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DLA Tribunal

Hi All, Just got back from my DLA Tribunal, it was an ordeal.

A judge, a doctor and a lay person.

Well what can i say I have been waiting for this since I first applied in May.

I got really upset about some of the questions and cried, with frustration really because I had to justify everything I do.

I was in there for half an hour and the answer came back.......... Not Entitled to anything......

Im so frustrated, need some reassuring words if anyone can help would love to hear from you.

Thanks Sue xx:(

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oh no so sorry Sue what an ordeal. WHY they feel entitled to put people thro so much and still not listen and understand what you say .

warm hugs to you x


Thanks for the reply, got to start all over again now :( xx


i do feel for you,and hope you feel a bit better soon. Even though its been an ordeal try to stay strong and i would say that if you feel up to it keep trying until you do get it. I myself am waiting for a dla appeal, the application form went in on 2nd nov 2011. I sent in another claim form for dla in last week, i doubt if i will be awarded anything but i will keep claiming until i get it. best wishes xx


thanks for your lovely words means alot, I feel really sad, cant stop crying, it takes my mind off the pain tho lol.

Thanks again. Sue xx


Wanted to give you a huge hug,can really hear how disappointed you are after going through that ordeal. Please don't give up,I know it's hard but once you get the fire in your belly back you will be ready for another go. Make sure you get help with filling out your forms,welfare rights from cab helped me.


Thanks for your message and hug, cant stop crying but when I do I am going to apply again. I have been waiting since May for this to be sorted so glad its over now.

I will go to the CAB, thanks for that advice.

Thanks again. Sue xx


gentle understanding hugs Sue. I was devastated when I lost mine and, a part of me died.[that's made me cry as I hadn't realised that until I just read it back] Although I got it back on appeal I still don't think I've recovered. I couldn't enjoy my car as I didn't want to like it and lose it if I failed the pip tests.

that news yesterday that they're delaying it for those on dla now, has given me some relief, maybe I will relax a bit now.

I found this site at my lowest ebb and the good people here pulled me through.

I joined benefitit & work on their recommendation and that, the cab, and an advocate got it back for me. admin can now send the b&w info if you email them.

appeal and get the b&w info, keep in touch,




I had the same ordeal with my son, he has uncerative collitis not fibro. But the same concept, we appealed the desition when they stopped his disability, i was fuming. My son is housebound due to his condition prob goes out once a fortnight, to his nans for sunday lunch. He has to be near a toilet when he goes out as the urgency to go comes whith the fear of going out and making it to the toilet. Hes waiting for apt with mental health to sort the anxietys which have been cause as a direct result of his liver and bowel diseace. I went with him to his appeal and i was disgusted how they switch off when you try to explain things they talk over the top of you, the gp that was there looked like a tramp off the street, she was picking her nose and falling asleep during the 45min appeal interview. But i did get him a change of desition, from £0 per month to £19.00 per wk for lower care allowance. It was a better result than most people but still disgusting... when i know loads of ppl who have a normal life they rae just better at lying and exagerating things.xxx


you are so right ! I know people who get full dla payments and I know for a fact are totally healthy and not entitled to anything. It is these people who make it difficult for the genuine cases,like us. The whole process is enough to reduce claiments into gibbering wrecks ( this is how I am describing myself, and not intended to offend anyone),as the whole process has left me much more depressed,anxious and having more panic attacks.Being refused dla and having to appeal has added to the stress, as I feel as if the powers that be think im lying, especially because my gp is no help. Im in a right state about my appeal and I haven't got a date for it yet, the very thought makes me fell sick. Luckily the advisor from the CAB is representing me. I will be asking my gp for some seditives just to attend the hearing. Good luck to everone in the same position as me, I hope all the outcomes of appeals and claims are positive... Kind regards....


I know how you feel as if we are not feeling ill enough.the added pressure of having to justify ourselves to these people is unbelievable.

The problem I had with my appeal was that when I applied for DLA in May, I only ha, (only), had osteo-arthritis and depression, but when I went yesterday I have been diagnosed with Fibro. They wouldnt take into consideration the Fibro because it wasnt there when I applied so I have got to apply again.

Its all crap, and just to top it off a member of DWP was thereto give his opinion too. GREAT!!!!

Hope yours goes better be thinking of you.

Sue xx


Oh Sue

I really do feel for you. I know its not the same & I have my ESA Tribunal on Tuesday coming. I am already a total nervous wreck because of it.

My mouth has even broken out in cold sores inside & out but I put it down to stress & nerves as when I get so worked up about something I dont like they always make an appearance.

I know if I loose I will just have to start again as my Dr says on 2 letters they have from her I am unfit for work but going by what I read I dont think they even look at your medical evidence.

Wishing youots of luck for round 2.

Best wishes



thanks Jackie, it means alot that you replied, im sorry you are going through this for your ESA, Good Luck I will be thinking of you.

Best wishes

Sue xx


Thank you Sue.

I will let you know how it goes.

Best wishes & a peaceful weekend to you.



I am so sorry to hear all this Sue, give yourself a bit of time to dust yourself down before you start again. I know it feels relentless, but keep going. The process is awful especially when we are ill anyway.

Do you have the Benefits and Work info sheets on ESA and DLA?! If you haven't, please email us on info@fibroaction.org, we can send them to you for free, hopefully there is lots of useful info for you there to help you.

Take care Sue, and please know that we are here for you at all times and will do our best to help and support you where we can.

(((hug))) xxx

Lib s


Thankyou for replying, Im so glad I found this site,even though I cant hear your voices its so nice to think people are there for you.I will email you for the b&w stuff.

Feel like crap today,its whizzing round my head about yesterday and I think the appeal being declined is going to takes its toll.

I hate the fact that there are healthy people walking round with all the benefits because they can lie, I tell the truth and get nothing!!

I will get back to lying onthe settee and taking my tablets,and having a rest,thanks again.Sue xx


I think these appeals have us all in a tizz and as well as that it is totally degrading. They have no rights to do this to us. I wish you well when you start again. If it helps use the DLA descriptors and it puts they questions in the forms into a whole new light xxxxx


i am so sorry for you but put in again

and if you have a local dial get them to fill in your forms i now it is hard and zaps your enegy but we can't let them beet us down

if one can get it then all can

soft hugs try to be strong


I would always advise everyone to keep appealing your DLA, ESA I have had a lifetime of this. My daughter was severe astmatic from 6 weeks old, she had been in hospital 54 times from the age of 6 weeks to 2.5 years old. Our gp kept telling me she had infantile cold... and kept prescribing snuffle babe, steamy room to clear her chest. Ha we were even advised to relocate to the coast for freshair!!, ye like a one parent can just uproot and move with no family support around them, i was 18 years old when i had my daughter and was a 24hr nurse to her from day 1, .To cut a long staory short my daughter was registered disabled at age 7, full DLA for 5 years. That was after 2 appeals!! On the second appeal i was told to bring my daughter with me!!!! I arrived, with my daughter in a pushchair, she couldnt walk very far, ten mins max without coughing and wheezing... the assistant called us in to a room of 3 people set out like a mini court room.... I was shacking with nerves.... thenThe gp that was there asked y do you have your daughter here with you? The look on his face was disgust, I explained i was ordered to bring her, she had only been out of hospital 2 days. He stood up came over to me and hushed us out of the room.

He oppologised to me for having to bring along a 7 year old to something that is stressful enough for adults let alone kids... I was told to go home, given a sheet of paper teklling me he had ordered my daughter to be entitled to full DLA and mobility for 5 years. What a star he was, pitty its like is is now. People are suffering too much and the goverment are turning a blind eye while they have their hands in the money pot lining their own pockets. Disgusting. My daughter is 25 now and has a 6 year old daughter with epilepsy!!! My son was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis age 14, 8 years ago...the pain never ends.... but I fight till death when i believe they need the support. NEVER GIVE UP


What i forgot to say was, they already had enough A+E reports to conclude she needed more care than a child her age without the condition she had, let alone the letters, reports, statements from her asthma nurse, consultant, "police officer that attended one 999 call2 because he was the closest to our house on the day her lung callapsed... need i say more


oh poor you Dragonfly,

I know its so awful, I had mine last week. After they lost the files the first time, they prosponed the tribunal for another 6 weeks, so I had to go home after expecting it to be over and done with.

Back to them again and this time over an hour of fast firing questions from 3 different people, judge, GP and someone from FEDS. All having their chance of asking this and that. you have to be ready for each question and not stubble otherwise I was worried they'd not believe me.

I was successful but it took a whole complete year since filling in the forms to them agreeing DLA.

Don't give up. I cried through the whole ordeal and i say ordeal because that is what it felt like. Afterwards I felt crushed for a whole weekend. No energy nothing.

good luck chin up and when you are ready start again ((((hugs))))


So sorry to hear that, Dragonfly. It sounds like you deserve a medal from what they put you through, never mind your DLA. I have been putting off claiming for DLA since I was first diagnosed with Crohn's Disease because of the difficulty of completing the form - or should I say book? Now I have Fibromyalgia as well and I still can't face the form! After reading about your's and everyone else's ordeal of attending the court (that's what it sounds like to me - guilty before being proved innocent!), I don't think I'll ever claim. I don't think the extra stress and fear is worth it. Luckily, I am still hanging on at work but I don't know how much longer that will be for, as it gets more difficult and painful with each passing day. I don't know how people with disabilities can be treated in such a way. We're not criminals, although we are treated as such. We're not spongers or parasites or to be looked down on with contempt. We are ordinary people who happen to have conditions that cause us great pain and mobility issues. Those that decide whether we're ill enough to be granted a small amount of money to live on have probably never suffered from anything in their lives so have no understanding or empathy towards others. This can't be right yet no-one seems to be able to do anything about it.

Sorry to moan so much but no-one should be put through ordeals like you and many others have.

Good luck for when you try again. It might be worth taking the advice given by others previously so you get a better chance of being awarded the DLA.

Lots of gentle hugs to you.


Thanks for your lovely reply, I was in a very active job with the police 13 months ago, I cant believe I had to give up work and end up struggling to get out of bed. You are right, the tribunal was a horrendous ordeal but I shouldnt have gone because when I first applied I only lol ONLY had osteo-arthritis, I claimed in May and then in July was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. They didnt take any notice of my fibro because that occurred after I put in the claim,I dont understand why they asked me for new evidence when they wouldnt take it into consideration anyway.

I will apply again, I spoke to my advisor at the CAB, and asked her if I should wait to apply til I have seen my doctor on 11th Jan she said to wait and speak to her about writing a medical letter for me to send off with my claim.

I know its hard to give up work, but you have to thinkof yourself and your health. I would say you should apply as you have 2 medical conditions.Dont forget you can apply for ESA aswell. I have got that and they have put me in the suport group.

Wow my hands are sore now after all this typing lol, signing off now.

Gentle hugs Have a good chrstmas and a healthy 2013. xx

Keep in touch.


You poor thing. i know exactly how you feel, having been through a dreadful tribunal last year. i went alone and they just lied about everything. they twisted my words,and then I got a letter to say exactly the same as you Not entitled to anything. The stress of that tribunal and all the work i had to put in to get all the paperwork, made me so ill that year, and my cat was also ill.

Are you going to appeal against it. I re-applied the beginning of this year. Had an Atos medical and wasn't awarded a single point. So I've kinda given up. Hard to live just on Incapacity benefit though.

Hope you have a Good Xmas and a Happy and healthy New Year.


I am going to apply again in the new year, im not appealing against that ruling tho, When I applied it was just for oseteo-arthritis, now I am applying for my fbro.

Got to start all over again,takes alot of time, I think the pressure and stress of it all is absolutely disgusting, trying to justify all your health issues to someone who doesnt care and will never know what this illness can do to you.

Have a good christmas and a happy 2013 x


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