been struggling alot

Hi all, hope you are as good as you can be. I have not been good, doctors said alot of it is the withrawal from meds and although I am taking a break of coming off them until after my holiday which starts next week.My body is still craving Morphine also I have been having some new problems.  We are off to our favourite place Norfolk, abit of sea air and hopefully a walk on the beach with hubby & dog, fish & chips and lots of time to spend with my lovely mum who comes on holiday with us. She is great company, as you all know our pain does not get an holiday so I spend a awful lot of time in our holiday cottage with Mum but knowing the beach is 100 metres away and the seagulls are making noise it is a holiday for me. Happy Holiday to everyone who has one coming up and lets hope the weather stays (although they are saying snow is on the way) The weather is as fickle as we are xx  soft hugs to all xx

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  • Hi metty

    I just wanted to wish you a truly wonderful holiday and I very much hope that the weather stays good for you. 

    Relax and enjoy. 

    Wishing you a lovely time 

    Lu xx


  • Sorry you are struggling some of these drugs can be awful to come off and it is good to have a break from the struggle.  Enjoy your holiday and just relax I am sure you will feel much better for the sea air and I hope the sun shines on you.x😀

  • Sorry to hear that hopefully the holiday will do you the world of good all that sea air,  we've been to Norfolk a few times we stayed in Old Hunstanton and Wells next to Sea,   Beautiful beaches we used to walk miles along the shore, probably couldn't do that now but the scenery is amazing.       

    Have a wonderful holiday hope the weather lasts ☀️

  • yes we have stayed at Old hunstanton, Brancaster is my fav beach, we are going the other side, staying at Cromer, we are a stone's throw from the beach and although I can't walk for miles I do love feeling the sand and walking the dog. we love Norfolk, great beaches and eateries. thanks for your good wishes x

  • Have a lovely holiday! 😊

  • Hi metty

    I genuinely and sincerely hope that you have a wonderful pain free holiday! And please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x :)

  • Glad to hear your still hanging in there.Have a lovely holiday! ! Peck🐦🐦

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