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I'm going for a tribunal for DLA, after been refused the mobility side of it even after having it for the last 3 years, it has come back with I'm not entitled to it and nothing has changed in fact its got worse, I wrote to them after I received their decision, and its come back the same, so going to the next step. I know CAB can offer help, but just what is there out there to help my case, just so I can go armed with all i need.

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  • you could see if there is a law centre near you or one that deals with your area. may be in a nearby town rather than your own but they are pretty good and usually have someone to go with you whereas CAB often dont.and its free.

  • Hi, i am going through the exact same thing, recieved higher rate DLA for 6 years now totally stopped. You need to go and see a welfare benefits officer, they will take you step by step through your appeal, they should be in the yellow pages, or google them.

  • Yea welfare rights are good help, also i have been advised to contact local MP! just look into everything and go for it!!!! xx

  • Have you spoken with your GP about the decision against your mobility? If it was anything like mine the DWP didn't even bother to ask them for a report!

    Ask Forum Admin for copies of all the Benefits & Work website paperwork for DLA & DLA appeals. Dig out the copy of your DLA application (or ask DWP to send it as part of the appeals process) and compare what you've written with the criteria for mobility - it's quite possible you may not have given the DWP sufficient information. It was when I looked at the criteria that I realised I hadn't gone into enough detail.

    CAB or similar welfare rights organisation should be able to help you with putting forward a submission for your appeal.

  • Welfare Rights are very good at helping you build a case for tribunal. But it is always wise to gether as much in the way of medical reports as you can to substantiate your claim. Tell it as if you are on your worst day imaginable. And make sure you get a copy of the report from DLA, you are entitled to have it and you are entitled to scrutinise it too. I wish you so much love and luck in this xxxxx

  • Thank you everyone you have all been so supportive with your suggestions, Ive e mailed CAB and going to make an appointment for this week as they said they can help me, and will go and see my gp, I'm going to look up the welfare rights as well. Will keep you all updated.

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