Never done a blog before but I'll give it a go!

Hi everyone, I am new to this website and new to the whole painful world of fibromyalgia! Although I am still waiting for an official diagnosis 4 doctors have told me i have fibro, just waiting for tests to rule out other conditions. The impression I got from my doctor is that my fibro would be stable and then flare up but 7 weeks later Im still in as much pain as I was! For me, the pain i suffer with worst is my back, hips, hands/wrists and sleeping problems. On top on the fibro I also have a bad back anyway after I broke my back almost 6 years ago. I struggle so much just with walking at times which makes more very difficult. Ive been off for 4 week but have my first shift back on Tuesday evening which is really going to take it out of me but since I cant pay the bills on fresh air I have to go back :-(

From what i have used of this website up to now I find it so great for information and many people have already answered questions for me so thank you!

Look forward to speaking people through this blog and sharing experiences.



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  • welcome to the world of fibroaction you are most certainly not alone on this site we all pull together to help whoever is having a tough day on their blogs and respond back to help them get through theirs and our day. look forword to reading your blogs and take care and look after yourself xx teresa xx

  • hi holly welcome to the world of FM have u got any meds yet for yr Fibro it sometimes tahes a while for things to settle ,my pain is very much in the same places as u including my arms n shoulders n terrible brain fog, i just take each day at a time n ajust my meds acordingly,i do hope things go ok for u at work i took redundancy last yr coz i just cudnt cope with work.lots of soft hugs Tofty xxxx

  • hi, at present i take 3 gabapentin 3 times a day, 2 ibrfuen 4 times a day and 2-5 dihydrocodine or tramadol a day. its a lot and i hate taking so many pills but even this amount doesnt take the edge of the pain at times. I am only 26 years old so reading some of the posts are quite scary to think how i could end up later in life but sadly its just one of them things i think. work is going to be extremely tough for me, i am dreading it but hopefully my employer will be sympathetic (although im not hold out much hope for this!)


  • it does take a lot of time and energy to sort meds out i take 100grm pregablin, twice daily, 10ml grams continous MST(morphine), oramorph as a top up when needed, paracetomol when needed, and i still have pain i think you have to control and make a build up so your body can help control the pain , i don't think it ever make s you painless just comfortable to relax, the thing you have to tell yourself is listen to your boy don't push yourself to hard it takes time to adjust but you will x take care xx you aint alone so when ever you fed up just logg into here xx

  • Hi holly welcome. Heres hoping u find this little family unit inviting, helpful, informative, sympathetic and undestanding. Take care x Dixie

  • im hoping on the next trip to the doctors they may want to try some different pain killers as i am not having much luck with these ones, they only take the edge of but not even take the edge of to the point im comfortable which is hard with a 6 year old to also take care of! i have great support from friends and family with but they find it hard to imagine how im feeling. i find it hard because i may not 'look' ill as such people seem to think its an exaggeration of how i feel when i tell them which is why im finding this site so great as everyone is in the same sort of boat and we can all relate in some way or another to how we are feeling.

    i am finding this site a real great help for me being able to come more to terms with what is happening to me and what i can expect to happen so thank you all for taking the time to read and reply to my blog. it is more appreciated then you will ever know



  • Hello and welcome Holly, great to have you with us! :)

    As you have seen already there is a wealth of information in our lovely forum, lots of help and support from everyone. We are all in the same boat with Fibromyalgia, so we all understand. We are here for you and for each other. Any worries or concerns you may have, please don't hesitate to let us know. :)

  • hi and welcome to the site i hopee that you get alot from it and we get alot from you too with advice and stuff , there is always something to look at on here and to get involved in so love to you diddle xxx

  • welcome Holly the site is good very useful to us all, somewhere you can chat to others in the same boat. I never realised how many of us there are till I joined. Enjoy the humor and the care we take of each other xgins

  • thank you all, i am finding this site the nest thing ever at the moment and its making me realise that i am not alone and somewhere out there people can understand what i am going through


  • Welcome to our little family, I have learned so much since I joined a few months ago x

  • hi holly i have give yo a link to read and for your family to read if you are able to print it off for them just change it to fibromyalgia instead of lupus will help your family understand how you are feeling and your illness xx take care teresa xx

  • Hi i hope you like the site, i'm pretty new too but it's great to know your not alone. I read the article above a little while ago and it's really fascinating. I have been using the concept to describe what happens to me when people don't understand fibro. I hope things get better for you soon. I am in the same boat, im off sick from work but also struggling to pay the bills or even eat at the moment. It's not nice when you are trying to spend time recovering, but as always life gets in the way of that. Hope things improve soon xxx

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