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Hi only posted one thing on here before, so bear with me. I have had fibro diagnosed for 6 years but had it probably over 20 years following a car accident and severe whiplash injury mainly to my neck. Sleep but good sleep does make such a difference. Need to find what works for you to give you good quality sleep, Citalopram was bril for awhile but then kicked my ibs off so I am on esctilopram which is good for me. Did have amitriptilyne previously but ohhh awful side effects and couldn't get off it quick enough. I know we are all different though. I use Arnica bath soak and Arnica gel which is made by SBC (Simply Beautiful Cosmetics) from QVC the shopping channel. It seems expensive but I have recommended it to so many people and haven't found anyone it doesn't work for yet! Its sold on a 30 day money back guarantee so if you feel it doesn't work for you you can send what you haven't used back for cost of posage and you get a refund for product. This company also sells loads of other natural water based products such as Propolis gel which is fab for bites stings, eczema, moisturising skin taking heat out of skin and generally healing cuts burns spots, and ulcers. Have a look at reviews on QVC's websites about both of those products. I try to use natural products without aluminium in under arm sprays. Wheat protein is in a lot of products and wheat causes me a real problem with pain, I am not coealiac but my eyes will swell up if I have wheat but it varies as to how I have it. If I have cheap bread or pizza, I am sneezing and coughing and my eyes swelling up, If I buy expensive white bread such as Roberts bread I am not ill!

Stress does pay a huge part in my life and I am sure in yours. If you can change your life even just a little to cut some stress out then please do it,. Your body will thank you. I have, I am in my 15 month of being single and its fab. I do miss hugs and having someone there but it is not worth all of the stress of having someone there who will not listen to my wants and needs, My house is in a terrible condition but I could not cope with it being tidied up but in a mixed up way to me and I felt mithered and mixed up. Sorry I am rambling a bit now.

If you can get yourself involved with volunteering even if its just for 1 hour a week somewhere where you can help someone else. I know what you are thinking you can't help yourself let alone anyone else but you might be suprised. I have two part time jobs and they are both around adults with special needs and learning disabilities. I can feel soooo ill and in sooo much pain but as soon as I get invovled with them and they are so fabulous and what you see is what you get, bit like me, that my pain just pales into the background. Its still there and then after I can be soo exhausted but it is fab while it lasts. Last night I was doing a volunteer night and had to do some dancing with bout 10 adults with learning disabilities for couple of hours and we had soo much fun. I wasn't supposed to be doing it and I don't normally dance for anyone but with special needs I can do anything!

I try to give myself little treats, a bunch of my favourite flowers, stargazer lillies. Natural smells lift your mood and brings back lots of memories.

I have been having a massage at a local college for the students to practise and learn at a reuced rate. I have also gone to a college further afield and they have been using me as a case study and the lady massaging me had fibro too and the best bit, they were so grateful to me for giving up my time, I didn't have to pay. Be as nice to yourself as you can be you are special. Goodl luck x

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A lovely blog thank you for sharing and keep doing what you are doing. I agree, when the chips are down think POSITIVE its the only way we get through without going under! Xxx


Hi Ruby, interesting to read Citalopram exascerbated your IBS. I have been taking it for a few months now and have had the worse IBS flareup in years. Before my original diagnosis I actually went down to under 6 stone at my worse and always have the fear of that happening again. Defo something to discuss with my GP this week I think. Take care, Angela xx


Hi Ruby.

That was a really nice blog. :) I love your attitude to life and understand how sometimes it is nice to do something so absorbing it makes you forget your own ills for a while. I am still fairly new to all this FMS so learning to balance the good with the bad. Yesterday was a fab shopping day and lots of fun with my girls. Today is a sit quietly and read day as I am worn out.

I use a lot of lavender oil by the way (both burning and in the bath) and listen to meditation music. Makes bath time very relaxing :)


lovely philosophy for life! xx


I have found lavender in all aspects a real help with relaxing and feeling positive. I use it in room sprays, as a roll on for pulse points and also in my fabric conditioner. It obviously doesn't work miricles but definately feel a little more relaxed in the evening when I have used it. Lavender is also an antiseptic! Not sure what good that is but just a little snippet i picked up along the way.X


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