Well after waiting 2 years ( through incompetent departments losing my files) I finally had my tribunal last Monday - surprise I got turned down as I don't meet the criteria!!! Have a feeling this is because I struggle on and continue to care for my husband who is wheelchair bound, doesn't seem to matter that we have to do everything together as between us we can just about manage!

Rant over, hope everyone is having a nice day, gentle hugs xx

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  • Oh honey I'm so sorry you got turned down. You must be feeling totally depleted. I can't imagine what it must be like for you. Please get advice from CAB or another proffessional body like DIAL on what to do next.

    Healing thoughts

    Storm x

  • Thanks for your advice, will consult a professional soon, when I'm feeling a bit stronger xx

  • You must be really fed up and I don't blame you for needing a rant. Storm offers you some good advice, some professional help might help you to get a bit further. Jane x

  • Thanks Jane x

  • So sorry to hear you have been turned down for dla its such a hard sttuggle to fight on, hope your strength comes back soon, dont give up, thats what they want.....good luck xxx

  • Thanks xx

  • DLA is supposed to be for a disabled person to help to lead a reasonable life. when you fill in the DLA form you are supposed to put in what help you need. (whether you get that help is immaterial.) we are left to our own devices to cope with daily living as best we can because there are not the resources out there. that is not our fault. but we still have to find ways to get things done that are important to keeping ourselves as healthy as we can.i do hope you have appealed and that you find someone at the nearest law centre or welfare rights unit to help you with that.

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