meantime just to have a wee nose do the ESA and pip self test Google pip and esa self test and benefit for work will pop up and try that it is dwp facts and points and wot your entitled to and if you fit criteria I would try that a few times you do not give name or that and will give you a good idea before you seek advice on this

Rainy54 in reply to Ajay575

Hi Ajay575

I have looked at the self tests on google but it states something about acruing points per reply and the answers i gave just fell below the number of points needed for me to qualify. To be truthful i wasnt sure how to answer on some of the questions, i.e one of them being along the lines of can i pick coins up from a counter top. Well im a cashier so i have to pick coins up, eventhough its with great difficulty at times, . .so i answered yes to the question.

Another of the questions being can i cook for myself, Yes i can, then the next question, can you prepare food without difficulty? . .No i cant. seemed a bit contradictory to me and if i can see it in my answers im sure the powers that be able to aswell.

. thanks for the advice

Ajay575 in reply to Rainy54

Yeh it is like that .And it is meant to be the majority of time for the year ..Hope you get on ok at work .if not you can study it and tweet and the wording is vital as well and thing are not meant to be painfull and your tired .you can leave that for another day .Hope things work out for you

Hi there. I was in a similar situation to you. I worked full time in NHS and after I was attacked by a patient about 5 years ago and being off work for 6 months because I couldn't walk due to injury to knee and lower back, I returned to work but I had to go part time as full time was too much. fast forward to 2 years ago I was still in intense pain but now it was everywhere and I felt like my skeleton was on fire along with all the other side effects of fibro. Employer put me into disciplinary because of my sickness levels and although they were aware of my continuous hospital visits to see my Rheumatologist and other consultants for my Fibro issues, they decided that they could no longer sustain my employment. This is when my union rep stepped in and got me career break insted on medical grounds for 3 years of which I am on my second year now and still in so much pain. So as I had no income I successfully claimed ESA and after my interview with a very nice man who was a nurse, I was put into the support group which raised the amount of money I got and also took the time limit away from my claim which took away the worry. I also successfully claimed PIP and again after my home assessment with a really nice lady, I was awarded standard daily living and enhanced mobility. basically this all combined gave my very almost what I had been earning on 30 hours so I knew at least I would be ok for money. My husband looks after the household bills and rent though thankfully. So you see, I think if you are struggling so much with work due to pain there is no need to keep suffering. I was so upset with leaving my job as I have worked since the age of 16 and was ashamed to go onto benefits because of the stigma involved but I had a genuine need due to pain and illness preventing me from working. Don't be afraid and make sure you give all your evidence with your claims. Another point to note if you don't want to give up working and stay on reduced hours is that PIP can still be claimed if you are working so that may help you financially.

Sorry for the long reply. I hope you manage to sort things out. Good luck xx

Rainy54 in reply to Amandaok1

Hi Amandaok1, Firstly i am sorry to hear of your troubles, i hope your corner has been turned for the better. Secondly thank you so very much for your advice it has certainly clarified a few things for me, for one i hadnt even thought of speaking with my union rep. My sector manager is absolutely brilliant, altering the rota where he can so i dont lose too many sick days, accepting that i'll get in when i can on bad mornings, and ensuring my rest days coincide with hospital appointments etc. However, the actual company i work for arent as understanding and as my boss says, he can only do so much to help.

Last year i had to see a financial advisor on a completely different matter. At the time it was thought i was suffering with rheumatoid arthritis and our conversation got around to the subject. It so happened that she herself suffered too and told me she could help me claim PIP and possibly ESA so i made another appoitment with her after i had seen my rheumatologist.

When i went back to see her she came into the room armed with papers and forms. When i explained to her that it had not been R/A i was suffering but FM it was as if i had told her i'd been diagnosed with the plague!. She quickly rifled through her paper work, thrust a couple of forms into my hand and snorted "You can try filling these out, but dont hold your breath in getting anywhere as they dont often recognise fibro as an illness" I was flabergasted!, and so upset that someone with as much enthusiasm to help had suddenly turned so quick. I still have the Pip and esa forms that she gave me and everytime i think of filling them in, her words ring in my ears, hence why i have not yet done so and why i am so worried about giving up work.

Like wise, i apologise for the lengthy and thankyou again it has helped so much.

Amandaok1 in reply to Rainy54

Hi there. Thanks for the reply. Has your consultant diagnosed with anything else other than Fibromyalgia? I have osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. I would defo still apply for pip but i am not sure about ESA yet as I was not getting paid from work at the time so not sure if you could get that yet..but if you call dwp they can advise of what you are entitled to. best of luck and i hope you feel better soon xx

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