I got a letter from my local council tax last week saying i owe them £87 a month council tax surely tjhis is not right so i went in there and called them and e mailed and explained that i am on income support and sickness top up my daughter who is 19 started an apprenticeship gfor a year at a local company doing business admin and is on £150 a week

, she started this on 3rd Jan 2012 and i went in the day she started and took in wher she was working/ how much she got/ how long it was for/ and all the possible details they cpuld want. as i have dealing s with them before i got a reciept for all my paperwork .

and they have now written back wed to say i have got to pay £17 a month council tax which is fine as my daughter is now bringing money into the home albeit £600 a month.

but i am in arrears with my housing benefit as i did not give them any information as to what was going on in my house hold !!!!ARGHHHHHHHHH well thats funny as i went in the council/housing office and handed them in and got reciept and council tax have got them all and sorted everything so why have they not then?????????

do you know what i not meant to have a hassle free life, last week it was the dss now its the housing?1 i dont know why i bother sometimes all this and flare up of fibro is not really a agood combi nation. I just wish they would sort it out they are in the same office so what do they do all day??????.

I am going to go down thereon mon or tues prob tues and i am really gonna go off i know i am but the trouble is i am not loud or shout i just get very tearful and end up in floods (hopefully they will feel bad!!!)

does anyone else have all this hassle or is it jus me they dont like ??????

oh well the sun is trying to peep through and sy hello by the time it does it will be time for mr moon to pop out lol love to you all and if there is any rookm in you sport bag julie58 can you smuggle me in to your spa this afternoon and lose me in the jacuzzi love to all and sorry for the rant especially on a sunday xxxDIDDLE X

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  • Hi thanks for that yes i always take copies of copies lol when it comes to them they are a night mare to deal with some of the women /men down there are ok and very sympathetic but some seem to take the greatest of pleasure in seeing you upset and in a state , hope you are having nice day the sun is really shining here now it lovely thats one good thing xxx love to you diddle x

  • It's not just you diddle. I hate dealing with the council or the DWP . It's no wonder people are reluctant to inform them of any changes because they just complicate things.

    A few years ago my then husband was self employed and receiving tax credits and we were getting a partial amount of housing and council tax benefit . When his tax credits increased ( by £2 a week ) I wrote and told the council. A week later I received a letter saying housing benefit had been stopped because my husband was now working !!!!!!! He was working anyway !

    It took 3 weeks to sort it out and hours on the phone before they finally understood what I was saying, and all because someone hadn't read the letter I sent properly.



  • After my experience of trying to change my address on the phone last week with the DWP Christine , I'm REALLY looking forward to re-claiming when my DLA award runs out in October... NOT !

  • Dont even go there see my blogs last week with change of address they sent me a letter saying i had changed my address lol been here 12 years not moving !!!!!!!! i called them told them wrote to them too tot tell them then got bank statements lasy week no income suuport for 3 x payments (600) so called up lady i spoke to previously there was all records of my call and letter had sent it all to wrong place they thought i was ignoring them and stopped my money so god knows what happened to you when you have actually moved !!!! love diddle x

  • bless you i know it is so frustrating you try to do everything right and be truthful is it worth it ??? well it is for my peace of mind but i often wonder??? love tpo you diddle x

  • They bandy the word " fraud " around so much diddle that you're right, peace of mind dictates you try and be honest , but good grief why do they have to make things so complicated ?

    Now I've moved in with my fiancé ( he's also self employed and receives some HB ) , we of course informed them straight away I was here . We were told on the phone it would be a simple form for me to fill in to be added to his claim... but the pack they sent was a new claim form . Phoned them again and they said he had to fill it all in again ( he did it 6 weeks ago ) and produce year accounts and bank statements and all ! In the end he went down there and took everything with him and let them fill the forms out . Now we wait to see if we win or lose by me being here !

  • No Diddle, it isn't just you, I think we all have hassle one way and another between council tax, ESA, DLA etc. Anyone would think we are trying to hide millions the way they make you feel. I think they make the system so complicated they dont understand it themselves so what chance have we got?

    As you say though the sun is shining so we have to count our blessings. At least we have a roof over our heads and food in our cupboards even if we are in debt because of it. xx

  • Hi everyone.I had a letter from and H.ben last wk.My rent is going up by £4 on April 2nd but they have decided to HALF my H.ben. My daughter started a job last Feb ('11), so I informed them that she would now be contributing to the rent and C.Tax,so could they adjust my benefit accordingly.I had to take her payslips in every month which weren't always the same amount, as she had a bonus on one, emergency tax refund on another etc.So my H.Ben kept going up and down.They came to a figure my daughter was happy to pay as we were fed up with the ups and downs. so we didnt take in any more payslips.that was June last yr.I have been getting £13something since then in H.ben.Now theyve halfed it.On quereying this, I was told, "because your daughter earns (loadsa money??!!) you dont get as much benefit.". But theyve calculated it on the higher payslips. So not only has she got to pay extra rent because its going up, she has to pay EVEN more because I get less benefit....????? Shes only on minimum wage.(she also buys all the shopping now as I am on ESA) We are going in there to wage war on Wednesday.Im not 'avin it!! Youre right, they dont know what the hell they're doing,but its US that suffer for it. Have a good day everyone....

  • bumblebee,

    I received full H.B in my last home even though my eldest son was working because my youngest son gets middle rate DLA because of his autism . I was told that we were allowed one full time worker in the household without it affecting H.B or C.T.B and that his income was discounted as he was classed as a carer.

    It's madness then that ESA claimants aren't treated the same way for H.B purposes.



  • Thanks Helen,thats interesting.So if I told them my daughter is my carer,things would be different?!! I wish they were all on the same page,so theyd know whats what and could advise us accordingly. Hope you have a good night.x

  • I think in this country that people who break the law have more rights than the disabled.

    If you commit a crime you're assumed innocent until proven guilty , you get help and advice thrown at you from all directions. If you're disabled , it's the opposite. You're always assumed guilty as if you're hiding something , you have to plead for help and support and are always being told there's none available because there's " no money in the pot " . Your benefits are stopped at the drop of a hat , sometimes for no credible reason .

    Is it any wonder we're always stressed ? Can you imagine the uproar if any minority other than disabled people , were discriminated against the way we are sometimes ?It makes me so angry and the last thing you need when you're feeling ill , in pain and really low is all this red tape to wade through .

  • You`r doing better than me diddle with your stress levels I`d have gone through the roof and be sitting on the moon by now.

    It seem s to be day in and day out for you doe`snt it

    Hugs xxxx

  • Oh Dear me diddle really hope that you get it sorted out very soon and the right way is awful when the sick get targeted all the time you take now.

    Hugs Ruby xx

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