It's been just horrendous!

It's been just horrendous!

Just to let you all know where I've been over the Xmas period. To cut a very long story short I collapsed at home in November and was rushes to the nearest neurology unit to me where they discovered a subarachnoid haemorrage on my brain which is basically a massive bleed. I was rushed to theatre where it was repaired and I was put in a coma for a week in intensive care.

3 days before Xmas I was rushed back in as I had a huge amount of fluid ony brain and again was rushes to theatre for a shunt to bt inserted into my brain for life to drain the fluid. I am home now but very sore and unwell but I. Just wanted you all to know that I hadn't abandoned you. I pray you all had a better Xmas than I did! Love Charlii xx

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  • Oh Charli You poor darlin I am so pleased you have come through such an ordeal. I send gentle healing thoughts I wish you well for 2014 - it will get better xgins

  • Ouch! How awful for you. So glad you are back with us again.

    Wishing you very good health for 2014



  • Aw Charlii how awful for you.

    I'm glad you've come through it and are able to join us again.

    Wishing you wellness and happiness for 2014 and sending you healing fluffies

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • So sorry to hear this big soft hugs love xxx

  • Oh my goodness Charlii

    So, sorry to hear you've experienced this. I can't imagine how you are feeling maybe a bit bewildered by all that has happened. Especially having two 2 major emergency operations in a short time and being in intensive care for a long time too.

    I would think you and you family have been through so much. I hope now you are out of hospital you can slowly start to recover in your own homely environment. :)

    Please take it easy and look after yourself.

    Emma :)

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  • Oh my goodness! You must be exhausted and very emotional. Take it easy and make sure you take care of yourself.

  • oh charlie you poor luv! that must of been awful!,i wish you a speedy recovery, rest up & dont try to do anything,sending hugs to you,xx

  • Oh my goodness charli,how aweful for you.And there was me thinking that everything had been a struggle over Xmas but nowhere as near as bad as what you have been through :O Thank goodness that you got to hospital in time,Iam sure that given time and lots of rest and support from your family you will recouperate! Sending you lots of healing hugs xxx

  • I am so sorry that you have had a terrible time. I realy feel for youI I was luckier than you when I had a brain haemorrage many years ago there was talk of opperations and stents but managed to get things under control with lumber punctures and drugs. because i was producing too much spinal fluid it took a couple of years before I was given the ok. you are now one of a special group of poeple, a brain heamoage survivor It will take a little time to settle down but you should now be on the road to recovery.and I wish you all the best......lots and lots of hugs Sue

  • So shocked to hear what has happened Charlii. So pleased to hear you came through all that. Wishing you all the best for your recovery xx

  • Sorry to hear you had such an awful time you must have been so worried, but I'm equally pleased you managed to get on site to tell us about it...please take great care and rest up until you feel really fit and able to do things...happy 2014, may it be a happy healthier and peaceful year, and I wish you all you wish yourself, ...sending very gentle hugs....luv n God bless ..Dee xx

  • Hi Charli

    So sorry to hear what you have been through but thankfull that you are still here to tell us about it.

    Wishing you well and hope that you will feel much better very soon.

    Gentle Hugs

    Gilly xxx

  • So sorry to hear your news and that you've been through such an awful ordeal. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Gentle hugs x

  • Hi Charlii,

    Sorry to hear you've had such a horrendous time. Glad you're ok now though and hopefully after you've processed the ordeal & relaxed at home you'll have a much better 2014.

    Makes us all realise how fragile life is and to enjoy each day as best we can:)

    Take care & recover soon,

    Sign xxx

  • Dear Charlii, I'm so sorry to hear you have been so unwell. I had a subarachnoid haemorrage years ago it's terrifying! I didn't have the problem you had needing a shunt though, that must have been so so awful for you and it's not surprising you're feeling so sore and unwell! I'm sore from having my Hall bladder removed on 12th December so Christmas wasn't great for me but nothing compared to you. I hope you are resting and taking things really easy. I wish you a speedy recovery and a Happier New Year this year. God bless you

    April x

  • Just seen your post haven't checked my emails for a few weeks as I've had bad migraines, seeing your post had put my problems down to size, I hope you are feeling better very soon have a good new year. Sithy

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