LOST and down

HIYA All not been on here for while. REALLY GOIng threw it again Fell off some ladders on to a floor standing glob doing xmas decorations, REALLY HURt myself so ive had to literally drag myself around, as my 2yr old needs the interaction and play groups ect my partner wont take him. IVE HAD the worse morning ever as my bank account was emptied so endless phone calls and stress its all sorted now tho, but 1 persons mistake has caused all the stress, SO Now my jaw and face are killing me im grinding my teeth and can feel my body seizing up and pain starting. MY SON Logan came for a cuddle and told me he loved my so he made me smile but being touched was sol painfull but how can ytou explain it to a 2yr old. I Have my daughter today cant wait to see her, she is 8 and lives with her dad long story I WAs poorly 5 yrs ago had break down and i gave her to her dad as that was best for her at the time, I want her home with me tho. MY life seems to be getting out of controll im trying to keep every1 happy but i no i cant. MY speech is and spelling is getting really bad to i was in a shop other day and thought i was saying 1 thing in my head but something completely different came out and i just cried there and then. I really dont see anything changing as my life is stress after stress. IM TRYing so hard but feel like im going to burn out, Half of what ive written dont make sense either sorry guys xxx

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  • So sorry to hear about your pain levels. It can be so difficult to cope, and you are doing every thing you can for your little boy. Such a shame you're not getting the support you deserve. Please be kind to yourself, and try to cut back on doing things where and when you can.

  • Im trying to get me time just everything is going wrong my face is killing i have bites in my mouth from today they are sore in a very mardy mood i guess xxxxx

  • I'm so sorry you're struggling so much at the moment, I know how hard it can be to cope with a young child and fibro. (((hugs)))

  • You really are in a tough place right now hun, and when things go wring they really do go wrong. Kids and fibro are a really tough combination and I could never say to mine 'sorry I can't play I hurt too much' so I know how you feel. They are too young to understand and would we really want then to understand. Your stress will make you worse and you really do need to try and get some support from somewhere. I hope you find that support and I know we are all here for you xxxxx

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