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Massage Cushion?

I took my daughter to the 'Range' yesterday, I drive she doesn't, after walking around for about ten minutes I needed a sit down, so spying a computer chair with a massage cushion I took advantage. Five minues of balls rolling up and down my back, felt wonderful and I was ready to go again. My daughter tried it and said it felt great too, we went back again before leaving for another go and wondered if maybe we should get one, she has fibro too. Thinking I might put this on my Christmas list as a joint present from my kids. They are not cheap. However, today I feel like Michael Flattley has been doing an Irish Jig on my back, my ribs ache and it hurts everytime I take a breath. Was it the cushion or the walking around a store for half an hour?

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My OH bought me a massage cushion for my upper back shoulders, I have used it once it sent my muscles into spasm...

Felt awful next day... Hope some others have had better experiences



I have one, which I have on the chair in front of my computer, so I use it most days. I think you may have overdone it, if you're not used to it. Any kind of massage can bring out a lot of pain when you're not used to it so I would say - see how you feel tomorrow. One go at a time is probably enough, and even that might be too much to start with. I bought mine from the range, so I expect it's the same - it is quite a strong action. Maybe wait until you feel better, then go back and try it again (one go only) and if you're Ok the next day you could buy it.

Hope you find something good for your Christmas wish list.

Kaz x


Sounds like a plan, thanks Kaz. As for the Christmas wish list.....a new body would be good!


I have a massage chair too and agree it is really good but only use it for short bursts. If I am not too good, I do not sit back fully on it. Best thing about mine is that it also has heat only setting, so if I am in a flare, I only sit there for a few minutes with the heat on.

Hope you are better soon and get to try again.


I have a massage cushion for my lower back and it warms too, pure heaven! So comforting as I suffer from backache. :) xxx


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